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Top 3 Best Fly Traps to Buy in 2022 for Less Stressful Fly Control

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Imagine it is summer time. The sun has shone brighter than before, and you think “Hmm, I’d like to get some of that sun goodness into my home.” You open the windows and doors, and the first thing that parades to you is a swarm of flies.

Total bummer. But thank goodness for fly traps!

Fly traps have saved millions of households from dealing with bugs, mosquitoes, and flies the traditional – and uber frustrating – way. If you can’t imagine yourself doing it the old fashion way – chasing flies and manually swatting them one by one, then you’ve got to get yourself some new and improved fly traps!

Getting a reliable fly trap is not just going to save you time and effort; it’s also going to spare your family from the awful diseases and germs carried by flies!

If you are done with the stress of eliminating flies in your home, office, business spaces, and outdoor areas, it’s time for a fly trap!

What to Look for in Fly Traps

As homeowners and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how easy it is for flies to ruin family dinners, backyard gatherings, picnics, and barbecues. We are familiar with having to endlessly swat flies just so they won’t get near the food and people.

These familiar struggles pushed us to ask this question “What really is the best fly trap out there?”

We asked maintenance companies, cleaning services providers, and homeowners for their best recommendations. Out of all their suggestions, we were able to glean a quick guide on what to look for in fly traps.


One of the biggest disappointments tied up with a fly trap purchase is inefficiency. The traditional way of getting rid of mosquitoes, bugs, and flies is better compared to the products. When choosing one, opt for a fly trap with a design that eliminates mosquitoes quickly and efficiently – like fly traps that could eliminate flies in one go.

If It Matches Your Needs

Not all fly traps are meant to be used universally. Putting a fly trap that invites a bunch of bugs isn’t pretty for the dining table. If you’re searching for the best fly traps, look for ones that match your needs. For example, choose a non-electric, non-accumulative fly trap for your dining tables.


You’re going to be dealing with flies – dirty, disgusting flies. The fly traps should offer a safe, reliable way to eliminate the ones trapped inside.

Out of all the fly traps we reviewed and tested, here are the top 3 options that stood out.

“I used to spend hours getting rid of the flies hanging by our kitchen sink, our living room, and the kids’ bedroom. I could have used my time for more important things.”

Familiar? Although we don’t want to assume all our homes are infested by flies, it’s safe to say that when flies do get into the home, they can be a nightmare to deal with.

This is the very reason why the SuccoGrip stood out. This device saves you time and effort. This electric fly trap automatically gets the job done.

The SuccoGrip comes with an expert-created design. The fly trap comes with hollow holes where you can put baits for flies. Once the flies are lured in, the rotating “scooper” traps them inside a bigger hole in the center for them to never come out again.

This impressive fly trap can help you trap up to 5 flies in one second. Yes, the device does it even while you are sleeping, watching TV, or going your merry way outdoors.

One of the reviewer-approved features of the fly trap is its safety features. Dumping out flies is easy, thanks to the twist and dump design of the device. The SuccoGrip also does not come with distracting, wheezing sounds, and awful scents.

This fly trap also works against bugs, mosquitoes, and winged ants.

With this expert-designed fly trap, you can ditch your chemical-based bug and mosquito repellent.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Main Feature: Efficiency, Less Distracting Design. Great for Outdoors.

We can’t blame the flies – the outdoors are their turf. When they come buzzing into our space, and our spreads, and our food, we have settled into the good old way of swooshing and swatting them away. Overtime, it gets exhausting.

That is why we just love, love, love the FlivoTrez automatic fly trap! It’s one of the most efficient, most compatible products for those who need to stay outdoors.

First of all, the design of the FlivoTrez is a classic – they look like little windmills. They won’t look off or icky on the picnic mats or on tables. The FlivoTrez has zero-noise, zero-distracting-features. The device is designed to distract flies. It creates the illusion of bended light – one thing that the flies are terrified of. Because flies are made to think your place is a “danger zone,” they will hover away into another location. No more endless swatting, no more worrying if flies sneakily get into your food.

This is a great option for picnics, outdoor dining events, garden events, camping, and hanging by lakes and rivers!

Key Features



"Very Good"

Do you wish to address the issue of fly infestation in your farms, ranches, and backyards once and for all? Do you want to eliminate stubborn flies the eco-friendly way?

Our top pick is the FlapTrap – an outdoor cage fly trap that does not use any electricity or any harmful chemical.

This flytrap is the simplest among the group. Installation is easy – simply expand it and hang it on a spot where you think flies congregate the most. However, don’t confuse simplicity with mediocrity.

The FlapTrap comes with a smart design – yes, we were all impressed – which includes a bait and a trap design that tells flies “You’re not coming out ever!” The only way to the flytrap is in. When left outdoors for 2 days, the FlapTrap can rake in almost 500 flies! Not a bad number for a totally low maintenance anti-fly and anti-bug design.

Fly disposal is also convenient with the FlapTrap. Just shake out the dead flies and you can use the trap again. With its enormous size, capturing flies, bugs, moths, and mosquitoes go by huge numbers.

This top rated reusable, eco-friendly fly trap is great for farms, ranches, gardens, and areas with open spaces.

Key Features





Flies should have no space in our dining tables, in our living rooms, in our kids’ play areas, and in our farms. Thankfully, the fight against flies isn’t hopeless – all credit goes to these innovative, effective fly traps. Low cost but high performance, you won’t have to deal with stubborn, irritating flies and bugs again.

Each product mentioned here is personally tested, tried, and reviewed to ensure you get the best products in the market.