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The Best Baby Bath Seats to Buy in 2022 for Safer Bath Times!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

We’re betting that you’re here because bath time has been quite stressful lately. 

We get it – bath times are essential when caring for infants and little babies, but we also understand the struggle that comes with them. From water splashing everywhere, to not knowing what to do because you only have two hands, the struggle can be too much. Perhaps that’s the reason you’re here – you’ve been everywhere, but you can’t seem to find a baby bath seat that can work for you and your baby. 

The good news is that we’re as passionate as you are in finding the best baby bath seats parents can trust. With the help of childcare experts and new parents, we 

reviewed more than 20 bath seats for babies. In this review, you will learn about the three products that truly wowed us. 

But First, How Did We Decide? 

After we identified the most popular bath seats for babies, we sent them out to be reviewed by parents and child care experts. For two weeks, our team of reviewers were asked to meticulously check and test each bath seat and see if they fit the following criteria. 

The baby bath seat should be stable. 

Bath time poses a significant risk of babies falling over, or hitting their head on hard areas. The bath seat should be able to handle the baby’s weight in the most stable way. 

The bath seat for babies should be 100% safe. 

The product should be made of materials that are safe for babies. The seat should also include a design that won’t come with major risks. 

The product should help make bath time easier for parents. 

Most of all, the products we’re going to feature here should be designed to provide more convenience for parents when it comes to giving bath times to their kids. 

Out of all the products our team reviewed, these are the top 3 picks that stood out. 

“Out of all the bath seats we tested, this is where babies are most comfortable!” 

Are you done dealing with baby bath seats that seem to pose more risks than protection for your child? If you’re looking for a baby bath seat that can efficiently hold your baby properly during bath time, we recommend the SalvaBibi. 

We love how SalvaBibi designed their bath seat. It’s a safety chair in the cutest way.

The SalvaBibi comes with a secured handle that keeps the baby inside. The handle does not come with any sharp or rough edges that might harm your baby. The seat includes a stable backrest for extra back support. 

We are impressed with SalvaBibi’s strong, powerful suctions. The seat includes five of these suctions to prevent slips and slides even if the floor is wet from bathing time. 

This seat is versatile. You can use it on the bathroom floor, or inside your baby’s little tub. 

The SalvaBibi also includes toys on one edge to keep the baby occupied. The reviewers were also impressed with the heat indicator included with the design. It’s an extra safety feature that lets you know if the water inside the tub is too hot for your little tyke. 

This is definitely a great gift for new parents! 

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Editor's Pick




“This is like the most-loved bath seat design.. Only elevated. It’s ten times better!” 

The SubbClubb is just like the traditional bath seat, but with a sturdier, more durable, safer design. The base of the SubbClubb comes with thickened reinforcement. The suction is now more versatile – it is now compatible with wooden, glass, and ceramic surfaces. The overall design of the SubbClubb makes the seat more compact and solid. 

The handle of the SubbClubb includes an easy to detach design so you won’t have to worry about your baby getting stuck inside the chair. 

The bath seat includes an elevated seat area to make your babies feel comfortable. The backrest comes with a cushioned material to keep babies relaxed during the bath sessions. 

If you’re looking for an improved version of baby bath seats you’ve always loved, go for the SubbClubb. 

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“This is the best value-for-money choice for parents out there! This can be used for a long, long time.” 

We love how the CubbloBub saves you from spending bucks on multiple bath seats. In one bath seat alone, you can get two options – one for infant use, and one for bigger babies. 

The CubbloBub is convertible. It can be used as a little tub for infants and newborn babies, and can be converted into a seat when kids get older. 

This bath seat allows hands-free bath time so parents can do more and can give better bath sessions. No more worrying about your child tumbling over. 

The suction for this seat is considerably bigger than regular suctions. Overall, the seat can be used from 6 to 24 months. Babies ranging 0-4 months can also use this convertible seat. 

A great choice if you’re looking to buy something that will give bang to your buck! 

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"Very Good"


Keeping your babies safe during bath time is something that’s always worth the investment. This is the reason why we’re committed to providing parents with reliable recommendations so you can have better peace of mind, and safer bath time experiences. You can be assured that our review team didn’t leave any angle unturned – what we recommend here has our five-star commendation!