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Knitting for Creatives - The Best Knitting Machine to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Knitting machines are a lifesaver – especially for those who love to create knitting projects but don’t have enough time and skills to finish knitting creations. Some of us may have started on a knitting product, only to abandon it later because we just can’t deal with the complicated and time-consuming processes. If only there’s a machine that can help us expedite the knitting process – that would be nice right?

Fortunately, there is. If you love knitting but you want to save time and energy while finishing your projects, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we are featuring the top 3 best knitting machines that can help you achieve the knitting designs and knitting projects you’ve always wanted to finish!

How We Decided

With so many promising products in the market, it’s easy to feel lost as to what knitting machines to buy in 2022. Should you simply go for the function? Or should you consider the speed? To help us narrow down our choices, we asked the recommendations of creatives, crafts people, and people in the knitting industry for the knitting machines they trust.

With the help of knitting experts, we were able to narrow down our choices into three by using this criteria.

Knitting Machines Must Be Easy to Use

Knitting can come as a complicated hobby because of so many styles and techniques to remember. A great knitting machine should eliminate the complicated steps. Find a knitting machine that is effective but is easy to use so you can finish projects without the stress.

Knitting Machines Should Be Compatible with Your Yarn of Choice

When the knitting machine does not fit the style of your yarn, your work can end up looking all crumpled. If you’re working with multiple types of yard, choose a machine that can accommodate any yarn type.

Knitting Machines Should Be Fast

Double your output in just a few hours with the help of knitting machines that can help you accomplish your task fast!

Out of all the knitting machines we reviewed, here are the products that stood out!

Are you a person who is big on knitting? Are you planning to officially launch a business out of your passion for creating beautiful, knitted products? A big shoutout to creative entrepreneurs out there – if you want to take your love for knitting to the next level, this is a product to go for.

Knitiva is a huge deal. Literally huge. Unlike regular knitting machines in the market, Knitiva features a 48-needle machine that can help you create bigger and better projects. With this machine, making sweaters, caps, big scarves, and knitted covers for furniture just got easier.

We also can’t stop raving about how easy this is to operate. You won’t be needing any fancy equipment, batteries, or electric input – the Knitiva can be used all with manual effort. It comes with a manual crank that can help you finish projects fast!

With its row counter, you no longer have to spend effort counting the stitches by yourself. Even if you stop knitting in the middle, you still know how many stitches to continue on when you need to start again.

This is a great business investment for entrepreneurs who see money in knitting projects!

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Are you raising a creative? Is your child growing up loving knitting and crafting? Do you want to hone their skills so they can be the best knitter there is? For your little artists, we recommend the SymKnitty knitting machine for kids.

The SymKnitty is a knitting machine designed to capture the attention of creative kids. The handle is really child-friendly. It’s ergonomic, and easy to use – this will surely make your child fall for knitting even more.

This knitting machine for children comes with really simple operations. The manual crank operator helps move the yarn and needles so you kids will see their knitting project come to life in no time.

One of the highlight features of the SymKnitty is its row counter which significantly eliminates the struggle of counting stitches by yourself, reinforcing a more relaxing and therapeutic knitting experience.

With this knitting tool for kids, your little creators will be able to make hats for their dolls, mittens, and knitted toys. This is a great tool to boost your child’s love for arts and crafts.

Key Features



"Very Good"

We know that feeling – we enjoy the moment while knitting up until we actually get to the part where it becomes extra complicated. We become frustrated, and then we give up. If you have a dream knitting project and you want to get it done as quickly as possible, we recommend the NiftyKnit.

The NiftyKnit is a compact, portable knitting machine that can definitely help in making all sorts of knitted products like hats, mittens, scarves, and clothes for dolls. We love how NiftyKnit makes you feel as if you have 10 other hands helping you with your project. The device comes with 22 knitting needles that intricately weave yarns together – all you need to do is turn the knob. No battery or electricity required.

The NiftyKnit comes with two knitting methods – one for the PGear, and one for traditional knitted products. The product comes from durable materials, so you can be assured this device will last you a long time. We were so excited after we learned we can make all sorts of knitting projects with a portable tool.

This is a perfect gift for kids, and for newbies who want to practice their knitting skills.

Key Features





Knitting has so many benefits – it’s a great stress reliever, and you can actually make money out of it. This beautiful art should not come as complicated, exhausting and frustrating. This is why a knitting machine is a must – it helps creative people unleash their true potential for creating wonderful art with yarns.