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3 Best Rain Gauge to Buy For Your Garden’s Irrigation and Aesthetics

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 16th, 2022

Are you looking to save up from water bills in irrigating your garden? Or maybe, you’re looking for a helpful tool to prevent drought or overwatering? Well, a top-notch quality rain gauge can help you achieve that. This cylinder measuring tool is a must-have for homesteaders and gardeners—regardless of whether you’re new or not. However, here’s the catch, not all rain gauges are built to a high standard. So to help you find the best rain gauge deals, we’ve tested over 50 rain gauges on the market to determine which are the best of the best at any price range. In this review, we will be listing down 3 of our favorites to narrow down the choices for easy decision-making.

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When we set out to pick the best of the best, there’s no doubt that the Gileon-Calc was the absolute standout. This rain gauge features a glass-free design with a copper and ABS material-made exterior that’s built to last longer than standard rain gauges on the market. And as an efficient tool to monitor your water system output and pop up your garden’s aesthetics—this rain gauge is a total package.

With its 5” capacity and clean, easy-to-read markings, the Gileon-Calc delivers an overall experience. It’s suitable to add dynamics to any deck or patio and is designed with a powder-coated steel holder for easy installation. What’s even better with the Gileon-Calc Rain Gauge is its innovative construction. Aside from its glass-free construction, it requires zero setups and is easy to move from one location to another. Hence, monitoring your sprinkle’s water output and the rainfall is quick and convenient.

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Want something extra stylish for your garden? Here’s a rain gauge that perfectly combines usability and aesthetics that you can take advantage of. The Pluviol features a peacock-designed rain gauge with LED lights that automatically illuminates your garden at night. Its overall aesthetic adds a refreshing touch to your garden that kids will even fall in love watching.

Design isn’t the only thing that’s great about this rain gauge. Its accurate measurement and 6” capacity, glass measurement tube is also something to look forward to. This feature enables a practical way of capturing and measuring rainfall suitable for outdoor settings. What’s more? It requires zero setups and can be easily assembled and installed anywhere in your garden.

Overall, the Pluviol Rain Gauge makes your garden pop out even more. Its built-in auto light sensor and solar-powered LED lights will never let you down.

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For fun and cutesy rain gauge that also serves its purpose of monitoring rainfall and water output, this UltiSoo is a great choice. The UltiSoo features a frog design with solar-powered LED lights that can level up your garden’s overall aesthetic. It comes with an upgraded, 33.5-inch rain gauge (made of durable metal) that delivers accurate and easy-to-follow readings. Even better is that it features a 7” capacity plastic tube that makes it the safer option than glass—which is perfect for kids.

For its solar-powered panel, it will only take 4 to 6 hours to charge and can illuminate your garden all night long. And if you’re worried about installation, fear not, as this rain gauge is easy to place anywhere in your garden (no wiring required).

The UltiSoo delivers a nice touch to your garden while taking care of them by monitoring if your plants are receiving enough water for optimal growth.

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The Rundown

There are quite a few reasons why a rain gauge is beneficial for you. A top-notch quality rain gauge can not only prevent you from overwatering your plants but also can cut down your water bills and monitor rainfall in your backyard. In choosing the best rain gauge for your garden, here are a few things to consider:


An accurate rain gauge can tell you many things to ensure your plants’ optimum growth. To avoid overwatering, it can measure rain precipitation and irrigation output per area in a given amount of time. Also, with accurate readings, you can save on irrigation water by keeping rain and sprinkler output in check.

Durable Materials

A high-quality rain gauge made of durable materials can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. With this, you can ensure data is tracked 24/7.

Clear and Visible Markings

This feature can help you read the rain gauge’s readings at a distance, especially when the rain starts to pour. Also, easy-to-read markings such as inches and centimeters can make tracking easier.

Overall Aesthetics

Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice your garden’s design just to install a rain gauge on it. That said, choosing a rain gauge with a beautiful and unique style that fits your garden’s characteristics is a must.


The products we highlighted in this review have passed through our criteria. Our team has spent countless hours testing and researching to ensure that the products we recommend are the best of the best. You can take advantage of the special offers if you order on our site. And, we guarantee, they’ll be worth every penny you spend!