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This Laptop Stands Review - Recommended Laptop Stands for Office and Home

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

In this age of virtual workspaces, priorities have shifted from getting the latest gadgets, to actually making the virtual workspace as comfortable as possible. This is why laptop stands are now getting the spotlight. This popular tool has made working anywhere easier, and more comfortable.

What is a Laptop Stand?

Laptop stands are flexible, portable tools that include a surface where you can set your laptop for work. These laptop stands allow you to work in whatever position you feel comfortable working in. One of the benefits of laptop stands that really propelled these tools to popularity is its ability to provide a better level of visibility which allows workers like you to be free from eye strain, neck pain, and back exhaustion.

If your work at home lifestyle involves you cooking while working, or laying down while doing your tasks, these laptop stands prevent you from experiencing any sprain and discomfort.

How We Decided

We’re one of the most hardworking folks on the planet, so when the workload moved to the home, we collectively wondered “How on earth can we work comfortably and effectively?”

What started out as a project of asking people about what laptop stands they can recommend has evolved into a mission to finding out the best laptop stands to buy in 2022. If you’re a work-at-home nomad like us and you’re looking for the best stands for laptops, you’re in for a treat because we’re featuring the top 5 laptop stands that are highly recommended by both the experts and professionals!

Is achieving a comfortable position while working one of your struggles? According to research, one of the most common work-from-home problems is aches and pains on the back and neck due to staying on undesirable postures for 8 hours. Experts have recommended ergonomic chairs and tables, but what if you can’t really stay long on those?

Introducing the OffiTek, the laptop stand that has caught our eye because of its ergonomic design. It comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to elevate your laptop at a level that is most comfortable for you. The OffiTek also enables you to see at a level that is not straining or painful to the eyes.

The OffiTek is sleek and stylish. It’s a great office tool to add an oompf factor to your space. With its sturdy design made from the most durable materials, the last thing you could worry about is your laptop falling down.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Is your posture finally telling you “Are you feeling the pain on your back? It’s time for a change.” Since we said goodbye to our ergonomic office chairs and desks that offer the most optimum positions, the struggle of back pains and neck strains have become frequent.

Good thing we found the BusyLad laptop stand. Since facing the laptop is part of our daily grind, it’s understandable that the pains we feel come from constantly using the laptop. The BusyLad offers an adjustable design that can prevent posture problems.

The BusyLad can be adjusted and rotated in 360-degrees. It comes with an ergonomic design that caters to whatever working position you wish to take. You can be assured that even if you’re lying down or sprawled all over the floor, the BusyLad will never let your laptop fall.

Key Features




Do you find typical tables as very restricting? Do you feel like a traditional table just doesn’t help with your posture issues? WorkRight laptop stand can be the answer to your troubles.

The WorkRight understands posture needs, and comfort requirements. This stand allows you to view your laptop at eye level – no more stooping, and poor posture.

This stand features a foldable, adjustable design that can easily help you achieve the level that suits your needs. Featuring a durable alloy material, the WorkRight can stand any work demand, at whatever position you feel like doing.

The WorkRight also comes with a ventilation that reduces overheating and improves your laptop’s functionality. This laptop stand allows you to feel comfortable and ready for whatever work you’re going to face ahead.

Key Features



"Pretty Good"

Done cradling your laptop on your legs while you work? A heavy laptop can be exhausting on the legs. Without an ideal ventilation when it’s set on your lap, the laptop can be prone to overheating. For the work-from-home professional who is no respecter of proper working positions, the SmartStands is for us!

Flexibility is the main feature of the SmartStands – you can basically shape and adjust it based on the height and position that works for you. This SmartStands can also act as a desk – it comes with a little area for a mouse and mousepad.

This laptop stand also comes with ventilation holes to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Key Features




If you’re looking for a multipurpose laptop, the ThinkLite is one of the best choices out there. It does not just cater to laptops – it can also stand for tablets, and Ipads. Sneaking in a movie while you’re working? Don’t tell your boss we’re suggesting this but if you’re interested – the ThinkLite has got you covered.

This portable laptop stand is collapsible – making it the ideal pick for business travels, and meetings on the go.

Key Features





Work smarter, not harder. With these adjustable laptop tables, you can get to work from anywhere and stay comfortable while hustling hard – Yes, even while you are in bed! Because there’s more to life than dealing with your 8-4 job, get a good laptop stand that can cater to your flamboyant work-at-home needs.