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Review: The Top 3 Best Popcorn Makers For Home and Business Use

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: May 12th, 2022

Nothing beats a big bag of hot buttery popcorn when watching a movie. Now, enjoying this favorite snack is made easier with portable popcorn makers! All you need to do is pop your kernels in, wait for a few minutes, then viola! Your popcorn is served fresh and hot.

Although this “at-home-movie-sesh-hack” makes quality movie experiences even more convenient, there are a few considerations that you need to be familiar with to ensure you get to taste the “best popcorn kernel ever!” There are air-heated popcorn makers if you’re concerned about your health. Or, you’re particular with the size since you aim to make big batches every time you and your friends do a movie marathon.

To help you find the perfect popcorn maker that fits your needs, we’re featuring the best popcorn makers that every movie junkie (like us) loves to use. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these 3 Best Popcorn Makers for 2022!

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Our Top Choice and How We Decided

Out of all the popcorn makers we reviewed, the product that we all agreed takes the top spot is the StarPop – a handy popcorn maker with impressive hot air cooking capacity that makes crunchy kernels every time. 

We reviewed popcorn makers with the help of tech geeks and actual popcorn fans. Together, we meticulously put each popcorn-making machine to the test. 

We looked for products that are best for home use, best for a healthy lifestyle, and best for business use. 

In our review, we found out that the best popcorn makers come with 5 features: 

Hot Air Cooking Capacity

Let’s admit it – WE HATE RUBBERY POPCORNS. We look for the crisp, the crunch. That is why checking the cooking capacity of the popcorn maker is crucial. 

This feature also helps you have your popcorn the healthy way. With an excellent heat level, you will only need a little oil. 

Size That Can Cater to Mid and Big Batches

It is important to look for popcorn makers that can cook around 4 ounces of kernels. This way, you can get your popcorn treats without having to repeat the process over again. 

Equal Heat Distribution

When heat is only concentrated on one side, some kernels may not be popped. Finding a popcorn maker with excellent heat distribution can assure you that you will get up to 90% popped kernels. 

Convenience in Care and Maintenance

The popcorn makers that won us over are all easy to clean and maintain. 

Durability (No Burnt Plastic Smell Here!) 

Don’t you hate it when popcorns smell and taste like burnt plastic? We do, too. This is why on our top list, we made sure the material of the popcorn makers can stand the heat. 

Out of all the popcorn makers we reviewed, these are the products that stood out. 

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Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you a fan of healthy eating? Do you love popcorn but hate the fact that you have to use a lot of oil to cook it? Our best recommendation for you is the PoppeRoo. 

The PoppeRoo features a high heat cooking capacity that requires only little to no oil for cooking. This popcorn making machine makes it possible by using a technique similar to that of an air fryer. The heat is concentrated into the kernels, therefore, they can be popped equally and efficiently. 

This popcorn making machine brings out a swirling heated air function to ensure that no kernel is left unpopped, even if there’s no oil. 

The high heat also guarantees that the flavor of the popcorn will be there – without oil or butter or salt.

This machine can produce up to 12 cups of popcorn on one go. The PoppeRoo can cook up to 4 ounces of kernels – perfect for family night, game night, and gatherings.

We love the design of the PoppeRoo as it also comes with a straight-to-the-bowl design. Simply open the slot and you’ll munch on hot, crispy popcorn. 

The PoppeRoo is made with thick ABS plastic that won’t easily be melted by the heat. Also, since the machine uses heat, there won’t be any burnt plastic taste or smell to worry about. 

If you love a fun-looking popcorn machine, you will love the PoppeRoo. This machine is like a countertop version of those popcorn stands we see in fairs and carnivals. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

Now this popcorn making machine is for those looking to make big batches of popcorn on one go. 

The PartyPop can make up to 6 gallons of popcorn – a feature that also makes this machine perfect for business. This is the best pick if you’re always making popcorn for a large group. 

Heat is full blast for this popcorn maker – expect crispy popcorn all the time. 

This popcorn maker comes with a heated deck to keep the delicious snack fresh and hot. You won’t have to worry about your popcorn turning rubbery and soggy. 

The PartyPop also takes easy cleaning up a notch. This popcorn maker comes with a tray underneath it to dispose of unpopped kernels. 

We love the non-stick ceramic material for the PartyPop – it prevents unpopped kernels from sticking on to the pan. 

To ensure that all kernels are equally cooked, the PartyPop designers threw in a built-in stirring rod that ensures kernels get the appropriate amount of heat for them to pop. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, we can definitely say that this tabletop, large capacity popcorn maker is perfect for events, parties, and large gatherings. If you’re also planning to run popcorn business, this is a top choice. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Popcorn is a treat that is so easy to love. Being able to make your favorite popcorn treat whenever you want it is a perk that you deserve. Our list of popcorn makers are guaranteed to help you satisfy your popcorn cravings whenever they call to you. Rated the best by food experts and enthusiasts, we assure you that each pick from our list above will never let you down.