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Review - The Top 3 Best Laminators to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Laminators are one of the top, all-around office supplies. They do wonders when it comes to preserving and protecting important files, documents, and artworks. The benefits of laminators don’t just stop in offices – they also come in handy for teachers, trainers, and even parents.

What to Look for in a Laminator

When searching for the best laminators, you have to make sure that the product checks all the boxes: speed, size, laminating quality, and the price tag.

Other features such as auto shut-off, and jam prevention controls are also other factors to add to your criteria.

Laminators come with different laminating functions – some use heat while others use cold adhesive to seal important items.

We asked office workers, teachers, and parents to recommend their favorite laminator brands. Among all the recommendations, 3 laminators stood out.

From sealing important documents, to preserving your kids’ creations, here are the best laminators to buy in 2022.

Are you mostly dealing with important A4 documents? The laminating machine that’s recommended by most office workers is the Fission laminator. The size of the laminating machine can cover up to 9 inches – making it ideal for both A3 and A4 documents.

The Fission also comes with an anti-jam function so you can be ensured that your machine won’t be broken while you do your work. The machine can heat up as fast as 3 minutes – just wait for 3 minutes and you can use it to do the heavy lifting of sealing and protecting your items.

Using the Fission eliminates the need for a card or cardboard cutter – the machine itself will cut the sharp, rugged edges.

Key Features

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We need laminators for multiple reasons – for some, it’s for their legal documents, school papers, office reports. To some, laminators are for preserving memories, and keeping items for a long, long time.

If you’re someone who’s looking for laminators that can cater to multiple purposes, the PaperCue is what we recommend.

PaperCue comes with a 3-in-1 function which makes it ideal for office and home use. With this laminator, you can seal documents, photos, and old files.

It also features 2 laminating styles – thermal and cold laminating which works with all kinds of laminating pouches.

PaperCue ensures quick heat distribution, and anti-jam warnings. Includes a two-roller design that allows you to get smooth, bubble-free laminating output !

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"Very Good"

Are you an entrepreneur who needs to laminate huge bulks of files? Are you a teacher who has to laminate lessons on a daily basis? When we reviewed different laminators, we intentionally looked for a laminator that can deal with big bulks of work.

The Dobby 200 is a heavy duty laminator that can work up to 30 minutes. This 30-minute continuous use can cater to up to 100 laminations.

Equipped with both hot and cold laminating options, the Dobby 200 is an ideal laminator for making durable sealings.

This is a top choice for school, offices, and restaurants.

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Laminating can help preserve what you think is already hopeless. If you have certain memories or essential files you want to keep, having a laminator in place allows you to preserve them, and protect them from elements that could corrode their look, and quality.

The laminators we recommended here are approved and vouched for by experts, office workers, teachers, and homeowners. These products are guaranteed top rated – so you can be assured you’re going to get the best laminating experience.