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Top Picks:2022 Top 6 Best Portable Air Conditioners for that Instant Cooling Breeze

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

If you don’t have an air conditioning system in place and you need to cool a room, a question to consider is this: “What’s the best air conditioning unit for my needs?” Consider these factors: your room size, and your mobility. If you can’t install a window A/C unit because of the size and design of your space, a portable air conditioner unit is your next best bet. The benefits of portable air conditioners come in two – it doesn’t install, and it can cool you down even  if you’re on the go. Also to mention, the mobile air conditioner units can be safely stored when colder seasons come in.

With an ever increasing temperature due to global warming, air conditioners have become more essential for comfort. Having to endure a sticky, sweaty feeling can also get in the way of being able to do your best!

This is why we rounded up the best portable air conditioners in the market. Each product is ranked from the most convenient, to the most reliable when it comes to cooling the place down. Since the pandemic, we have been on the lookout for the best portable A/C units that you can take out during the hot days to give your room the cooling comfort you and your family needs.

This multipurpose unit impressed us so much. For such an affordable price, you get the benefits of having an A/C unit, a humidifier, and air purifier in one. When fully charged, the PriviChill can cool down any space for 8 to 10 hours. The PriviChill can eliminate heat off the room in just one minute!

This portable air conditioner comes with a durable fan that can help distribute the air efficiently! With the PriviChill, you can cool down without worrying about disturbing, loud noises! The fans of the PriviChill are designed to position in an efficient angle that will distribute the air properly.

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Come summer, the heat becomes too overwhelming. No matter what you do, there’s only one thing your body is looking for – cooler air! You just need a cooler breeze! If you want to enjoy a breezier home, office, or personal space without the commitment of installing an air conditioning unit, you can check out the BreezeMiz portable air conditioner box.

The BreezeMiz may look small, but its capacity to cool down an area can cover up to 45 square feet. When fully charged, the BreezeMiz can run up to 8 hours – it’s like getting colder air for the entire duration of your sleep. With adjustable fan speeds, any user can choose a setting that fits their liking. What we love about BreezeMiz is that it’s ultra quiet, too. No intrusive buzzing or weird sounds that can bother you while you’re sleeping, or taking a relaxing time off.

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Having an actual air conditioning unit can call for a huge price, and loads of work. If you simply want to cool down without spending a lot of money for an air conditioning system, consider the SovaCool air conditioner.

The one thing that stood out to us about the SovaCool is that it seamlessly combines portability AND function. In this compact air cooler, you can enjoy a total of 10 hours of cooling. Its wireless features means you can go outside and bring this unit with you. Whether you hang out on restaurants, or camp outdoors, you can still get the benefits of an air conditioning system.

If you’re looking for a portable air conditioner that does not look like it’s an AC, then the SovaCool is a top option. Its sleek, wood design is a treat to the eye. It doubles as a home decor, too!

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An airconditioner that you can simply place on top of your table or your desk — does that something you’ll buy in a heartbeat? FresBreeze caught our eyes first because of its impressive, portable design. Though small, FresBreeze also delivers astounding cooling quality that you won’t be expecting from a small, portable A/C unit.

Apart from cooling the air, FresBreeze also cleans the air around you. When turned on, the FresBreeze releases ions that purifies the air. The FresBreeze features a USB interface that allows you to power up the unit using a laptop, or a powerbank. Mobility is the key feature of FresBreeze.

The FresBreeze does not produce loud, intrusive sounds that can disturb sleep. The unit also includes a LED light allowing you to double the FresBreeze as a bedside or office lamp.

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When looking for a portable A/C unit, it’s important to check its ability to nip heat and humidity effectively. After trying and testing several portable cooling units, we have come to a conclusion that HandyAC is an A/C that mixes portability and cooling ability really well. This highly-efficient air conditioner is safe, and easy to use. This doesn’t need harmful freons, and also does not require harmful chemicals.

HandyAC is a chic, and handy cooling unit that has a heavy-duty cooling effect. It can carry up to 3 liters of water to add a cold effect in your space for a longer time. The A/C automatically converts the water into a cooling mist in just a few minutes! This A/C is battery powered so you can carry it with you anytime, anywhere. You can bring it in your office, in the bedroom, and even outdoors!

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The heat and humidity inside the car can get in the way of you enjoying your trip. Although you can roll your windows down and let the natural air do the trick, there’s just something different about cooler air from an A/C. If you’re always on the road, the portable cooling device we recommend is the HyperCool. This A/C unit features a mini, compact size that you can use in the car without worrying about losing extra space.

This a/c features a leafless fan that not only distributes the air well, but prevents dust from accumulating in the fan. This portable car air conditioning unit can amp up the cool air you get from your car’s built in a/c making your ride feel extra comfortable.

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With these mobile air conditioners, you can have a portable cooling unit that will help you feel cool, relaxed, and well rested wherever you are. If installing an actual air conditioning unit is too much for you right now, you don’t have to endure the excruciating heat. With these cooling units, you can enjoy cleaner, cooler air without the stress and expense of installation.

Bring the cool wherever you go – these best portable air conditioners allow you to enjoy cooler, fresher surroundings the easy way.