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The Top 3 Best Bathtub Pillows to Buy in 2023 for a More Relaxing Bath Session

Kelly Brook Updated: Jun 22nd, 2024

You’ve probably taken a look at your tub and wondered “I wish there’s a way to make tub time more relaxing.” Then it made you realize something – you need some really good bathtub pillow to make the relaxation experience better for you. So you start off a journey of finding the best bathtub pillows to buy in 2023. 

But here’s the catch – the bathtub pillow may look like a simple product, but it’s hard to pick out one that would fit your needs. 

If you’re here because you just want to cut the chase and get a list of bathtub pillows to buy in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. We conducted a thorough review of bathtub pillows with the help of spa experts, and we made 100% sure that the picks we’re listing here are going to change your bath time experience. 

How We Decided

For two weeks, we asked spa experts and actual bathtub pillow users to check more than 20 popular bathtub pillows. In the span of the review, we requested them to check for the following qualities: 

Ergonomic Design That Supports Both Leaning-in and Lying-down Positions

We understand that you could enjoy a dip in the tub leaning in and lying down, and we specifically looked for a bathtub pillow that supports both positions. 

Bathtub Pillow That Provides Firmer Support for Neck, Shoulders and the Back

The bathtub pillows we included here were assessed based on their capacity to provide great support on the neck, back, shoulders, and your tailbone. 

Bathtub Pillows with Strong Suctions

Tired of all the bathtub pillows that can’t hold up? We feel you. This is the reason why we looked for bathtub pillows that feature strong suctions that can deliver a reliable grip.

Quick-drying Bathtub Pillows 

When bathtub pillows don’t dry up immediately, you end up getting some stinky smell and disgusting sensations. We kept an eye out for quick-drying bathtub pillows that are a breeze to clean and maintain.

Bathtub Pillows Made with Skin-friendly Materials

Hate the spiky, mushy feel of your bathtub pillow? It’s time to make the switch to pillows that are more skin-friendly than the rest. 

Anti-bacterial Bathtub Pillows 

Since bathtub pillows are always soaking wet, they become more susceptible to bacteria build-up. We looked for pillows that come with antibacterial properties to ensure you won’t have to deal with icky bathtub pillows anymore. 

Out of all the bathtub pillows we reviewed, these are the top 3 products that stood out. 

Everything we’re looking for in the best path pillow, we have found in the FeatheRest! 

We’ve had our fair share of bathtub pillows that don’t offer enough support in the most important areas. The FeatheRest is different. 

This bathtub pillow comes with an ergonomic design that targets to support the neck and shoulders when lying down. When you choose to lean on the tub, the FeatheRest shifts the firm support on your back and tailbone. We love how FeatheRest elevates the ergonomics of the pillow, making it easy to relax even more. 

How about the 6 suctions, you say? Powerful! Grips like a hawk! Even though we shifted several times, the bathtub pillow stays firm. The six suction cups make the pillow impossible to wobble.

Post-maintenance for the pillow is also a breeze. After trying the FeatheRest, we noticed how quick it is to dry – no moisture or wetness in just 5 hours! This feature coupled with its antibacterial fabric is heaven-sent if you are done with soggy, icky pillows that take forever to dry! 

Material-wise, the FeatheRest has one that’s so good, and so gentle on the skin. No spiky sensations, no rough or sticky feel! Unlike other pillows, this pillow is made of mesh material – not nylon! 

This bathtub pillow is also 100% travel friendly. It’s lightweight, dries easily, and comes with a design that fits most tubs.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




The 3D air mesh bathtub pillow delivers luxury relaxation right to your home. 

The best thing about luxury spa services is that they have a way of making you feel completely indulged in the relaxation experience. In our review, one of the stand out bathtub pillows when it comes to comfort is the AmroRest. 

Apart from the 3D air mesh technology of the bathtub pillow, the AmroRest also comes with a soft, memory foam material that delivers the ultimate softness as you rest your head. We love how one can cradle their head comfortably on the AmroRest. 

The ergonomic bath pillow also comes with the right bumps and curves to relieve your neck and shoulder muscles of pain. 

You can conveniently add the AmroRest into your tubs. The bathtub pillow comes with 6 reliable and strong suctions to prevent it from falling off while you are having your rejuvenating tub session. 

We love how the AmroRest is easy to maintain, and convenient to clean. Definitely a great pick for anyone who wants to elevate their bath time experience. 

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Are you a traveler that moves from one hotel to another? Are you looking for a bathtub pillow that you can conveniently bring anywhere? Are you in search of a bathtub pillow that can match any bathtub? We recommend the BubbloComf. 

BubbloComf is a simple bathtub pillow that comes with a slip attachment design. Simply place the BubbloComf at the edge of the tub, and it will immediately be ready for use. Two powerful cup suctions hold the pillow in a stable manner. 

The PU material of the BubbloComf makes the pillow easy to dry. The material also adds extra warmth to you as you relax. The material used for the BubbloComf is soft and sturdy – it provides enough support to the head and neck. 

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