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Egg Incubator Review - The Best Egg Heaters to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

If you own chicken, ducks, and quails, you are probably familiar with the struggle that comes when your fowls lay an unexpected number of eggs. Maybe you’ve even asked yourself “How will I make the egg hatching process faster?” Egg incubators help farmers, and chicken growers manage the egg hatching process so you won’t have to deal with unhatched eggs you can’t manage.

Benefits of Egg Incubators

An egg incubator is a device used to hatch eggs artificially It copies the heat and conditions identical to when a mother hen broods over the eggs. The egg incubator creates an ideal environment that encourages the chicken, goose, and duck eggs to produce chicks.

The incubator for unhatched eggs helps fowl owners to make the most out of the unhatched eggs.

How We Decided

Choosing the best incubator for your egg harvest is crucial – the most ideal egg incubators can shorten hatching time, and help give you quality eggs.

What exactly should you search for in an egg incubator?

We asked several of our friends from the egg industry, farmers, and fowl caretakers to recommend egg incubators that fit all the boxes.

They suggested that the best way to choose an egg incubator for your eggs is to strike the balance between value-for-money, and effectiveness.

Based on our interviews and our research, here are the best egg incubators that stood out in the books of those who have tried a number of incubating products.

If you’re looking for an egg incubator that can copy the natural environment provided by the brooding hens, EggMate is the most recommended egg incubator. It comes with heating features that provide the appropriate surroundings perfect and gentle for eggs.

The egg incubator is equipped with a temperature control technology that ensures your eggs get the most appropriate temperature from start to finish!

This device can cater up to 15 eggs for chicken eggs, 4 eggs for goose eggs, and up to 35 quail eggs in one session. With an automatic turning technology, you don’t have to stay up just worrying about the eggs – the machine will do the turning!

This incubator is ideal for chicken, goose, quail, and duck eggs!

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Watching over unhatched eggs can be a long and tiring process. You can pull all nighters just to make sure your eggs are well taken care of.

One of the best ways to oversee the health of your eggs is to use the HatchHack automatic egg incubator. The HatchHack offers stable temperature and equal heat distribution – features that prevent the loss of eggs in the process.

This device allows chick harvest in just a short period of time – 21 days for chicken, 28 days for ducks, 18 days for pigeons, and 18 days for quails.

HatchHack helps you automate the egg care process. The device comes with a feature that automatically turns the eggs in every 2 hours.

With the HatchHack, you can focus on more things and not just stay in front of your unhatched eggs!

Key Features



"Very Good"

Maybe you’re wondering “What if the egg incubator actually causes harm to the eggs I’m caring for?” Some egg incubators can offer harsh temperatures that can actually do more harm than good. The EggCo is a reliable, but non-evasive heating device that offers just the right heat to eggs of chicken, goose, ducks, and quails.

The EggCo incubator comes with a transparent design that allows you to see real time how the eggs are doing. It comes with an advanced air circulation system and balanced thermal distribution to help eggs grow healthily.

With its portable design, the EggCo is an easy to transport, easy-to-set-up-everywhere device.

Key Features




Are you caring for multiple eggs at the same time? When it comes to caring for multiple eggs in bulk, the HatchBros stands out. According to some of those who recommended this egg incubator, the HighBros “allows you to heat up a considerable number of unhatched eggs. 56 pcs to be exact!”

The HatchBros also comes with a LED light that allows you to separate the healthy eggs from the infertile ones. The HatchBros is easy to use, and also includes an automatic egg-turning feature that will help you save time and effort!

The HatchBros comes with simple processes that make it an easy device to use even for kids! If you’re also looking for an incubator that’s perfect for experimenting with kids, the HatchBros is a top choice.

Key Features



"Very Good"

One of the most mentioned products during our hunt for the best egg heaters is the EggysLot. When we learned more about it, we discovered why it’s such a hit – it makes caring for unhatched eggs easier and faster.

In total, the EggysLot can cater up to 56 eggs. With smaller eggs like the ones from quails, the incubator can heat up up to 120 eggs! You don’t have to worry about having to sacrifice several eggs because there’s no longer enough space.

It comes with a temperature control feature that allows you to set the suggested temperature for the eggs. With its overall high-tech heat distribution, you can be assured that all the eggs are getting the best quality of heat. The device comes with a LED display and sensitive sensor so you can follow the heating quality inside the incubator.

This is one of the best egg incubators for beginners!

Key Features





Caring for your unhatched eggs can ensure that you get the best quality of chicks! When they enjoy the right amount of heat, humidity, and light, you can expect adorable, healthy chicks in under three weeks. Egg incubators eliminate the headaches of caring for unhatched eggs – long hours, uneven heat, less space, and eggs overexposed to extreme heat.

For healthier eggs and even healthier chicks, an egg incubator is a must.