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Review: The Best Baby Mobile Crib Accessories to Buy in 2022 , According to Parents Who Finally Had Their Breaks!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Sep 6th, 2022

Parents, we see you – a break from the baby (even if it’s just 10 minutes!) can mean the world! 

You just want to take a break, have peace, and savor some alone time. The crib – you hoped – would help. But a crying session from your baby always happens the moment you place them inside the crib. 

You want these temporary entertainment tools can also help your baby learn even without you by their side. 

You’re wondering if there’s a crib toy or accessory that will make your child’s crib stay more comfortable and less scary. The same reason brought you here! 

If you’re looking for the best baby mobile crib accessories, you have come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top 3 baby mobiles to buy in 2022 to keep your baby entertained, soothed, and relaxed while they’re in the crib. 

How We Decided

Making the choice required a team of parents going through almost 20 popular baby mobile accessories! 

At the end of the two-week review, we were able to determine the top five features that make baby mobiles great. 

First, the durability and safety features. 

Most baby mobiles come with toys that might hurt your baby if the accessory fell over the crib. 

We made sure that the products we list down here are tested for safety and durability because we don’t want any baby hurt. 

Second, the entertainment features. 

We wanted to see that the mobile baby recommendations we put up here can keep babies engaged and entertained for a long period of time. 

Third, the baby mobile should also help in baby’s development. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel guilty about leaving your baby on their crib for a short while. We made sure that our choices listed here also serve educational purposes like helping your baby’s visual development. 

Fourth, ease of assembly. 

The baby mobile should be quick to assemble and disassemble. The products we mentioned here are quick to put up and store. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the ones that stood out. 

Voted best by 85% of the review team, BubblaBliss wins the review for the best baby mobile! 

One of the best things that won our approval is the baby mobile’s overall design. You can really see in the design that it is one made by experts. The BubblaBliss is equipped with educational toys, melodies, night lights and tunes, and a rotating feature that is believed to increase your baby’s visual skills. 

We love how we have up to 10 popular melodies to choose from! The sounds are all popular baby music that your bub will love and will memorize in no time – a great way to help them learn rhythm! 

Apart from the melodies, the BubblaBliss also come with a nightlight to soothe and calm your baby. 

The detachable toys are customizable – you can add whatever toy your baby prefers to the baby mobile. 

Everything is remote-controlled. Even if you are 15 meters away, you can easily change the sounds, lights, rotation direction with a single remote control. 

The BubblaBliss is easy to install, disassemble and store. The overall design passed the safety test. Thanks to its adjustable rotation clip, you can attach it to the crib without worrying about it falling over your baby! 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If your child loves music above all, our best recommendation for the is the BambiniBoo!

The BambiniBoo comes with 108 melodies you can choose from – that’s enough to keep your baby lulled and lullabied for hours. The control box comes with settings for the music’s volume so you can customize it when baby’s awake and asleep. 

This crib mobile also comes with a projector which showcases different colors of lights like green, red, and blue. Different shapes can also be seen through the projector. We definitely saw that this feature helps babies learn colors, too. 

The rotating feature of the baby mobile also features rattle toys. With these two, we noted the babies were able to practice their visual and locomotive skills. 

The BambiniBoo is also remote-controlled, and the remote control can function seamlessly within a 10-meter range. 

Apart from the remote control, the BambiniBoo also comes with control buttons for easier customization of sounds, lights, and rotations. 

The toys are detachable. If baby prefers to sit up and play with the toys, they can freely do so. 

When it comes to safety, the BambiniBoo does not come with major risks. It comes with an anti-slip design guaranteed to prevent any installation from going awry and hurting your baby. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Are you looking for a more muted, more traditional baby mobile accessory for your little bub’s crib? If you love wooden baby mobiles, we recommend the WoodSparkies. 

Aesthetic-wise, the WoodSparkies is beautiful. It complements the calm, relaxed vibe of most nursery rooms. 

Unlike its contemporaries, the WoodSparkies uses wood instead of plastic. We discovered that the WoodSparkies also follow the Montessori approach which stay away from loud, colorful children’s toys. 

We saw how babies seem to reach out to the simple-themed toys quickly. Since the designs are pretty much the same, kids seem to follow the shapes and movement smoothly. Babies are less distracted, too. 

We love how children are still captivated by the muted colors of the WoodSparkies. In fact, we noticed they were lulled to sleep even more! 

The WoodSparkies is made 100% safe. The size of the toys is appropriate for infants, no choking hazard posed.

Key Features



"Very Good"


Baby mobiles can provide two benefits: give parents a break, and educate and develop a baby’s skills while mom and dad are away. 

We assure you that our top recommendations for baby mobiles deliver these two perks. 

Check out our recommendations above so you can get that much needed break without compromising any learning opportunity for your baby!