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3 Best Boot Dryers to Buy 2021: No More Soggy, Stinky Boots

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Nov 8th, 2021

Waking up with fresh, dry, and comfy boots to wear is more important than you think. Not only does it prevent you from getting cold feet while strolling on an icy, wet street, but it also eliminates the chances of acquiring smelly feet, which could take long-term treatment and countless investments in creams. But here’s the thing: boots are not the easiest to dry—regardless if they’re made from leather or canvas. Just leaving them to air-dry could take hours or even days to complete and bring them back to tip-top shape.

Enter boot dryers. These devices are an excellent solution to soggy, stinky boots that you often complain about. With its steady heat, you can say goodbye to dampness and foul smells in your boots or shoes in just 1 to 4 hours. The catch, however, the good ones aren’t that easy to find. So to help minimize the burden of searching for the right one, we’ve listed 3 of our most favorite boot dryers to give you a narrowed-down list of choices. We’ve tested each product and consulted with experts to guarantee you’re only getting the best.

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For those moments where you need quick drying for your boots and other gears on a ski trip, snowing, or other outdoor activities, the Insta-DRY is the PERFECT option. This device features a foldable structure that easily fits your backpack and takes less space than typical boot dryers—making boot care accessible anywhere you’ll go. 

Aside from its portability and one-of-a-kind folding design, the Insta-DRY also features an optimum heat circulation that effectively eliminates odor, dampness, and moisture that are stuck in your footwear. It blows a constant heat of 104 to 122-degrees Fahrenheit, which is highly recommended for all types of boots, shoes, and other apparel.

What’s more impressive about the Insta-DRY is its adjustability. The rack can be fixed up to 90-degrees to create the perfect position to dry all your gears and apparel quickly. It also comes with a timer that can be set up to 120-minutes so that you can leave working while doing other things that matter.

Community Review

I work as a snow operator in Denver, so it’s common to get my boots all wet and soggy every time. I used not to mind wearing damp boots before, but after experiencing unbearable smelly feet, I changed my ways, or my missus would leave me. I found out that using these boot dryers can help keep my work boots clean, dry, and fresh, and of course, remove unnecessary odor. I choose the Insta-Dry boot dryer because it’s highly portable. I even bring this at work and give my boots a quick-drying during breaks, and it has been amazing since then. This boot dryer works! It’s easy to use and comes in travel size. So no matter where you are or what you do, no wet boots can make you feel uncomfortable.

Jacob, Denver

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If speed is your primary concern, then look no further than the IRO-Dri boot dryer. The IRO-Dri takes quickness and efficiency to the next level—thanks to its smart-steady heat features that produce high power and stable warm air to dry your boots, shoes, and other garments in less than 3 hours. This device also comes with 4 extension tubes that can be adjusted accordingly to dry tall boots up to 16-inch tall. Yes, that means you can dry 2 sets of boots or shoes simultaneously or a combination of winter clothes and accessories.

But that’s not all that makes this boot dryer stand out. Its high-efficiency drying capacity is just one of the best in removing moisture, odor, and dampness. The high, smart-steady heat does not only guarantee you have dry footwear to wear but also ensures that your feet stay warm and cozy. And all of these amazing features are 100% safe to use—regardless of the boots’ or garments’ materials. There’s also built-in over-current protection to eliminate potential dangers while drying. Plus, an auto-shutdown feature and smart timer to help you better control the device’s drying performance. 

Overall, the IRO-Dri is a top-quality boot dryer that can get the job done. It’s quick, efficient, and safe to use, no matter what material or type of footwear you wish to quick-dry.

Community Review

I’ve been using the IRO-Dri for quite some time, and I can tell you that it has been the best purchase I have done ever! I have sweaty feet, so odor and dampness are typical issues I encounter every time I wear my boots or shoes to work. And this IRO-Dri is a lifesaver since I can just hang my footwear on the tubes and let the device do its magic. Then I wake up with fresh, clean, and dry shoes to wear — no more smelly feet or uncomfortable feeling. Thanks, IRO-Dri!

Melissa, New York

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Does size matter in your quest for the PERFECT boot dryer? Then the SHOO Buddy will, for sure, fit the bill. This mini boot dryer only weighs about 200g and comes in the same size as your smartphone. It’s the smallest possible portable boot dryer that you can get your hands on—literally! But, unlike other boot dryers that use tubes, the SHOO Buddy comes in a corded design that you can conveniently place inside your boots or shoes. This design makes everything easy, especially for travel.

Although the SHOO Buddy may be small in size, it’s a beast when it comes to drying and sterilizing your boots. This mini device features a core temperature of up to 150-degrees Celsius, which is the perfect temperature to get rid of odor and bacteria thriving in your footwear. And the best part? It has a built-in smart chip that protects the device from overheating. That means you can leave the device operating all by itself, giving you the luxury of doing other things while waiting for your boots or shoes to be ready. However, if you want to be precise when drying your footwear or gears due to material safety, the SHOO Buddy also comes with a timer that you can set up to 9-hours.

Community Review

I love going on ski trips, but it’s all fun and games until your ski boots get all wet. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling ever! Since then, I have been searching for something small and portable boot dryers that I can bring when skiing, and this SHOO Buddy ticked all the right boxes–not too bulky and not too heavy. The drying is also excellent for its size. It’ll only take about 2 to 3 hours to dry my ski boots. 100% recommended.

Marcus, Utah

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Although air-drying your wet boots and shoes may still work, getting your hands on the best boot dryers is the fastest and simplest way to turn your soggy and nasty footwear to warm and cozy all-day wear. However, in choosing the PERFECT boot dryer for you, there are 3 things you need to keep in mind: size, speed, and efficiency. That’s because knowing these details could help maximize the use of boot dryers in your daily activities or hobbies. Nonetheless, the products we highlighted in this review have been tested and reviewed to guarantee the best service possible. They’re the best of both worlds—with features that you can take advantage of in whatever situation.