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Review: The Top 3 Best Heated Slippers to Buy in 2022 for Foot Care During the Winter

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Sep 20th, 2022

Are you 100% over spending time, money, and effort just to find the best heated slippers to buy in 2022? Fret not – we got you. In this review, we’re going to spill the juiciest deets about the bestselling heated slippers that blew us away. 

We understand that you’re probably here because of a disappointing purchase, or you just don’t feel too confident enough to make a blind buy. Getting heated slippers is a gamble – when you’ve done right, you get a treat; when you pick wrong, you’re going to deal with having fancy slippers that do not work. 

To help us narrow down our choices, we asked the help of those who cannot tolerate the cold on their feet. If we want to feature the best, we need to know the slippers can do what it promises – provide comforting, healing heat during the colder days. 

How We Decided

We asked our team of reviewers to put the most popular heated slippers to the test. During the review, they observed whether or not the heated slippers checked all the boxes. 

Our criteria for including a foot warmer slash heated slipper on the list includes the following: 

The slippers should feature optimum heating temperature. 

The best heated slippers can thaw away the cold and the pain from our feet. Needless to say, having the appropriate temperature within the slipper – probably around 29 to 40 degrees Celsius – is a dealbreaker. 

They should be comfortable in the feet. 

The heated slippers that we include here should be convenient and comfortable to use. If users are going to wear the slippers for a long time, comfort is necessary. 

They should be made from quality materials. 

The slippers should be made from materials that guarantee protection from the cold and comfort to the feet. 

They should be safe and easy to use. 

Since heat is used here, the slippers should have an extra safety feature that will minimize risks of burn and electrocution. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these top 3 heated slippers stood out. 

Are you looking for heated slippers that can actually heat up not only your toes and soles but your ankles and lower legs as well? When it comes to heated slippers that deliver heat therapy to all parts of the feet, we recommend WarmoBoot.

WarmoBoot comes with a boot-like design that helps cover your entire foot. The same design makes it possible for the WarmoBoot to provide a concentrated level of heat for your feet. The heat is efficiently trapped, so your feet can enjoy it more.

With the latest heat technology, the WarmoBoot can consistently blow out 40-degrees of heat to keep your feet warm and toasty. He

The heated slippers instantly heats up within 10 seconds. The fuzzy material helps you feel heat therapy without making you feel discomfort.

If you’re traveling this winter, this pair of heated slippers is a must-have. You can easily charge it anytime, anywhere. As long as there is a USB port nearby, you can charge up the heated slippers.

If you’re looking into expanding your foot care this winter, we recommend getting the WarmoBoot!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




When it comes to the warmth department, we were totally impressed with the StexDow. We love how these heated slippers can sustain the right temperature needed for foot care during the winter. 

The StexDow features the latest in heating technology which allows heat to linger longer for up to 5 hours. The slippers consistently release heat at 40-degrees Celsius – the temperature ideal for those cold winter days. 

The design of the StexDow also helps in efficient heat care for the feet. The boot-like slippers allow heat to be distributed evenly on the feet. We consider the design ideal for helping alleviate foot issues such as pained muscles or stiff joints that are all too common during the winter. 

The StexDow is also non-slip – you can safely wear it in the house like your regular slippers. We also love how easy it is to charge the StexDow – just have a USB plug ready and you can charge the slippers. Powerbank or a handy charging outlet that uses a USB head can be used. 

We love how the StexDow can be your go-to foot care device when the cold winter winds start to batter your feet. Definitely a top gift choice for your loved ones this winter. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Are you looking for a stylish, cute pair of heated slippers that can actually deliver when it comes to giving warmth to your feet? We recommend ElleFuzz!

ElleFuzz comes with an adorable boot design that can make you feel stylish while at home. The heated slippers are made from top quality. Inside, the design’s snug fit is meant to “wrap” the feet in warmth.

We love how the ElleFuzz is waterproof – you can safely wear them to the bathroom without worrying about them shutting down. The heated slippers come with a protective layer to prevent water from messing up with the functions.

One of the reviewers mentioned that the heat distribution feature of the ElleFuzz is ideal for all sorts of foot pain – it can alleviate stiff muscles, remove the stinging pain from the cold, and even minimize joint aches.

The ElleFuzz comes with a low-maintenance design – simply slip your feet inside, turn on the slippers, and the warmth will start. You don’t have to wait long – the heated slippers work its magic within 10 seconds.

The ElleFuzz is guaranteed to prevent burning or electrocution, thanks to its smart design that safely shields the feet from direct contact with the heating agent.
The best foot care gift for the ladies this winter!

Key Features



"Very Good"


Getting a reliable pair of heated slippers can change your winter experience. By lessening your feet, you can take each step on the cold with confidence. If you want only the best, our top recommendations above can fit the bill. Tried, tested, and reviewed by actual users, you can be assured that each product above is worth your trust and money.