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3 Best Ice Cream Makers to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings at Home

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Most people would argue that the best-tasting ice creams are the ones made at home. That is because homemade ice creams tend to taste less processed than their store-bought counterparts. And, most importantly, it allows you to choose and control what ingredients to use—which is crucial to those following a strict diet plan to cut down a few pounds.

Getting yourself an ice cream maker is a good investment, especially if you have a sweet tooth for frozen desserts. These at-home ice cream machines can make your life much easier in satisfying your cravings—anytime and anywhere!

We know that choosing the PERFECT ice cream maker could be challenging. With all the options available, it’s easy to lose sight of the Best Ice Cream Maker that fits your needs. That said, we have prepared 4 products that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings—the easiest, most uncomplicated, and most budget-friendly as possible.

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If soft-serve ice cream is what you fancy, then the FrozyDream is the PERFECT choice for you. This device comes with a 200W power that can turn simple ingredients into the best-tasting soft-serve ice cream in under 10 minutes. It also comes with multiple components that guarantee to deliver clean, safe, and satisfying soft-serve ice cream every time. A safety lock creates double protection to ensure safety when used; a plunger and knife cone push and churn ingredients to give you the best results.

For people on a strict diet or cutting down dairy or carbs intake yet craving sweet soft-serve ice cream after a long day at work, the FrozyDream is your best friend to satisfy your urge. With its upgraded blade/cutting cone, it can efficiently churn any ingredients like bananas, strawberries, cheese, and so on into a delicious, soft-serve ice cream that’s perfect for your diet.

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Are you tired of the same ice cream flavors from the nearest ice cream parlor? Explore different tastes with our best DIY ice cream maker—the HeartyScoop. Out of all the products we tested, this device stands out the most. Here’s why.

The HeartyScoop is a small ice cream machine that makes the entire ice cream-making process easy. Its size can make up to 1.5 quarts of delicious ice cream in under 10 minutes. What made us fall in love with the HeartyScoop is its easy-to-use operation. Unlike other machines, the HeatyScoop only requires you to freeze the barrel. And that’s it! After placing all your chosen ingredients, the device works on its own and delivers you the best-tasting ice cream.

But that’s not all. You can also take advantage of its all-in-one support, meaning you can explore more flavors in just one device. Whether it’s dairy-free ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt, the HeartyScoop got you covered. You can even create your very own concoction of healthy ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free!

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Want to create a delicious and healthy ice cream that’s enough for the whole family to enjoy this summer? The ColdSwift is an all-in-one ice cream maker capable of delivering the best-tasting soft-serve ice cream in 2 simple steps. 

The ColdSwift handles up to 1-liter of ice cream in every use. But what stands out to us the most is the machine’s fast-speed freezing and upgraded star mold exit that allows you to create the PERFECT swirl of ice cream quickly and efficiently. It even comes with a 4-D stirring that ensures all flavors are well-blended, even if you’re going for dairy-free or all-fruit ice cream versions.

For a family sharing ice cream maker, the ColdSwift is exceptionally budget-friendly. Yes, no bill shocker, even if you use it too often. Overall, the ColdSwift gives us the PERFECT machine to explore different ice cream flavors.

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Ice creams are absolutely a sure hit this summer. But with the world facing an unprecedented time and with different restrictions in place, make simple pleasures available at home and enjoy it to your heart’s content. The greatest advantage of having an ice cream maker at home, aside from having the means to satisfy your cravings anytime, is it gives you complete control over flavorings and ingredients. That way, you can ensure to consume your favorite treat healthily and satisfyingly.