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Your Instant Kitchen Assistant - Top 3 Best Food Processors to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Kitchen work is hard work. It can be frustrating to realize how a food you need to make for 3 hours can instantly be devoured in 30 minutes! If the idea of chopping, mincing, and grounding ingredients makes you scramble on the internet for the best kitchen devices to make your work easier, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the best food processors that can lessen your workload in the kitchen.

How We Decided

There are hundreds of food processors available in the market today. With different designs, and various features, it’s easy to feel confused as to what to buy.

We are a team of food lovers who made it a mission to make cooking more fun and enjoyable. To help other home cooks and professional chefs find the best food processors for their kitchen adventures, we asked food experts, successful chefs, and homeowners to recommend their top choices for food processors.

Our team made sure to personally use and review the recommendations one by one to ensure each product works well.

The products featured here are top-rated items in Amazon – we only feature the ones with the highest ratings and reviews to assure you that each product is consumer-approved.

Out of all the recommendations, here are the top 3 food processors to buy for your kitchen in 2022.

Are you on the journey to a healthier life? Are you looking for a food processor for your smoothies and healthy food mixes? For health buffs out there who love to eat better food, we recommend the Eirmondo food processor.

The Eirmondo is your partner to wellness. We love how it can basically turn everything into smoothies in as fast as 30 seconds.

This 2200 watt motor Professional Food Processor comes with 6 hardened stainless steel blades that deliver high-speed blending that can easily break ice cubes and frozen fruits and turn them into a nice, smooth slush.

It comes with various settings for slushies, smoothies, and ice creams! The Eirmondo is also all around. It’s high duty grinding power can smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, sauces, batters, dressings, salsas, and more!

The Eirmondo also features high volume jars that can cater to up to 2 liters of ingredients. If you’re running a business featuring healthy food, you can count on Eirmondo.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Are you currently looking for a food processor that can process a large batch of ingredients? Our top recommendation is the Slushie 2000 food processor. With a 4500 rotation-per-minute capacity, you can process the ingredients you need for your gourmet dishes, baby food, desserts, and favorite make-from-home treats.

The Slushie 2000 comes with 2-liter jars to help you grind, shred, and pulverize large volumes of ingredients. What you will be getting are ingredients with fine textures – all thanks to the Slushie 2000’s 4-point blades. The food processor also comes with 5-speed settings which makes it a versatile device for all types of ingredients.

The Slushie 2000 features BPA-approved materials – a feature that will assure you that this machine is safe, and food-friendly.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Is finding a heavy-duty food processor that can cater to all types of ingredients? Are you searching for a durable food processor that can take any hard work, and extreme impact? For your needs, we recommend the Kozby food processor.

This metal food processor features an impact ready aluminum alloy container that can endure even the toughest load. You don’t have to worry about cracks and punctures to the container. The Kozby quickly grinds, shreds, and pulverizes ingredients with the help of its 4 stainless steel blades made to cater to a large volume of ingredients. The machine comes with two processor modes – you can find a setting that fits your needs.

The heavy-duty, ultra-durable Kozby multifunctional food processor is great for meat grinding, mincing spices, and turning ingredients into powder. With its high capacity, the Kozby is perfect for making big batches of food.

Key Features





Food processors make cooking and prepping food easier. With a great food processor in your kitchen, you can save hours preparing the materials, grinding ingredients manually, and cleaning the exhausting mess all around you.

Our team wants to make you feel that you’ve found your right match with the food processors we feature. We picked out only the best, so we can assure you that these 3 topnotch food processors will never let you down.