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Must Buy Review: The Best Frothers for Milk and Coffee in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Undeniably, we are a coffee generation. Gone were the days when coffee was a luxury. Today, coffee is everywhere. We use it for a lot of things – as a conversation starter, as a status symbol, as a perk-me-up drink, and as a treat. Coffee shops are popping left and right, inviting us to get inside and take a sip.

But there’s a little bit of problem – our love for cappuccinos and frothy hot drinks are making us broke. Frequenting the cafe every day can make those crazy expenses pile up.

We have good news: you can now enjoy frothy, creamy, coffee of cafe standards even in the comfort of your home. It’s all because of the frother!

Frothers save us from slashing our bucks into half just to avail of that dream coffee maker that pours out rich, frothy goodness. Great handheld frothers can give us that delicious frothy effect anytime we want.

But what coffee frother should we get? We were asking ourselves that while we were just starting out in this review.

We asked big coffee fans and experts to recommend what they think are the best coffee frothers to buy in 2022. The experts have spoken — here are the top 4 best frothers to buy in 2022.

There’s power in small tools – that is what we have proven with the MiniCaffeine portable frother. This handheld, battery-powered frother is ideal for all types of hot and cold drinks. It’s mini, but it is versatile.

MiniCaffeine can impressively make creamy, soft, fluffy froth in under one minute! This mini cream frother comes with a very easy, ergonomic design that takes the strain off your hands while you’re doing the frothing operations.

The MiniCaffeine is bound to last for a long time – it is rust resistant, and dull-resistant. That’s not all – this small but powerful frother can work with all types of milk!

When you need to froth it up – but you hate the bulk of fronthing tools – the MiniCaffeine is your best bet.

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If I will be getting a frother, the last thing I’d want is for it to break down when I’m in the middle of working on my milk. If you don’t also want to share in the frustration, the Kitso frother is for you and me. Its main feature – speed and durability.

The Kitso is very easy to use. You can operate it with just one touch of a button! It has the capacity to turn 115ml of milk into a froth. I was impressed by that!

Despite its heavy duty design and capacity, Kitso operates in a super quiet way – you can say goodbye to scandalous sounds that could bring the house down.

With the Kitso, you can be guaranteed that you’re using a safe tool. This frother comes with a temperature control, and a feature that makes the frother automatically stop when the fluffiness and frothiness of the cream are achieved.

This is a great gift for coffee-lovers on the go.

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"Very Good"

Are you looking for a tool that will actually bring the cafe experience to your home? You’re in the right place. The CoffeePros is the most recommended tool of baristas and coffee enthusiasts. This little tool can bring cafe-like froth for your favorite perk-me-up drinks!

What we love about the CafeBud is that it comes in an ergonomic design that can allow you to hold the tool comfortably. It also comes with 3 speed options – you can choose a speed that fits your liking, and your preference for your froth’s consistency.

It features high-speed frother which gives you thick, creamy froth in just 30 seconds! Unlike other handheld frothers, the CafeBud can be powered by USB, so you won’t have to worry about batteries running out.

This compact but effective tool is great for protein drinks, coffee, and even cocktail drinks! If you love all these drinks, CafeBud is definitely a must-have tool.

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"Very Great"

Just as the name implies, the CoffeePros is the professional frother. Most people who recommended this said that this tool is “the investment that has a bang for your buck.” What made the CoffeePros stand out is its ability to deliver results not just on coffee creams. This highly recommended froth maker is also perfect for non-coffee drinks, cold blends, and even eggnogs.

What makes CoffeePros so powerful? Its built. This froth maker is made from stainless steel and durable ABS plastic – two materials that guarantee your frother will last for a long time.

It’s easy to clean, and easy to operate – it works with just one touch of the button. With the CoffeePros, you have the full control of how frothy your coffee will be.

Its portability is another plus – it’s a factor that makes CoffeePros an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys their coffee in different, random places!

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Turn your coffee from boring to 5-star – without the expensive price tag – with these highly recommended frothers for coffee and milk. Sip the creamy, fluffy taste of frothy coffee while you do your tasks, or while you hang out and relax.

Bring the cafe goodness to your home so you won’t have to go broke just satisfying that coffee craving. With these best frothers to buy in 2022, you can always have the ooh so good froth in your drinks.

The products above were personally used, reviewed and rated by coffee experts, cafe owners, and coffee lovers!