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Summer Product Highlight - The 3 Best Ice Makers to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Nothing quenches thirst better than ice cold drinks. The feel of cold water trickling down your throat instantly eliminates the overwhelming effects of hot, humid days. If you always want to have ice in your fridge, you’ve come to the right place. In this product review, we’re featuring three of the best ice makers to buy this 2022.

How We Decided

We love summer, but we’re not the biggest fans of its dry, hot weather. Whenever summer comes, all we want is to keep an ice cold drink available anytime, anywhere.

Do you feel this struggle too? This review is for you.

Our team did a little project to find the best ice making devices that will help us and you enjoy thirst-quenching drinks whenever we want to.

Perhaps you’re running a business! Well, you’re in luck because these products also come in handy for businesses that need large volumes of ice!

We asked chefs, restaurant owners, and Amazon consumers to name their top choice for the must-buy ice makers and here are the three suggestions that stood out.

Do you find traditional ice making complicated? Do you still remember the good old days when you had to fill a silicone ice tray with water and wait for 8 hours just to get the ice that would make your drinks taste better?

Those days are gone – at least that’s what we think with the PopiCicle countertop ice maker. Apart from its compact, elegant looks, we love the PopiCicle for its functions!

We love how easy it is to use PopiCicle. No more pouring water on the tray. Simply add a liter of water inside the machine, and it will give you great ice cubes in under 10 minutes.

The PopiCicle boasts of a daily ice making capacity of 26 pounds! This is a heavy duty ice making machine that can keep up with you during the summer.

The best thing we love about it? It’s self-cleaning! It literally makes cleaning up a breeze because it instantly catches melted water into its reservoir.

This compact, countertop ice maker is just what every home and kitchen needs.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




When the going gets hot, we will be needing a TON of ice. We’re not exaggerating. Whether you’re big fans of cold drinks, or you’re a restaurant owner who needs to make sure you have an adequate supply of ice ready, the ice maker we recommend for you is the Cold Element.

Cold Element boasts of its unequalled capacity – it can make 26.5 pounds of ice per day! The machine can create up to 9 cubes in just 8 minutes. The machine offers instant cooling technology that perfectly solidifies the eyes in just a few minutes.

The machine creates round cubed ice that is perfect for sodas, lemonades, fruit shakes, and iced teas! You can also use the machine if you’re preserving some fresh seafood catch, or if you need ice for your cold compress session.

The Cold Element has a water tank capacity of 2 liters. Included in its design is a reservoir which catches and recycles clean, melted ice so you won’t have to waste water!

This best-rated, Cold Element machine is a great pick for home and restaurants.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Are you a big fan of cold drinks? Do you believe that ice should be a constant in your home because drinks don’t taste as good without them?

We love the promise of Frostant – “you won’t ever have to deal with iceless drinks again!” The Frostant delivers – this little machine can actually make a bunch of ballerina-ice cubes in a matter of minutes. Get 9 cubes in under 10 minutes – how cool is that?

We’re also big fans of Frostant’s two size options for ice cubes. You can make small cubes for your smoothies and iced coffee, and big cubes for your spirits!

Unlike most ice maching makers, the Frostant is noise-free. It also comes with a self-cooling feature that prevents the machine’s motor from heating up instantly!

This ice maker is perfect for outdoor trips, camping events, parties, and summer gatherings.

Key Features





A cool drink under the summer sun is a big relief. Having ice cubes ready when you need them can eliminate the harsh effects of summer. Cool down when you need to, without scrambling for ice! With the most trusted ice makers listed above, you can enjoy chilled refreshing drinks that can make summer extra bearable for you and your family. Stay cool with our top rated recommendations for ice makers this 2022!