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We Reviewed the Best Mandoline Slicers - These 4 Products Emerged As Winners!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Jan 1st, 2022

You’re here because you are looking for mandoline slicers that can make your cooking process faster and easier. After scoring the internet for the best mandoline food cutters, you’re still at a loss. Shelling out money to help make your food preps more convenient is worth it – you just need to make sure you spend it for the best picks in the market.

The good news is that we’re big cooking fans as well. We love preparing delicious dishes that are not only good-tasting, but are visually appealing too. Thus, we take the hunt for the best mandoline slicers seriously. We rounded up the help of chefs, homecooks, and cooking enthusiasts to help us pick out the mandoline food slicers that will make you go “Wow!”

How We Decided

We made sure that each product featured here is vouched for by experts. To make this possible, we invited chefs, home cooks, food bloggers, and cooking enthusiasts to help us test and rate the most popular vegetable slicers in the market. For two weeks, our team of experts tested, tried, and reviewed more than 20 bestselling mandoline cutters.

The review for these slicers are based on the following criteria:


We looked for mandoline slicers with high-quality blades that can produce uniform, cleanly-sliced ingredients.

Ease of Use

We asked our reviewers to find the mandoline food cutters that are easy to use, and are safe for the hands.


If you’re going to shell out for mandoline slicers, we want you to get the products that could last for a long, long time. We made sure to include slicers that fit the bill here.

Multipurpose Features

We made sure to include mandoline slicers that can handle all sorts of ingredients – from vegetables, root crops, and even dairy products!

Out of all the products we have reviewed, these are the top 4 mandoline slicers that caught our attention and won our approval.

One of the struggles of getting mandoline slicers is changing blades every now and then. Losing a blade is also a frustrating possibility. These struggles are the reason why we were gravitated with the AvixCut.

The AvixCut does not come with manually-interchangeable blades. Instead, this mandoline slicer comes with an adjustable blade thickness that allows you to achieve variety in your cuts. The AvixCut can make julienne cuts, cuts made for fries, and thin, slanted slices.

The blades are also made from high-quality metal – making them ideal for making the slicing process quick and clean.

This mandoline slicer is made with an ergonomic design. Its metal foundation tilts the slicer to an angle that is appropriate for slicing. The base of the slicer is solid; you won’t have to worry about it slipping or toppling over while you are using it.

The AvixCut also comes with gloves in the package. The gloves will prevent your hand from getting caught in the blades while you’re slicing.

Cleaning is a breeze with the AvixCut! You only need running water, and gentle soap. It’s durable and stain-resistant – you can enjoy this mandoline slicer for a long, long time.

A great gift for cooking enthusiasts!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




When we were reviewing mandoline slicers, we had one goal – to really find one that can do everything needed in the cooking process. We found it in VegoSlize – the mandoline slicer that can slice, grind, squeeze, and even grate.

The VegoSlize mandoline cutter can do up to 8 processes – it can make dice and cube cuts, thin and coarse cuts, flat and wavy slices, it has a grinding blade, and even an egg and juice separator. We were impressed with the number of things it can do.

We also love how it accelerates the cooking time by 50% compared to using traditional knives. In just one go, you can already slice multiple ingredients. The VegoSlize also makes slicing several ingredients simultaneously possible, too.

The design of the VegoSlize makes food prep a breeze. The slicer is attached to an empty container which can house the sliced ingredients. This is a no-more-mess slicer.

The VegoSlize is made from high quality plastic – it’s lightweight and travel-friendly. It’s great for cooking outdoors. The slicer comes with a strainer – a perfect add-on that can be especially handy if you’re making salads.

It’s a handy, useful tool for both professional chefs, and homecooks.

Key Features




Do you always get cuts when you try to slice ingredients using a mandoline slicer? Do you want a safer option that works just as well as other topnotch slicers? We recommend SavvoChef.

The SavvoChef comes with hidden blades that prevent your fingers from getting in contact with them. The design of the SavvoChef automatically brings the ingredient into a slanting position which uses gravity during the slicing process. The ingredient is automatically fed into the slicer – all you need to do is to push the slicer down to get the desired cuts.

No need for plates and bowls – the SavvoChef comes with a container which houses all the sliced ingredients.

The mandoline slicer comes with 6 varieties of blades – you can achieve thin slices, long slices, and even diced cuts.

The SavvoChef includes a knob which you can use to adjust the thickness of your slices.

The plastic build of the SavvoChef makes it a handy kitchen tool that you can bring during your travels and outdoor cooking gigs.

A great pick for anyone who wants to experience a safer cooking experience.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Among all the mandoline slicers we reviewed, we discovered that the InzoKook is one of the most heavy duty food cutters in the market.

The InzoKook features high-precision blades that create clean, uniform slices all the time. The design of the InzoKook allows you to create slices in a fast manner. The slicer can be tilted in an ideal position that allows slicing to be easier.

The mandoline cutter features top-grade blades that are stainless and rust-resistant. The InzoKook comes with 5 adjustable blade options. Using a knob, you can adjust the thickness, the variety of the cut, and the length.

The InzoKook includes a food-gripping tool that will help you steadily hold on to the ingredient to prevent it from slipping.

You can use the InzoKook for veggies, root crops, fruits, and even nuts and dairy products.

Despite its heavy duty design, the InzoKook is 100% lightweight. It’s easy to bring anywhere, and is a perfect choice for cooks who love to travel, and cook outdoors.

Key Features





To elevate your cooking, you must also elevate the tools that you’re using. The mandoline slicers mentioned above are the best in helping you make your cooking processes faster and easier. Our experts and cooking enthusiasts love our picks – we’re sure that you will love them too!