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Here’s What School And Productivity Experts Think Are The Best Book Stands You Should Get This 2022!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

With remote work, online classes, and the gig economy being the norm these days, it’s no surprise that more people have taken to prioritizing the comfort of their own workspaces at home. After all, a comfy office chair, or a bright desk lamp can easily do wonders in helping you get things done. Yet another ergonomic tool has also become more commonplace over the years: cue the book stand, which has helped students and employees working from home make their productivity-related activities easier, as this item places their books or digital devices at the right level of viewing. As more book stands come out in the market, we’ve consulted with a few school and productivity experts on the best book holders in 2022, and here’s what they have to say.


First, the ergonomic features of each book stand. Our experts took into account the primary purpose of book stands – how they boost the ease of reading or viewing of users, and how they help prevent slipping or scratching on surfaces.

Second, the dimensions of the clips and the stand themselves. The list also factors in how much thickness or weight can each book holder accommodate, whether or not it can carry heavy laptops, or bulky hardbacks.

Lastly, the aesthetic design. We also included aesthetic design, namely how each book stand can fit well with the room or workspace it’s in.

Carrying a book stand around can be as much of a chore as carrying your actual books or devices. But luckily, our experts found the EasyEndeavor Laptop & Book Holder to be a great alternative to the other heavy book holders out there. We just love that it’s made of ABS material, so we can easily take it anywhere, whether it’s to the office, school, or the cafe. Still, this book holder doesn’t compromise on its durability too, as it’s been upgraded to clip items up to 2.8 inches thick. It’s also made to be less disruptive to your studying or your viewing too, as it’s got a slip-proof design to prevent it from shaking or folding downward – few book holders compare! This is why whether you’re a law student pushing through those late nights, or an employee who needs a more comfortable ergonomic tool while working from home, the Easy Endeavor could be the right choice. 

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If you’re looking for a sleek book stand that best eases your reading or viewing, look no further than the excellent design of The SophistGUIDE Book Holder. This item takes inspiration from the sophists of Ancient Greece, who were known then as the masters of teaching excellence in various disciplines. You’ll find a book stand to empower your excellence with its sleek and versatile metallic looks, a fitting addition to any home or office space with effortless ease. You can also put it at the perfect height for you, as it can be adjusted at various 15º angles. Plus, at about 15.7 x 10.2 x 1.6″ inches, The SophistGUIDE Book Holder can hold larger books or digital devices too.  Indeed, if you’re wanting to catch up on your readings for law school, or simply want a stand to make your Netflix viewing more comfy, this book stand will definitely have your back! 

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While small in size, our experts think the BetterWorks Adjustable Book Holder packs a punch. It’s recognized for its strength and expandability, carrying up to 20 pounds and expanding to twice its size so you can use it to help study those large textbooks for law school or medical school. Want to watch your favorite shows, but have had enough of tiring your arms from always lifting up your phone? Then you’ll also be delighted in this book holder’s superior ergonomic design, as it can be adjusted up to an 8-inch height and up to 180º. Place your items at the correct eye level, and turn your straining binge viewing into a comfier entertainment experience. No need to stoop down or tilt your head as you read the fine print too! 

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While remote work is now the norm, having strained eyes or a stressed-out back shouldn’t be while you get things done. Thankfully, our experts’ recommendations for the top book holders of 2022 could help you readjust on the way you work, and finally help you be more productive while also being more at ease.