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Hummingbird Feeder: Top 3 Favorites to Make Your Experience Worthwhile

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Every spring or summer, there’s a beautiful sight that many birdwatching enthusiasts anticipate—the return of the tiny-feathered, whimsical creature called hummingbirds. They visit every American families’ backyard for some sweet nectar twice a year, and people are losing their minds in awe of their peculiarity.

If you want to lure them in and observe their blade-like wings and out-of-this-world hovering techniques, you may have to transform your backyard into a friendly hotspot for hummingbirds to hang around. You can do this by strategically placing hummingbird feeders filled with sweet nectar to entice these charming vertebrates into gracing your garden with their beauty.

Nowadays, hummingbird feeders come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. And truth be told, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your amusement. For example, if you want to snap some photos while these little birds feed in their feeding ports, you may want to opt for feeders with perches to encourage them to stay. Or, if you wish to witness a bouquet of hummingbirds, you need larger feeding bars.

As someone observing hummingbirds since 2010, I have prepared 3 of my favorite hummingbird feeders to help you have the best experience with these beautiful creatures. Read along.

Hummingbirds are your most common visitors, especially during spring or summer. So, it just fits to recommend the perfect feeder to use once these whimsical creatures give you a visit for some treats. The Improve Project Bird Feeder gives you an attractive hotspot for hummingbirds to lounge. It’s handmade and comes with all-around care that hummingbirds will surely appreciate.

First, it’s leak-proof. Therefore, no sweet nectar will come to waste. Next, it’s designed to prevent rusting to ensure it last for long and guarantee the safety of all hummingbirds. And lastly, it’s fun and easy to use. But, my most favorite thing about this feeder is the splash of colors that seem to be really effective in catching hummingbirds’ eyes. Altogether, this all-in-one hummingbird feeder is worth every penny. It’s beautiful, handmade, and caters to everything you need to create a safe and comfortable space for these vertebrates to hang around.

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If you want to see a bouquet of hummingbirds swarming your garden, then the Little Hummies is the perfect feeder for you. This hummingbird feeder comes in a long horizontal tube that could feed up to 24 hummers at once. What I love about this feeder is its 360-degree transparent view, which makes monitoring a breeze. That’s because hummingbirds have an instinct of checking for danger before they hover to feed. If they see or even smell a presence of potential trouble, they’ll most likely fly away, making the experience a real bummer. 

Aside from that, the Little Hummies is also easy to hang, fill, and clean, especially if you’re new to petting hummingbirds. It doesn’t require you to invert the reservoir or dismantle anything just to refill. Overall, the Little Hummies is an excellent feeder for hummingbird starters.

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The Pekkerie is a beautiful, ornament-like hummingbird feeder that not only adds dynamic to your garden but also creates an enticing space for hummingbirds to hang out. The jar used to store the nectar comes with perfectly sized holes for these adorable beakers to feast safely. It’s also spill-proof and insect-proof to prevent bees and other insects from poaching the treats. 

I love the Pekkerie for its exquisitely detailed design. It comes with protruding perches that act as shelter for hummingbirds while they feed. It’s also colored in red which is effective in attracting these little birds. But most importantly, the Pekkerie is long and wide enough to make hummingbirds feel comfortable to stay. And its feeding bowl can hold up to 3.4 ounces, enough for several hummers to snack at the same time.

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As you may already know, there are tons of options available on the market today—featuring styles and shapes that may or may not be what you need. These 3 products are my absolute favorite because, over the years, these have been proven to be effective in safely enticing hummingbirds to hang around. Also, they’re easy to use and maintain, unlike other products that are too complicated to even begin with, which could lead to caring burnout. As much as possible, go with feeders that are less confusing yet effective in providing a healthy space for these whimsical creatures to stay and share their odd beauty.