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Best Picnic Blankets to Buy in 2022:Large, Waterproof Tartan Mats for the Outdoors

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Summer and its bright sun rays are starting to spread feast-like vibes all around. What better way to enjoy your summer days than having fun outdoors? We can already imagine it – an al fresco spread, sumptuous food, and laughter from people that matter the most. All the great festivities come with great comfort – all thanks to amazing picnic blankets.

Bringing a picnic blanket outdoors allows you to enjoy the sun and great weather better. If you’re here because you’re looking for the best picnic blankets to buy for your 2022 outdoor adventures, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring 4 amazing picnic blankets that can bring much joy and comfort to your nature escape.

What to Look for in Picnic Blankets

We love the perks of going outdoors – the sun, the fresh air, the calming surroundings. Nothing beats celebrating something in the company of swaying treats, and soothing wind. As picnic lovers ourselves, we also understand the struggle that comes with low-quality picnic blankets. Because we were in the hunt for the best picnic mats to buy this 2022, we hopped into a little project of scrutinizing picnic mats so we can feature only the best of the best.

We asked fabric experts, outdoor enthusiasts, and event planners for the most reliable picnic blankets. Based on our interviews, here are some things to remember before buying picnic mats.

Should Provide Comfort

Sometimes, staying outdoors means you don’t have chairs or benches to stay on. If you’re going to stay on the ground all the time, it is important to find a picnic blanket that will make your stay outdoors comfortable and convenient.

Easy Maintenance

Placing your mat on the ground or on the sand can be tough, especially if your picnic mat’s material is not easy to maintain and clean. If you want to be free from the stress of scrubbing endlessly in the laundry, find a mat that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Waterproof Features

It will be a total bummer if a spilled drink or soup will ruin your entire picnic trip. Fortunately, there are now waterproof picnic mats that can take any spill!


Yes, you can be stylish outdoors, and you can totally choose picnic mats that match your style!

Out of all the mats we’ve reviewed, here are the products that stood out.

Picnic mats are one of the most difficult items to clean. Sometimes you have to go through the struggle of scrubbing them thoroughly just to make sure you remove molds, sauces, and spills. If you want picnic mats – but hate cleaning them – we recommend the StegSpread.

StegSpread is made with a waterproof and moist-proof PEVA material that helps keep dew from grass, and moisture from the air from ruining your picnic mats.

Thanks to its durable and waterproof backing, the StegSpread is easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about food making your mats dirty and stinky. With the StegSpread, you can simply shake any food remnants off and it’s clean once more.

The blanket is also made with super soft fabric to allow you to enjoy true comfort while you are outdoors.

The StegSpread comes with a lightweight design that makes it easy for you to carry this picnic mat everywhere. This is great for hills, gardens, yards, lakesides, and even beach trips.

If you are looking for a gift for families who love to go to picnics and nature adventures, the StegSpread can be your top choice

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you’re used to bringing typical blankets to picnic trips, you could understand the hassle that comes when water spills onto your blanket. If you want to have a picnic outdoors without the stress of wet, soggy blankets, we highly recommend the Overlei picnic mat!

The Overlei is a durable, waterproof mat that is made with strong, durable PVC material. It is designed to stay intact even if your picnic is busy!

This picnic mat is also sand-proof. If you are done dealing with picnic mats that seem to invite sand into its crevices, this is a great alternative. The Overlei is made with a sand-resistant surface – all you need to do is to shake off the mat when you’re done laying on the sand.

You don’t need a humongous bag just to give Overlei some space. The mat includes durable leather handles that can convert the mat into a bag so you can easily carry it anywhere.

This picnic mat also works if you are going outdoors with your pet. You can be guaranteed that fur and pet hair won’t go sticking all over your mat.

With Overlei, you can be ready for pretty much any outdoor adventure.

Key Features




When it comes to picnic mats, size matters. How else can you fit your food spread and all the most important people, right? This is why when we were scanning for must-have picnic blankets, we couldn’t help but love the ShumahBreeze.

Right off the bat, ShumahBreeze features an impressive scope – it’s a blanket that measures 79” x 60”. It can fit your basket, and up to 5 people. No need to settle on the ground.

The design of the ShumahBreeze is proof that the design that went into its creation wasn’t mediocre. We love the feel, the comfort, and how easy it is to bring from one picnic spot to another. It threw in some PU leather handles for good measure so you won’t have a hard time bringing your mat anywhere.

This enormous mat is perfect for multiple events – picnic, beach trips, school events, pool parties, family events, and romantic getaways.

Don’t settle for a picnic mat that won’t get you covered – with the ShumahBreeze, you can actually enjoy the outdoors in a large, comfortable, convenient picnic blanket! A great gift for outdoor-loving folks.

Key Features




Is comfort a top priority for you when it comes to choosing picnic mats? That’s understandable. If you are going to spend hours under the sun and on the ground, it’s important to be comfortable. This is why we included the ClassqoPrim in this list – it’s a great camping mat that delivers top notch comfort.

You can enjoy 5-star comfort with the ClassqoPrim all thanks to its carefully-designed layers. The ClassqoPrim includes 3 layers. The surface layer is soft acrylic fabric, the middle is cotton pad, and the bottom is waterproof Oxford cloth. You can be ensured that it is durable, comfortable, and breezy.

We love the stylish looks of the ClassqoPrim – it reminds us of the good, old, vintage blankets. Carrying the ClassqoPrim is such a breeze, too. It already comes with a handle so you only need to roll it up when you need to carry and store it.

The bottom of the ClassqoPrim is both waterproof and sandproof so you don’t have to worry about mat maintenance so much.

Key Features





Picnic mats and blankets allow us to truly enjoy our time with nature comfortably. Whether we’re with our special someone, family, friends, or kids, having a blanket we can efficiently use outdoors can make all the difference to our picnic experience.

Each blanket has been personally tested, tried, and reviewed to ensure you get the best!