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Discover The Top 3 Patio Lights Picked Out By Home Experts For 2022!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Jan 6th, 2022

As we foresee better days ahead, we can tell that 2022 will be all about bringing back family gatherings, backyard events, and other kinds of celebrations we’ve missed out on. But before you bring out your precious porcelain and cutlery, or send out those party invitations, it may also be the perfect time to elevate the mood, or ambience, of your venue further, and give your guests a warmer, more impressive welcome. We believe this would be best realized by getting your venue some new lighting: whether for your home, rooftop deck, or your bar or restaurant. Luckily, we’ve asked a few home experts, and they’ve agreed that a nice, cozy patio light is the way to go, especially now that many varieties are now solar-rechargeable, and have become more energy-efficient thanks to their LED technology, helping guarantee that your next social event will feel elegant yet ultimately safer than ever. Discover more about which patio light you should get for your home, bar, or restaurant this 2022.

How We Came Up With Our List

First, by the safety and durability of each patio light set. Our home experts took into account how shatterproof and weatherproof each patio light set is, and how it can withstand any unexpected mishap.

Secondly, by the energy-efficiency of the patio lights. Most patio lights nowadays are not only LED, but also solar-powered, so we’ve considered this as well.

Lastly, by the lighting quality each patio light offers. Whether or not the patio light offers a bright, warm glow for your venue matters, of course.

Glamorous and versatile, you’ll certainly be all set for a great time after putting up the Urban Luxury Solar and USB Patio Lights. We just love how it’s easy to charge via solar panel or USB (and take note that these also use LED bulbs), so you know that it’s both safe and energy efficient. Plus, no matter the event, whether you’re organizing a backyard barbecue or opening your own restaurant, these patio lights show off a fabulous warm glow that can turn any plain venue into a luxurious environment.

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If you’re in search of patio lights that can add a touch of European glamour for your event, then the Contessa’s Court Hanging Patio Lights might just be the little detail that elevates your gathering to new heights. Make your event a touch more memorable thanks to its Italian-inspired lighting, that emulates the ambience of piazzas and streetside cafes from Milan to Sicily. There’s just something about these lights that can make our evenings more delightful. Moreover, it’s super easy to install: just hang it on your eaves, windows, or trees for that wonderful bistro-like effect. And, like other patio lights, these are also made to be safe and energy-efficient, giving you the best of both worlds – the traditional incandescent effect, and the heightened quality standards of modern patio lighting (AKA its weatherproof and waterproof design).

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Looking to fully brighten up your backyard or roof deck? Then the YardView LED Garden Patio Lights would be a perfect match, keeping your parties, weddings, and other social functions fully illuminated thanks to its 60 bright yellow-white bulbs. The result? A cozy ambience that our home experts just love, and we’re sure you and your guests will too. What’s also great about the YardView LED Garden Patio Lights is that you can toggle between different modes, making it a versatile lighting fixture for all kinds of occasions.

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If you’re planning to make a bigger splash this year with that much-awaited party or social gathering, you’ll find that the right patio light could add a touch of heightened elegance to your venue. Aside from the beautiful and luxurious designs now available among patio lights today, make sure to choose a set made with the ultimate quality and safety standards in mind, such as the use of LED bulbs, to waterproof and weatherproof design that allows it to withstand any unpredictable conditions that may occur during your event.