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The Top 3 Best Immersion Blenders Tested By Chefs and Kitchen Experts

Kelly Brook Updated: Jun 22nd, 2024

Immersion blenders amp up your creativity in the kitchen as they help you make a number of dishes without having to spend too much. 

Anyone can be a home chef with an immersion blender. But the question remains: which immersion blenders should you buy?

We let the chefs, cooks and kitchen experts decide which among the most popular immersion blenders really live up to the hype. 

Read on to find our top recommendations.

If you are looking for an immersion blender that can handle a wide range of ingredients, our best recommendation is the CutBlend immersion blender! 

The CutBlend includes 5 detachable attachments that can work with meat, fruits, seeds, grains, leafy greens, and liquid ingredients. 

The immersion blender attachment is impressive with its stainless steel blades and unique design that sucks in the ingredients fast and grinds them immediately. Blending is done in just a minute. 

Other attachments include a whisk for eggs and dressings, an s-blade attachment for grinding meat and seeds, a beaker for blending smoothies and purees, and a blending bowl. 

You can choose from high and low speed options – you can easily make the adjustments with a move of a knob. 

The CutBlend comes with a 500-watt motor and 304 stainless steel – features that make this immersion blender a handy yet powerful tool. 

We love how the CutBlend’s attachments – especially the immersion blender – can work safely for all containers. 

The package includes two sizes of immersion blender attachments.

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If you want speed, efficiency in mixing the ingredients, and a powerful motor that can handle fruits, seeds, veggies, and meat, go for the MixxoPure. 

MixxoPure is the most powerful, high-capacity blender among all the immersion blenders we have reviewed. This immersion blender now comes with 1200-watt high-power motor that ramps up the strength to pulvurize, soften, smooth, and smush ingredients. 

This blender also comes with durable stainless steel ice blades that makes blending fast and lump free. 

You can choose from 6 adjustable speeds, depending on what ingredient you are working on. 

The MixxoPure comes with a stainless steel, anti-splash blades that prevent ingredients from splashing all over the place. 

This immersion blender is wireless, so using it is ultra convenient – you can work without worrying about wires getting tangled. 

The MixxoPure is a 4-in1 blender that you can also use to grind meat, make smoothies, make dressings from scratch, pulvurize nuts and seeds, fine-chop green leafy ingredients and herbs, and make baby food! 

This immersion blender comes with an ergonomic grip that makes holding it much easier. The simple button operations can help you work with the MixxoPure without checking the control panel back and forth. 

Experts call this a “must have” for every kitchen. 

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"Very Good"

LoevlMix combines speed options and power blending levels to help users find the right setting for both light and heavy ingredients. 

This immersion blender comes with an above average motor power at 600 watts. The motor packs up enough power to handle even harder ingredients like seeds and meat. 

The LoevlMix is pretty versatile as it now comes with six speed settings and two power options. 

Coffee lovers will definitely love the LoevlMix as it now comes with a frother that will save you from whisking your milk manually just to get that frothy coffee goodness. 

The LoevlMix package includes a blender container, a beaker for smoothies, a whisk for eggs and dressings, and an immersion blender attachment. 

The designers of the LoevlMix have added upgraded steel on the immersion blender to ensure it can shred the ingredients fast. The design also enables the ingredients to be mixed without you having to manually make mixing movements. 

Wireless and lightweight, the LoevlMix is a convenient tool that you can easily work with in the kitchen whether you’re working with meat, seeds, dairy, sauces, nuts, greens, and veggies. 

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One immersion blender can give you multiple treats! You can make your favorite food and dressings with just one single kitchen tool. If you want versatility that will give you your money’s worth, we recommend you check our top picks in the immersion blenders category. 

Trusted by chefs, cooks, and kitchen experts, our recommendations won’t let you down.