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3 Best Motion Sensor Lights to Buy for Your Home’s All-Night-Round Safety and Security

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Apr 6th, 2022

If you still use your phone’s flashlight to navigate your home’s pathway at night, it’s time to invest in a high-quality outdoor motion sensor light. As the name suggests, this device automatically fires bright lights in the presence of any movement, giving you the extra boost of visibility to traverse your driveway, garden, yard, and other outdoor spaces safely.

But motion sensor lights aren’t just for reducing risks of accidents — they are essential accessories to bump up your home’s security as well. Research tells that motion sensor lights can deter criminal activity by startling the perpetrator, so they leave. It can also serve as a safety light in weather emergencies like floods, storms, etc. 

With such, choosing a super bright outdoor light isn’t enough. Before buying, you need to consider a few things, such as cost-effectiveness, reactiveness, and ease of use. These factors can ensure these motion sensor lights work to your advantage and save you from skyrocketing electricity bills.

So to help you find the PERFECT motion sensor lights, we’ve partnered with home security experts to test over 40 products on the market and determine the best in different situations. And after months of researching, we’ve concluded that these 3 Motion Sensor Lights are the best to buy for all types of homes.

Keep reading to find out our Top 3 picks!

The LUMiTrax comes with all the right stops you’d expect from a perfect outdoor light: super bright, high sensitivity, and built to last. This one has 2 light heads equipped with 100 LEDs that deliver high brightness suitable for pitch-black areas like your garden, porch, patio, walkways, etc. And what’s even more impressive is its super-bright LEDs shine at a wide lighting angle of up to 220° — and that’s more than enough to really illuminate your outdoor spaces.

For its PIR motion sensor feature, the LUMiTrax offers one of the best out of all the products we’ve tested. With a 120° detection range and up to 538 FT² sensing distance, nothing will be left unnoticed in the eyes of this outdoor light. So if you’re living in the dark, rural areas, the LUMiTrax is the best to boost visibility for safety and security without the electric bill scare. 

And since we’re talking about cost-effectiveness, the LUMiTrax has a built-in solar panel that’s highly efficient to charge the outdoor light without electric consumption. This feature also enables it to auto-on at dark and off in daylight so that you don’t have to worry about pressing any button to save power. Once you’ve installed it (which is very easy), it’ll work independently in illuminating your space at the right time. It even comes with a 2200mAH Li-ion battery to ensure it works for you all-night-round.

Of course, to guarantee your home’s security even in emergencies like floods and storms, the LUMiTrax is IP65 waterproof certified. It can withstand the forces of nature, so you’ll have peace of mind 24/7.

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Some say that outdoor security lights can double (even triple) your electric bill, but SHLYTMax says otherwise. This one offers you 500 lumens, 6500K brightness, and 30,000 hours lifespan at ZERO household electricity consumption. 

How so? Well, it’s because of its unique solar panel setup. Unlike most motion sensor lights with built-in solar panels, the SHLYTMax has a separate board connected via wire. This design allows you to strategically place the solar panel in areas with maximum sunlight. And that means better efficiency since science says more sun, more power.

But energy-saving is not the only advantage the SHLYTMax can offer — its PIR motion sensor and super-bright LEDs are also something to look forward to. For its brightness, it’s equipped with 22 pieces of 0.2w 2835 LED chips. Such design can give you excellent visibility in dark, pitch-black places to reduce the risks of accidents and ward off theft.

Meanwhile, its motion sensors are sensitive enough to detect subjects within the 120° range. Its max sensing distance is only 26.25 FT, which is quite small compared to the LUMiTrax, but it can be advantageous, especially if your place is near the street or road. The SHLYTMax will only detect motion close to your front door or garage and will not keep firing bright lights every time a car passes by. And if that’s not enough, the SHLYTMax sensor and lighting distance can be adjusted according to your preference. 

The SHLYTMax is an excellent choice if you’re looking for outdoor light with no nuisances. It works just right in your space and delivers the brightness you’re expecting. Plus, it’s built to last for more years to come, triple the savings!

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If you’ve had experiences with motion sensor lights before, you know that sometimes, they can be a nuisance. For example, every time a car passes by or a squirrel wanders around your lawn, it triggers the motion sensor lights, causing “nuisance trips.” And if you’re using one of those electric-powered outdoor lights, that could double or triple your electricity bill.

The VENTRILYT, on the other hand, makes adjustability available for you so that you won’t have to deal with nuisance trips or skyrocketing bills. Designed by security experts, the VENTRILYT gives you a cost-effective solution to your home’s visibility problems. With 213 high-quality LED beads with 3 lighting modes, this outdoor light can deliver the brightness you seek to illuminate dark areas surrounding your home.

How so? Let’s start with the remote control. The VENTRILYT’s lighting mode is 100% adjustable according to your preference. Aside from controlling the sensing and lighting distance, you can choose which lighting mode fits your needs. You can either keep the VENTRILYT to fire low light and emit a bright light once motion is detected or maintain 50% brightness at night. All of that is possible with just one press of a button on the remote control.

It’s also solar-powered via a built-in 5.5V/1.5W panel that can fire the device on bright light for 12 to 18 hours. The efficiency of the solar panel is also an excellent feat since it’ll only take about 6 to 8 hours to charge the motion sensor light entirely, and all of these are at ZERO electric consumption.

The build and design of the VENTRILYT are also something to look forward to. It’s made of ABS plastic material with black acrylic to deliver a stable, sturdy, and durable street light. The design also features an IP67 waterproofing that secures the device in times of flood, heavy rain, or snow. Indeed, this motion sensor light is designed to last for a long time, with features that capture exactly what you need from a motion sensor/security light.

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The Rundown

Getting yourself a high-quality motion sensor light is not just to light up dark areas surrounding your home but also to increase your home’s security. The benefit of seeing who’s at the door before opening it and reducing the risks of accidents could help keep yourself and anyone else at home with you safe and sound. So in choosing the best motion sensor light for your home, here are a few considerations you need to check before buying.

Brightness is Key: Of course, it is essential to choose a motion sensor light that offers the perfect illumination for you. LEDs are better options since they last longer and provide better brightness than standard lights. A good 500 lumens can light up your lawn pretty well, but coverage depends on how big the space you want to light up. The science is more lumens, more brightness — just make sure it fits your space. You don’t want your neighbors complaining about your outdoor lights being “too bright.”

Reactiveness: This factor comes on a case-to-case basis since you want your motion sensor lights to focus on movements like your car entering the driveway or you walking to the door — not a leaf being blown by the wind. A good detection range is 120°, and the sensing distance is between 16 FT to 40 FT, but it depends (again) on how large your space is. Going for motion sensor lights with an adjustable feature is a safe bet since you can control how wide and far the sensors will pick up the movements.

Cost-Effectiveness: The last thing you want to see once you install a motion sensor light is skyrocketing electric bill. Opting for outdoor lights with built-in solar panels can ensure the light’s efficiency and save you from paying double or triple in your next bill.

Ease of Use and Installation: You want your motion sensor lights to install easily without heavy-duty tools or complicated wiring setup. Unless you want to pay a hefty fine for a professional installation, choosing a motion sensor light with a quick and easy setup is the best.


The products highlighted in this review have passed all our criteria for testing. Our experts agree that these are the best of the best to buy to ensure your home’s safety and security at night. We stand by the claims of these products, and we guarantee they’ll 100% work to your advantage. Give them a try and take advantage of the special offers on our site.