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2022 Top 4 Best Pocket Hose for Your Garden and Car

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Expandable hoses have started an impressive innovation for those who love gardening but are not a big fan of complicated tools. These pocket hoses feature an expandable hose that stretches three times its original size after being filled with water. These expandable hoses redefine garden and lawn care. They’re self-draining, they’re less prone to kink, twists, and tangles, and they’re lightweight compared to their traditional counterpart; and they’re easy to store, too.

If low-maintenance gardening is on top of your list, definitely consider getting pocket hoses. Not only is it impressive – it’s meant to be durable. These hoses feature a tough outer shell to prevent abrasions, cuts, and holes from ruining the quality of the hose. We love their ability to turn back to their original size after use. It just makes cleaning up after gardening a little easier.

So what makes top quality expandable hoses? When they deliver the benefits of the classic hose – without asking for extra space! These expandable pocket hoses are the best choice when storage space is limited, and you’re done lugging around with heavy, tangle-prone hoses!

Check out some of our top picks for the best expandable hoses!

One look at the StrubSprinkle and you’d wonder “How will this ever expand?” But it does — in the most impressive way!

When filled, the StrubSprinkle extends up to 75 feet! With a pliable double latex core, this expandable hose isn’t prone to tangling, kinks, and going rumble jumble. This feature also saves you from dealing with tears and leaking, and the expenses that come with them!

The StrubSprinkle comes with nine spray functions that are ideal for various purposes like wearing the yard, caring for your pets, or making sure that the flower beds are tended. If you are looking for a multipurpose hose that can efficiently cater to your gardening and yard work needs, the StrubSprinkle is a great choice. There’s an option for water output for washing the car, cleaning the car, and bathing your pets.

Because it’s not prone to tangling, we found out the StrubSprinkle can deliver the ultimate water pressure you need for your tasks!

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The PorviSpand comes in a small, compact package, but it can easily expand up to 75 feet! We were blown away when we realized that when not in use, this hose can fit in the palm of our hands! After the water runs out, the hose returns to its original size in just a few minutes – emptying itself while it deflates.

The PorviStand includes premium brass fittings to avoid unnecessary leaks and keep water pressure in. The hose also comes with an 8-pattern hose nozzle. The lightweight material makes PorviSpand easy to carry and transport anywhere. The outer shell is made to be durable so it can stand wear and tear. The PorviStand features a TPC core that will prevent water pressure from creating leaks.

Based on our review, the PorviSpand can work conveniently well if you’re watering your garden, washing your dog, or tending the yard. If you’re looking for a way to lighten the load of your garden care, yard work, and dog bath sessions, then PorviSpand is the best option!

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Are you looking for a no-stress, hose that will save you the pain of enduring leaks, sprays, and getting soaked up? Are you done with traditional hoses that can be a pain to use and move from one place to another? If you’re a garden or yard owner who wants to achieve flexibility in your yard tasks, we recommend the FrivaFlow.

What impressed us about the FrivaFlow is its 7 spray options – you literally have a spray option for every need whether you’re tending a garden, caring for a pet, or cleaning your car.

It’s also very lightweight – just below 5 pounds. But the power? Impressive – it can stretch up to 75 feet! That’s like having the capacity to cover your entire backyard!

After using, the FrivaFlow conveniently shrinks to its original size – without you having to squeeze and push for the water to come out. With a sturdy latex core, and durable polyester fabric on the outside, you can be assured you won’t have to deal with tears and cracks anytime soon!

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Whether you’re cleaning your vehicle, tending for your yard, or giving your pet a bath, convenience is key. Carrying a traditional hose is not only hard; it can be pretty uncomfortable for you when you have to carry out your tasks. Oh, let’s not forget about the wrapping up and storing part – it can get complicated!

These pocket hose we featured are handpicked by moms, yard care experts, and garden care companies as some of the most convenient watering tools to purchase this 2022. If you’re looking for a watering tool that will save you money, effort, and storage space, these expandable hoses are worth the look!