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The Top 3 Best Cooling Pillows to Buy in 2022 - Number 1 is a Must-have!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

Due to several discomforts troubling your sleeping routines, you have now decided to switch from traditional pillows to cooling pillows. You heard that they help you achieve deep, restful sleep. You know you need these cooling pillows – you just want to feel energized again. There’s only one question in your mind right now: “Where do I get the best cooling pillows?” 

We have asked that question before too, and just like you, we also want to know. To make sure we don’t just randomly pick out any cooling pillow in the market, we asked the help of sleeping coaches, and doctors to help us determine which of the most popular pillows with cooling features should qualify in the list. 

How We Decided

We hand-picked 20 of the most popular pillows in online and retail markets. With the help of our expert-boarded review team, we put the pillows to a 2-week test. 

We took note of their cooling capacity, the materials used in making them, the fabrics, and how they made us feel during and after sleeping. We also took into consideration the other benefits – how our skin looked, if we felt any sprain after sleeping, or if we did achieve a restful sleep. 

After 2 weeks, we were able to come up with a list of the top 3 cooling pillows to buy in 2022. 

Read on to learn more about them.

Just by looking at the design of the BreezoFluff, we immediately saw how it’s all about comfort. If you’re looking for a cooling pillow that can both bring cooling relief and the best comfort for sleeping, we highly recommend the BreezoFluff. 

When it comes to the cooling department, BreezoFluff delivers. We love its gel cooling technology that can be found on two sides of the pillow. We observed that this latest cooling technology helps retain the cooling benefits of the pillow for up to 8 hours! The mesh cover of the pillow allows direct-to-skin contact with the cooling gel which helps users feel immediate relief! 

We love that the BreezoFluff isn’t just about the cooling features. This cooling pillow also comes with a bamboo rayon material that is known for its ultra-soft qualities. The cover is also made with silky ice fabric that helps distribute the cool sensations in a lush, smooth manner. 

Now, the BreezoFluff also delivers reliable support so you won’t have to deal with stiff neck, aching back, and strained shoulders anymore. This pillow comes with a high-quality memory foam that follows the form of your body in the most efficient way. 

This pillow – albeit its very advanced features – is a breeze to maintain and clean. The material of the BreezoFluff is also moisture-wicking so you can be assured no traces of nasty sweat will be left on your pillow. 

If you want cooling relief and total pillow support, you need to get your hands on the BreezoFluff cooling pillow. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you looking for a pillow with cooling features that does not fall short in the aesthetics department? Our top pick for you is the RestBreezy. 

The RestBreezy looks like your traditional pillows – stuffed, placed inside a regular cooling pillow, and designed with elegant details. However, this pillow is really special. We love how the cooling sensations just come from the inside! 

Unlike traditional cooling pillows that come with gel pads, the RestBreezy is stuffed with cooling gel infused memory foam. The pillow does not just give reliable support for sleeping, it can cool you down every time you take a rest. 

The pillow covers for the RestBreezy are made from breathable bamboo fabric. This means that even though the pillow is totally wrapped with a cover, you can still feel its cooling sensations. 

The pillow case of the RestBerry is a delight to see – it comes with an intricate, luxurious design that can definitely amp up the aesthetics of your home. This is a cooling pillow you can confidently use in and out of the bedroom.

Key Features




If you’re on the hunt for a cooling pillow with ergonomic, and smart design, we highly promote the SnoozeCool. 

When it comes to providing cooling relief, the SnoozeCool stands out with its wide gel-cooling pad (yes, it spans throughout the entire pillow) that can keep you cool and refreshed for up to 7 hours. 

The cover and the pillow itself feature a make that improves airflow so you can feel breezy the entire time you’re resting. You won’t have to worry about sweat getting onto the pillow. The fabric for the SnoozeCool enables skin-to-pad contact so you can feel the cool sensations even more. 

Apart from its cooling benefits, the SnoozeCool also comes with an impressive ergonomic design that promotes better resting postures. The curves of the pillow allow you to achieve different sleeping positions without exposing you to the risk of getting achy spots in your body. 

The memory foam of the SnoozeCool – which we have proven to deliver reliable total-body support – is 100% high quality. The foam – we were told – has met rigorous standards for content, emissions & durability, & is analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

We love how cleaning is easy with the SnoozeCool. Simply wipe the gel pad with a wet wipe and you’re good to go!

Key Features



"Very Good"


Rest is serious business. When we don’t get quality rest, we end up feeling worse than before. Investing in a product – especially a cooling pillow – that can elevate your rest and sleep can help you in so many ways. It can improve your mental health, physical health, your skin, and even how you perform tasks. 

These cooling pillows don’t just give you better sleep – they help you be better in various aspects of your life. If investing on a cooling pillow can help you do more, what’s stopping you from getting one now? 

The cooling pillows we recommend above have impressed our team of experts. We’re sure they will impress you, too!