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Easy, Beautiful Landscapes - Top 3 Best Solar Landscape Lights to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

In one way or another, the house’s exterior tells a lot about the owner. You can deduce if they’re stylish, chic, or if they are the type to love industrial themes to their home. Sprucing up our yards is one of the best ways to show personality to our outdoor property.

However, beautifying our yards, gardens and lawns can take a lot of time, a whole ton of money on materials and construction costs! Sometimes, we’re just not yet ready for that kind of commitment.

Good thing, there’s a cheaper and easier way of beautifying our lawns and yards – with solar landscape lights. Affordable, easy to install, and spectacularly beautiful, solar landscape lights are a great way to give your outdoor area a makeover without the stress and expenses!

How We Decided

As design enthusiasts ourselves, we know how crucial it is to use the best and most reliable products for our yards and lawns. Creating a yard mishap is the last thing we can afford to have. That is why we asked lawn experts, garden designers, and landscape companies to recommend the most beautiful, and reliable solar path lights. We also went ahead and thoroughly checked the reviews to make sure customers love the product.

Among all the products recommended to us, here are the top 3 solar path lights that stood out!

If you’re in a place that’s always prone to harsh weather conditions, you might worry if the solar feature of the solar path lights will actually work. That is one of our concerns, too. That is why we made sure to include solar landscape lights that actually work even in bad weather.

In summer, the MontiLight can work up to 10 hours. In winter, it can still deliver lighting up to 5 hours!

Installing MontLite will no longer include wires – simply poke it into the ground and it’s ready to operate!

The MontiLight also includes a special light sensor that prompts the light to automatically turn dim when dawn and sunrise come.

Key Features

Editor's Pick




When we first saw the NovuShine, we thought “Wow. This looks like bringing the streets of England to your yard!”

If you love vintage, elegant, and classic designs, the NovuShine fits the bill! It comes in a sleek, luxurious design that will give your yard a touch of posh!

The NovuShine isn’t just beautiful to the eyes – they’re extremely easy to install. Simply barrel it into the ground and you’re good to go. Powered by solar light, the last thing you will worry about is an eye-popping electric bill!

The NovuShine works for backyards, gardens, and lawns.

Key Features



"Very Good"

If you’re not big on design but absolutely love safety devices, the LightPop is a great choice. Design-wise, LightPop won’t catch your eyes. But when it comes to keeping your lawn safe, the LightPop delivers.

The LightPop includes a wide design that allows it to distribute light on a larger scope. It helps provide better visibility, and will keep burglars off your homes!

The LightPop emits brighter lights, and comes with 7 adjustable light options.

Powered only by solar light, the LightPop can work up to 8-12 hours!

Key Features





Landscape lights don’t just make your home extra beautiful – it also helps keep your space safe and free from burglars!

Solar landscape lights can help you achieve the yard of your dreams even if you’re low on budget, and don’t have any knowledge on installing lighting fixtures.

For better looking lawns and extra safe yards, trust our highly recommended solar landscape lights!