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Review: The Top 3 , Expert-approved Best Cooling Blankets for Better, Cooler Sleep

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Apr 21th, 2022

Whether you’re a hot sleeper, or someone living in hot weather, you understand precisely how it feels to sleep with dripping sweat. You know how the heat makes the quality of sleeping poor, thus, your need for a cooling blanket. If you’re looking for the best cooling blankets with the seal of approval from the experts, you have come to the right place. 

In this review, we’re featuring expert-approved cooling blankets that have been proven and tested to make nights a little breezier and more relaxed. 

How We Decided

With the help of sleep experts, we decided to put each cooling blanket to the test, checking each item for its cooling capacity, material, and how it works during sleep. We also asked a couple of actual cooling blanket users to make comparisons. 

After two weeks of meticulously checking the quality, feel, and cooling capacity, we came up with factors to consider when buying a cooling blanket. 

Here’s a quick list: 

Cooling Capacity

A blanket’s cooling capacity all comes down to the unique materials. Bamboo and eucalyptus fabrics are a top choice for their added cooling benefits. 


It also helps to check the design of the blanket. The knitting, the stitches, the thread count can help determine the breathability of a cooling blanket. 

Moisture-wicking Capacity

We will be sweating during the night, so we need a cooling that removes excess body heat away from our body so we won’t feel the humidity. 

Easy Maintenance

It’s important to look for a cooling blanket that does not give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning. Also, check if it’s possible to clean it using a washing machine to ensure that maintaining its quality won’t be too hard for you. 

Out of all the cooling blankets we have reviewed, these cooling blankets stood out. 

“I love the cooling effect of the AmivaCool. Even if the blanket comes with a decent thickness, it’s so breathable!” – Andi, Sleep Care Expert

What We Love About The AmivaCool: 

With a cooling capacity on every layer of the blanket, the AmivaCool is a cooling blanket that provides overall refreshing sensation that lasts the whole night. 

The AmivaCool boasts a multi-layer cooling technology which means the blanket has a cooling filler on every layer. Even if the heat is piercing, AmivaCool helps elevate the cooling sensation offered by your airconditioner, or your fan. 

The materials used for the AmivaCool are also popular cooling fabrics – the upper part is made of weave twill polyester, while the bottom comes with a pure cotton cooling fabric. 

Breathability is ever-present in the AmivaCool. This impressive cooling blanket comes with a knitted fabric designed to disperse moisture build-up inside the blanket. The material is made to remove excess body heat to prevent you from getting sweaty while you sleep. 

The AmivaCool is durable – the tight-knit material is made to last for a long time. Maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the AmivaCool is also easy – simply toss it in the washing machine to get it clean. 

The team reviewing this blanket said that when it comes to versatility, cooling capacity, and convenience when it comes to cleaning, the AmivaCool is a reliable choice. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




“Not only is this such a great cooling blanket but it’s also very smooth, soft, and soothing. Love, love this!” – Daisy, Meditation Coach

What We Love About the SvelvyBreeze

Right off the bat, what we like about the silky smooth feel of the cooling blanket. We love how soothing and comforting the feeling is on the skin. The material significantly lowers the moisture and heat that might come with regular blankets. 

The SvelvyBreeze comes with materials that all promote breathability. The top surface is made from 55% Nylon and 45% Rayon, which often produces cooling touch and instant relief from heat. The bottom surface is made from 80% polyester and cotton, materials that increase the snug factor of the blanket. 

The SvelveBreeze cooling blanket is also breathable. The design of this product features micro-pores that allow better air circulation and can improve the cooling effects of air conditioning units and electric fans. 

We love how versatile the SvelvyBreeze is – you can use it for naptime, as a lap blanket, and as a travel wrap! 

Key Features



"Very Great"

“This blanket instantly wraps you in a cool embrace. 100% going to buy this!” – Selena, Chef

What We Love About ArcoWrap

The ArcoWrap stands true to its name – once you get it wrapped around you, you’ll feel instant coolness. 

This product comes with two materials – a cooling fabric on one side, and a bamboo fabric on the other. 

We love that the ArcoWrap uses 100% natural bamboo fiber, elevating the blanket’s cooling effect on the skin. The side that uses bamboo fabric is perfect for spring and autumn.

The cooling surface is perfect for summer. It comes with a sewing design that increases air permeability to promote better air circulation. 

This cooling blanket also comes with Cool Touch Technology, which means the fabric comes with microbeads that trap cool air and distribute it all over. 

The ArcoWrap cooling blanket uses ultra-soft silk material that is also anti-static. You won’t have to deal with static sensations anymore when you move under the blanket. 

We are also big fans of the skin-friendly features of this cooling blanket – the smoothness just relaxes you. 

For maintenance and cleaning, simply hand-wash or use a machine. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Cooling blankets contribute a lot to make sleeping time more comfortable and relaxing when we need it. Since regular blankets aren’t made to alleviate the heat, you can switch to cooling blankets. These blankets with cooling designs and fillers can bring back the quality of your sleep – even on days when the heat is relentless. Because we used and tested each product, we are 100% sure that the recommendations above won’t let you down.