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Review: The Best Blanket Hoodies for That Fluffy Warmth During Cold Days - Our Review Team Loves Them!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Oct 8th, 2022

Nothing feels better during a cold day than to wrap yourself in a blanket that instantly gives warmth, comes with soothing comfort, and stays in place. 

It’s easy to find all those qualities in hoodie blankets! 

If you’re hunting for hoodie blankets, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re talking about the top three hoodie blankets that brought the ultimate comfort to us during the cold season. 

Read on to find out more. 

How We Decided

To help us find out the best hoodie blankets to buy in 2022, we decided to go test the twenty most popular options in the market. 

Our team members tried on different blanket hoodies with various designs, each checked for the following criteria: 

  • Lightweight quality – because we don’t you to walk around with a heavy blanket draped around your shoulders. 
  • Thick fleece – so no cold can get you. 
  • Comfortable warmth – we looked for blankets that will help users feel warmth without getting sweaty just after a few minutes. 
  • Overall size – we’re big on oversized blanket hoodies! 
  • Maintenance – we specifically looked for machine-compatible blankets so you won’t have a hard time with washing or cleaning your blankets. 

Out of all the blankets we reviewed, these products stood out. 

While we were looking for the best hoodie blankets, we really kept an eye on the one that has the most coverage, and the one guaranteed to stay in place no matter how we move. 

We all found it in the HuggaWarma. 

Ahh, this blanket just feels divine. First of all, it has a soft sherpa fleece on the outside that prevents the cold from instantly getting inside the blanket. Despite its thick fabric, it’s not heavy or uncomfortable. 

The inner lining is also made of breathable fleece – the last thing you’ll be worrying about is getting sweaty under the blanket. Although its warm, the air flow is just right. 

We love how it covers 90% of the body from head to toe. The special oversize design also allows the wearer to move as much as they want without worrying about the blanket slipping off of them. 

This hoodie blanket is lightweight and is convenient to bring with you anywhere. 

The HuggaWarma is also a breeze to clean and maintain. It is machine-wash friendly, thus, cleaning it won’t take a lot of exhausting effort! 

This is a great blanket to use while lounging around, watching TV, reading a book, or even while you’re working. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




PruffCoat is for anyone looking for an extra thick blanket hoodie! 

Among all the products we reviewed, the PruffCoat is the one that stood out for its extra thick design. We love that it’s the perfect winter blanket to wear around the house when you just want to lounge around and not miss the feeling of being covered. 

The blanket hoodie comes with a thick sherpa material outside and a fleece lining inside. 

This hoodie blanket includes a microfiber material to keep the cold out while allowing air circulation. 

Despite the PruffCoat’s impressive fleece thickness, you won’t feel loaded up by its weight!

The oversized design of the PruffCoat makes it a perfect alternative to oversized shirts. If you don’t like hoodie blankets with hems touching the ground, you’ll love this. 

Even though it’s not as big and long as other hoodie blankets, the PruffCoat offers a perfect size that allows you to snuggle your legs in. 

The PruffCoat also includes deep pockets where you can put your hands in for extra warmth. If you also want to keep your essentials closer, the deep pockets can work for you! 

This hoodie blanket also comes with elastic sleeves that stay in place. 

This blanket is also machine-wash friendly so you won’t have to worry about maintenance so much. 

The PruffCoat is perfect for home, office, 

Key Features



"Very Great"

If you prefer shorter blanket hoodies than the ones that reach up your ankles, we recommend TruFee. 

The TruFee features the relaxing, comforting combination of sherpa and fleece so you can feel that warmth without the discomfort. The outer layer shields the user from the cold, while the inner layer gives that soothing sensation. 

We love that the TruFee is lightweight than most blanket hoodies. The TruFee also features the traditional oversized design that allows you to move without losing blanket coverage. 

You can slip on the TruFee and not be worried anymore about losing blanket coverage on your arms and upper body. 

The TruFee looks like an ordinary sweater. You can definitely wear this sweater to your Zoom meeting because it’s stylish and it looks like your regular sweater. 

This is a great blanket hoodie for both home and office! 

Key Features



"Very Good"


A hoodie blanket is a great alternative to regular blankets because it stays with you, and it offers you that elevated heat level that an ordinary blanket can’t! 

Now that winter is coming, you deserve that warm, fluffy comfort only a blanket hoodie can give. 

Check out our recommendations above for the best hoodie blankets that are 100% worth the money!