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Easy Hygiene and Health Safety - The Best Soap Dispensers to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Every day, our hands get millions of germs and viruses that could harm our health in a heartbeat. No time has ever called for greater hand hygiene than this time. Keeping our hands cleaned and sanitized all the time now has become top priority. But if you don’t have soap and alcohol available all the time, what do you do?

Fortunately, the circumstances have led to the innovation of two-in-one dispensers with sanitizer and thermal reader features. If you’re here because you’re looking for the best soap and sanitizer dispensers in the market, you’ve come to the right place. We’re featuring 4 of the best soap and sanitizer dispensers to buy in 2022.

How We Decided

How were we able to pick out the best soap dispensers when there are literally tons in the market? Our team of homeowners and businessowners eager to keep hygiene at home and in our business places made sure to check in with cleaning experts, and cleaning companies to recommend the sanitizer dispensers they trust.

Here’s a quick list of things a great soap dispenser must have.

Quick-response sensor 

If you are in an environment where action is already present, a quick-response sensor should be available for people on the go. Some of the best soap dispensers in the market feature a .25-.30 second response time.


If your soap dispenser of choice doubles as a thermal reader, it’s crucial to check the accuracy of the device. Knowing when to be alarmed with body temperature comes in handy during these times.

Ease of Use

The device should be easy to use both for the customers, workers, and for the folks who need to install it.


If you’re going to move your sanitizer dispenser to different spots, it pays to choose a portable, lightweight soap and sanitizer dispenser so you won’t find it difficult when you need to transfer it to another place.

Out of all the soap dispensers we reviewed, here are the products that stood out.

Are you looking for a soap dispenser that doubles as a temperature checker? Is accuracy a number one factor that could make you say yes to these infrared devices? Introducing the Latheree hand sanitizer and scanner.

The Latheree hand sanitizer has an accurate head and hand temperature checker. Your business’ customers, or your visitors can have their temperatures checked without needing to touch the surface, all thanks to the infrared sensor of Latheree. If someone tries to come in and they’re sporting a fever, the device will warn you with a sound alarm. The Latheree comes with a wide LED display to help you see temperatures clearly.

This device also comes with an automatic hand sanitizer that will ensure anyone who gets into your home or your business centers have their hands sanitized. It is made with an ultra accurate infrared sensor to help prompt the machine to give out alcohol, and sanitizing gels in just .25 seconds.

This is a great device for busy areas, and spots where washing hands can’t be conveniently made.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




A traditional faucet and soap dispenser have truly helped us most of our lives. But under these circumstances, we need something more. And yes, you’re right, sometimes contaminated hands can come in contact with faucets and dispensers. Ease your worry with the FlexRub soap dispenser.

What makes the FlexRub special? This soap dispenser with sensitive sensors dispenses foam soap without the need to have direct contact with the device. This saves you from catching harmful germs and viruses. With its sensor, you can immediately get your soap in .30 seconds.

The FlexRub comes with a temperature reader that can help you monitor the temperature of people coming in and out of your home and establishments.

We also love how FlexRub dispenses foam soap as opposed to liquid soap. With the foam soap, you can eliminate the mess that liquid soaps usually bring. No more mess to worry about. The foam soap also makes it possible to efficiently and quickly clean your hands.

This is an ideal soap dispenser for places where people are using a common faucet and soap dispenser such as offices, restaurants, schools, and clinics.

Key Features



"Very Good"

If we’re talking about classy and elegant designs, the product that definitely stood out from the bunch is the ZenSense soap dispenser. It’s an automatic dispenser that’s perfect for home and business use.

What won us over is ZenSense’s incredible way of combining function with style. ZenSense comes with a sleek design that matches any interior. With its sensitive sensor, ZenSense automatically dispenses a good amount of soap that’s just enough to keep your hands clean. You won’t have to worry about wasting soap anymore.

It features a large capacity for all sorts of liquid – soap, sanitizers, alcohol, hand gels, and even facial cleansers. The product comes with a visible container to help you know it’s time to refill.

ZenSense can be ideally used in clinics, hotels, hospitals, beauty lounges, and restaurants. It comes with so many functions to help you feel like you’re truly getting bang for your buck.

Key Features




Are you over those boring, plain soap dispensers that just ruin the look of your favorite spaces? You don’t have to compromise style just to ensure hygiene – that’s what we gleaned after reviewing the Lavare.

Lavare features a sleek, elegant, monochromatic design that will ensure that you will add a touch of style in whatever space you will put it in. Beyond its style, the Lavare is also very functional. It comes with a highly sensitive sensor that can detect the presence of hands 2.75 inches away. The sensor works in .25 seconds – it dispenses foam instantly. This is a great safety device for your family, offices, and businesses. This feature prevents users from getting in contact with a possibly contaminated surface.

This is a transparent multipurpose dispenser that will let you know it’s time for a major refill. The Lavare is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about it getting broken with water contact.

This touch-free soap dispenser can hold 10.15 Ounces liquid soap – a perfect capacity if you’re planning to install your dispenser in more crowded spaces.

Key Features





Cleanliness and great hygiene is our best protection against harmful illnesses and viruses. When we keep our hands clean and sanitized all the time, the risk of getting life-threatening health issues can be lessened. If your family, your worker, and your customers matter to you, having an automatic soap dispenser is a must.

You can be ensured that each product in this review is personally tested, tried, and reviewed to deliver the best function.