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The Top 3 Parent-Approved Diaper Bags in 2022 - Number 1 Will Wow You!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Jan 1st, 2022

Going out with your bundle of joy isn’t always a joyful event – and you know it through and through. You can remember all the times you’ve struggled with carrying all your baby’s essentials. You have finally decided to put an end to all your baby bag struggles and make the switch to an actual, parent-vouched baby bag.

Now baby bags, they’re a different league. They might look simple on the outside, but they’re complex on the inside. For you to find the best among the top-selling baby diaper bag backpacks out there, you have to search within.

If you’ve been searching for a while for the best diaper bag backpack to give you and your baby a better experience everytime you go outdoors, you have come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top 3, parent-approved diaper bags to put your money on this 2022.

How We Decided

How did we come up with our list? To ensure readers who trust our reviews that we’re only going to feature the best picks out there, we asked parents and child care experts to help us put the most popular diaper bag backpacks to the test. Each bag will be tested based on the following criteria:

Ergonomic Design

We want to make it possible for parents to make reaching out for baby’s essentials less stressful. For this reason, we kept our focus on backpacks that make it easy for parents to store, organize, and bring out essentials.


Bringing the baby outdoors requires hauling half of the nursery. We don’t underestimate the number of items you need to carry with you when you take the baby outside the house. This is why we’re big on finding bags with large capacity.

Essential Features

We also had our eyes on bags with essential features needed to make your trips with the baby a little more bearable and easier.

Convenience and Comfort

Last but not the least – comfort. We want parents to not be burdened too much with all the carrying they need to make!

Out of all the products we reviewed based on these factors, these are the best baby backpacks that stood out!

Parents do it all. It’s just right that you get a diaper bag backpack that can also do it all. We found this in the BubboDwix.

Calling this diaper backpack as an “all around baby bag” is a tough claim, but the BubboDwix has features to back it up.

First, it is a high capacity backpack of 12.5*9*16.5 inches. All in all, it has many pockets, partitions, 3 insulated packets, and a number of slots and pockets for small but essential items like bottles, pens, medicines, and toys. This bag’s overall capacity makes it convertible as a multipurpose backpack – you can store your laptops, phones, clothes, and even gadgets inside.

We are very impressed with its expandable changing station – it’s truly a lifechanger. The diaper changing bassinet comes with an ultra-comfy cushion and breathable mesh material so no baby comfort will be compromised.

We also love how it includes a sun shade that can come in handy if you want to rest in an open space, and you want to protect the baby from the heat of the sun.

The bag comes with a design that allows you to carry it in three different ways – looped around your shoulders, hand-carried, or strapped onto your stroller. The bag is 100% flexible for a stroll outside or for a full-on travel activity.

Parents will love the ergonomics, the design, and the convenience that comes with BubboDwix!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




During our review process, we found a diaper bag backpack that can give extra protection to the items you’re carrying. The FubboStrap waterproof, large capacity baby backpack is for the parents who want to do away with the risks of the bag getting rained on, and being exposed to the sun and other strong elements.

The FubboStrap comes with high-quality, waterproof nylon and polyester material. The knitting of the FubboStrap is so tight, there won’t be slots where potential dew, moisture, or dust can get through. Your baby’s essentials will be kept safely.

This bag comes with a thicker lining for its interior that aims to both shield and cushion the contents of the bag.

Organization-wise, the FubboStrap comes with many pockets and partitions so you can place your stuff inside the bag without getting lost as to where the bottles, clothes, and other baby items are.

We love how this is 100% stroller-compatible. The FubboStrap comes with pram clips you can readily attach to strollers.

Another thing we love about the FubboStrap is its classy, elegant design. It can easily pass as an office or travel bag! The design makes it easy for the FubboStrap to be converted into an adult backpack.

The unisex colors of the FubboStrap also makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for products that can work for both boys and girls.

Key Features




Whether you’re visiting a local park, or hitting the road to travel with your little one, we recommend that you get the CribzzPack.
The CribzzPack is a dream – you and your little bub will love its impressive features ranging from how convenient it is, to how versatile it can be!

First of all, the CribzzPack has an impressive capacity. Inside its 16.5 x 12 x 5.5 dimension, you can store clothes, baby bottles, toys, medicines, items for hygiene, and your personal stuff. It has up many pockets, and 4 partitions for both your stuff, and baby’s essentials.

We love how it includes a changing and resting cot. The detachable cushion for the expandable is made from high quality material that shoos away any discomfort for the baby. The cot also comes with a sun cover, and mesh covering for mosquito protection.

The straps of the CribzzPack is padded, and its design distributes the weight of your items evenly to remove the pressure on your shoulders.

The CribzzPack also includes a waterproof pocket for your wet clothes, or gadgets that you don’t want to get splashed on or broken by dew, moisture, or water.

The bag can be carried three ways: as a backpack, as a handheld bag, or as a stroller attachment!

Whether for strolling around, or for actual travels, the CribzzPack can be trusted!

Key Features



"Very Good"


Diaper bag backpacks may look like simple must-haves, but they actually offer tremendous help to parents. Baby backpacks can make each outdoor trip with your little one more bearable, and a little better. We know how essential diaper bag backpacks are, so we made sure we didn’t just go for mediocre ones. Each suggested product here has been tested, tried, and recommended to ensure you only get bags that will take the stress out of you bonding moments with your little kids.