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Review: The Best Food Dehydrators in 2022 - Number 1 Is 100% Worth the Splurge

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 23th, 2022

You’re looking for a great food dehydrator for two purposes: you want to make healthy dried treats at home, and you also want to preserve the quality of your favorite food so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time. 

Food dehydrators have evolved through the years, and the products you once knew were good may not be as stellar anymore. You’re in a position where you’re unsure which food dehydrator to buy, and you need help. 

If you’re in the hunt for the best food dehydrators to buy in 2022, you have come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the expert-reviewed and recommended food dryer machines that are proven and tested to help you make your favorite dried creations. 

What Makes a Good Food Dehydrator? 

What should you find in a food dehydrator? 

We asked experts to weigh in. For two weeks, tech geeks and food prep experts put up to 20 food dryer machines to the test. When asked what they were looking for in a food dehydrator they would recommend, they gave us 4 non-negotiable factors to consider. 

First, the drying capacity and the quality of the finished product.

Experts qualify a food dehydrator as the best if it can dry up ingredients in an efficient, and equal manner. They also check for the heat limit, and how heat is distributed all over the machine. 

Second, the amount of food it can handle. 

Those who were on the review team were big on finding food dehydrators that can cater to a large capacity of ingredients. Food dehydrators that can make big batches of dried ingredients are on this list. 

Third, versatility. 

The food dehydrators on this list qualified the experts’ criteria that the food dryer machines should be versatile enough to handle all types of ingredients – from meat, to fish, to nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies. 

Fourth, build. 

Durability will ensure any user gets their money’s worth – this is why it’s one of the top criteria on this list. 

Out of all the food dehydrators reviewed, these are the top 3 products that stood out! 

Dubbed by experts as the “best food dehydrator and preserver for the home,” the HealthDri has all the essentials you need for a food dehydrator – capacity, the latest in food dehydration technology, and versatility. 

Why We Recommend HealthDri

What impressed us and the review team is HealthyDri’s topnotch drying and dehydrating system. If you are a big fan of slow drying, the HealthDri is your best bet. The heating levels range between 104-150 degrees Fahrenheit; you can let the fruits dry inside the machine without worrying about them overcooking. 

The HealthDri makes “drying to perfection” possible. There are adjustable controls for both temperature and time. When it comes to drying up the ingredients, the machine blasts off 360-degree F heat to ensure the ingredients are going to get the perfect dehydrated quality. 

This machine also comes with a design and ventilation feature that evenly distributes heat so each ingredient will be dried up equally. The dehydration feature of the HealthDri locks up 97% of vitamins and minerals found in your ingredients. 

You can do so many things with the HealthDri. We used it for fish, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, nuts, seeds, root crops, and even herbs and all the ingredients came out with excellent quality. 

We love how you can make multiple types of dried goodies in one go. With 5 racks to handle the ingredients, you can either make big batches, or various treats! 

This machine is definitely a must-have if you want to keep more healthy treats at home. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you prepping your stack of your favorite jerkies, dried fruit, and herbs? If you want to make these goodies at home, we have a recommendation that got a stellar rating from experts! OdovaFood is for every foodie who wants to load up on dried food goodness without spending bucks and bucks on store-bought options. 

Why We Recommend the OdovaFood

The OdovaFood is one of the food dehydrating machines that exhibited such a high heat capacity during the review process. We were impressed by how the heat was distributed to all trays. When the ingredients were pulled out from the machine, we got incredibly juicy dried treats oozing with flavor. 

The timer and temperature control for the OdovaFood is digital. You can easily set it based on your preference. Despite its very techy build, the OdovaFood is a breeze to use! 

The heat capacity of the OdovaFood ranges from 98F to 150F. If you prefer the slow way of drying your ingredients, you can count on the OdovaFood. 

This food dehydrator can cater to all types of ingredients – fruits, meat, nuts, seeds, herbs, and root crops. 

The OdovaFood also comes with 5 trays – making it easy for you to make big batches of dried goodies when needed. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Are you looking for a food dehydrator that looks like it’s actually made to do the heavy duty food drying process in a reliable way? If yes, we recommend the ChefZip 6-tray food dehydrator. 

Why We Recommend the ChefZip

We love how this professional food dehydrator brings the magic from the kitchen of the pros to your very own countertop. 

The ChefZip is built for drying out big batches of ingredients. The machine comes with 6 trays which allow you to make different kinds of treats in one go. This is a great pick if you’re all about saving time! 

This food dehydrating machine can handle all types of ingredients. We tried using it for seeds, meat, fish, herbs, fruits, and even root crops and batches come out evenly dried. We love how it can zap out all the liquid from the ingredients without pruning away the important nutrients and minerals. 

The design of the ChefZip takes inspiration from ovens – it has a transparent look-through window which helps you monitor the state of the ingredients you’re trying to dry. 

How does ChefZip achieve that dried out perfection for your favorite ingredients? Simple – we discovered it has a 360-degree air flow that consistently blows all throughout the machine so that each ingredient will be dried out in an even,  high quality way. The ChefZip is like the mini version of what the dried food industry is actually using

This food dehydrating machine is approved by the FDA and the ETL so you can be assured that this product is safe. 

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"Very Good"


Food dehydrators are great investments for our health and for our pockets. With a machine that enables you to make delicious homemade dried treats, you can save yourself from spending bucks on store-bought options that might not be as healthy. Whether you’re pushing for a healthier lifestyle, or preserving food just so you can stretch their life well, you can trust on these expert-recommended food dehydrators!