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The Top 3 Candle Making Kits Voted by Experts As The Best - Number 2 Blew Us Away!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Hey, we hear you – your love for candles isn’t stopping anytime soon. Candles are beautiful – they can be made into a business, they can really spruce up the looks of any space, and they’re a no-fail gift choice. But with the ever increasing prices of your favorite product, you’ve probably decided to make DIY candles.

Your only challenge is that you aren’t so sure about the candle making kit you need to buy. You’ve seen hundreds of options in the market – you’ve already asked “How do I know it’s the best candle making kit?”

As candle fans ourselves, we jumped in to make a review that answers that very question. We rounded up candle making experts to help us narrow down our choices, and recommend the expert-vouched candle making sets to buy in 2022.

How We Decided

To determine the best picks, we asked candle making pros to review 18 of the most popular candle making kits in the market. For two weeks, we provided a guide to them to check for the following factors

Completeness of the Set

Going to and fro the store to buy all the things you need to make your favorite candles can be quite a hassle. This is why we made sure to only choose complete candle making kits that include everything you need to make all the types of candles you want.

Convenience When Using

We made sure to include candle making kits that are easy to use. The products we include here are personally tested and proven to be the best candle making kits for beginners.

Quality Materials

Whether for your own use or for gifting, we want to make sure you create the most high quality candles. This is why we only listed down candle making kits that include topnotch materials for DIY candle making.

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the top 3 candle making kits that stood out from the rest!

LovaLit has a unique tagline – make candles with love. With an intriguing promise, this was one of the products we reviewed first and we were not disappointed.

Among all the products we reviewed, we can definitely tell that the LovaLit is one of the best candle making kits for business and for making candles for gifting. We definitely love the colored, intricately designed tin cans that come with the kit – they make candles look more expensive and presentable.

The creators of the LovaLit also did not skimp on the quality of the materials they have included in their kit – there’s a non-toxic beeswax, and a high-quality wick that does not come with a plasticky, irritating smell.

The materials that come with LovaLit are ideal for both beginners and experienced candle making artists. The tools are easy to use, and makes the candle making process a breeze for anyone.

The kit includes multiple color options that allow you to be creative with your candles.

If you’re planning to pursue candle sales and beautiful candles for gifting, we recommend the LovaKit.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you’re making candles at home, it’s just so important to have a complete set for making it. When we reviewed the bestselling candles, we really kept an eye for the most complete candle making set among all the products. One of the products that stood out the most when it comes to completeness is the RosaSpark.

RosaSparks includes the most essential items when it comes to creating candles – durable tins, candle molds, color tints and dyes, scents, wicks, glue dots, user manual, and candle making equipment to make the job easier. The container can hold up to 600 milliliters of wax – a great capacity if you’re planning to turn your love for candles into a business, or if you’re planning to give out candles to a large number of people.

The raw material included in the RosaSparks complete candle making kit is beeswax – an ingredient popular with high-quality candles. The kit also comes with non-toxic, certified safe essential oils if you want to make scented candles. You can choose from rose, lemon, lavender, and vanilla.

We love how the tools and accessories included in the candle making set are beginner-friendly. We’ve proven that RosaSparks is the best candle making set for beginners to candle making. The kit is 100% easy to use.

If you’re planning to make your DIY candle making hobby full-time, you can definitely trust the RosaSparks!

Key Features




Among all the options on this list, AroFlame can be considered a little bit on the pricier side – but there’s good reason to be. The AroFlame does not only come with complete materials needed for candle making – it also comes with the most extensive number of items included in the kit.
If you’re planning to make big batches of candles, we highly recommend the AroFlame. This candle making kit contains 2 bags of beeswax, 1 candle crucible, 70 candle wicks, 56 wick stickers, 2 stainless steel tins, 4 boxes and candle lids, 10 plastic candle jars, 2 scented oils, 2 color wax dyes, 1 spoon and 1 user manual. We were impressed how you can find everything you need in just one AroFlame kit.

Just because you’re making candles on your own does not mean you’re going to settle for so-so candles. Not with AroFlame. We were just blown away at the quality of the beeswax found on the kit – its quality can be likened to that of expensive, and elegant candles.

We also noticed that the AroFlame took it up a notch by making their materials safer and non-toxic. You won’t get any chemical-like, plasticky scent from the beeswax, the scented oils, or from the wicks.

Whether you’re a beginner, or an expert in candle making, you will surely be impressed at how AroFlame can make candle creation easier for you!

Key Features



"Very Good"


The good thing about candle making is that you can work your craft within the comforts of your home. Yes, with a great candle making kit, you can skip the expensive candles aisle and make better but more affordable candles. You can be assured that during the review, we made sure we only offer kits that could provide you candles of the highest quality. Each product listed here has been tested, tried, and proven to be candle making kits that both beginners and expert candle artists should have!