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Our Home Experts Rank The Top 4 Incense Waterfalls You Should Get This 2022!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Jan 6th, 2022

2022 is in full swing, and many of us are all about bringing a better sense of wellness and relaxation into our homes. After all, with the stresses of remote work, and the uncertainty of the world we’re living in today, finding relief in the smaller things could make an enormous difference to our overall wellbeing. Such is the joy of what an incense waterfall, more widely known as a backflow burner, could bring. From its earthy scent that can help boost anyone’s worn-out mood, to the visual spectacle of seeing a burning incense cone cascade down a beautiful sculpture, here’s one decorative item to put on your shopping list – and up on your coffee table – this year. Thinking of getting an incense waterfall of your own? We’ve consulted with our home experts, and here’s what they think are the top incense waterfalls to get this 2022.

How Our Experts Came Up With Our List

First, whether or not the incense waterfall is the complete package.  While some backflow burners are standalone purchases, some already come with incense cones – and even incense sticks.

Secondly, the beauty of each design. Incense waterfalls can make for stunning decorative centerpieces, even if they’re not in use, which is why we’ve taken into account the artistic style of each item on our list, from the most sophisticated to the most simple.

Lastly, the scent quality of the incense cones that come with the burner. These must last long, and of course, smell more fragrant rather than smoky.

Our champion is the absolutely gorgeous MysticImpressions Incense Waterfall, which will not only make a great conversation piece with visitors, but also delight you with its eye-catching and colorful design. Our home interior experts are just obsessed with its unique Chinese vase-inspired looks, which also double as a fabulous incense burner. You just can’t help but be drawn into its incense effect: just imagine a dancing cloud of fragrant incense cascading down like a serene waterfall. Best of all, the incense that comes with it works a great deal to help anyone nearby unwind. The MysticImpressions Incense Waterfall feels like artistic meditation for sure, though we would have loved more incense cones to have come with the package!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you’re looking for an incense waterfall set that’s gorgeous, and more importantly, smells good, you might just want to get the AromaISM Ceramic Incense Waterfall. Our experts rated it highly for being a complete package, as it comes with a stunning ceramic incense waterfall, plus, dozens of incense cones and incense sticks, and even a handy nonslip mat. We also just love how its air movement is more unique compared to the other items on our list, as it veers away from the traditional waterfall-style designs of other burners, making for a great decorative gift. Plus, with its selection scents such as sandalwood, lily, rose, and lavender, you’ve got plenty of options to keep your home ambience feeling and smelling like a luxury spa. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Now here’s an incense waterfall that really stays true to its name: meet the DragonVista Mountain Incense Waterfall, allowing you to take that authentic spa experience inside your home. Discover how, after burning an incense cone, the sheer beauty of flowing smoke down a stunning black waterfall sculpture. No-nonsense, but a goody all the same: it’s versatile enough to accommodate both incense cones AND sticks, giving you the same rejuvenating wellness-like treatment while you relax or sleep. This is especially beneficial if you’ve got a pretty hectic lifestyle and just want to transform a part of your home into your own little corner of relaxation. We do wish it would come with complimentary incense though!

Key Features



"Very Good"

Redecorating your living room, or in search of a more thoughtful gift for that interior design aficionado in your life? For a touch of breathtaking nature and unique culture, you can never go wrong with the JadeRiver Incense Waterfall, a sculpture-like backflow burner that depicts a typical scene along the waters of Guilin, a town in China best known for its dramatic rock formations. Simply put, it’s poetry in motion: though at around 7.5 x 4 inches, we would reserve it as a design accent to complement your overall interiors rather than a conversation centerpiece. Plus, to complete the whole scene, you’d have to improvise the missing fishing rod with another stick of incense. Either way, it’s a piece you’ll be better off having!

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Indeed, we’ve learned that even the smallest, simplest changes to our home interiors can drastically uplift our wellness, especially if you get something to help keep the mind and all your other senses relaxed. This is what a great incense waterfall could offer, calming you down with its soothing scent, while making for a pleasant decorative accent your friends and loved ones could also delight in. Now, discover how you can carve a corner of serenity at home with the top incense waterfalls of 2022.