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Spice Racks Review:The Top 5 Spice Organizers for Better Kitchen Organization.

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Nov 8th, 2021

You have probably taken a look at your kitchen space and wondered “How in the world can I upgrade the look of my kitchen?” Sprucing up your kitchen space can take a lot of time and money. Good thing, there’s a quick tip for some who aren’t ready to shell out the bank — simply organizing your spices and condiments can do wonders to the look of your kitchen. A good place to start is to clear up some space by placing your favorite spice bottles into one rack.

How can a spice rack improve the look of my kitchen?

Most experts believe that there is beauty in white space. When every space in your kitchen is crowded, the room can feel stuffy. When you clear your space of clutter, it can look more elegant and sophisticated. Having more space also means you have enough room for other kitchen essentials that can make work easier for you.

How We Decided

As big organizing geeks ourselves, we know how important it is to keep racks clean and organized. But choosing the most ideal racks can be time consuming. To help other organizing fans have an easier time choosing the best racks for the kitchen, we gathered the impressions and reviews of design experts, and interior designers. We also made sure to check the net so we can only feature the best of the best. Out of all the recommendations and reviews, only five stood out.

If you’re on the hunt for the best spice racks to buy in 2021, check out our list.

A kitchen organizer within reach – that’s our first impression about the KitchenoMix. There are several reasons why this spice organizer made it to the top of our list.

First, the KitchenoMix is an all-in-one organizer. This compact spice organizer can hold up to 20 spice bottles. This is the most ideal option for anyone who wants to keep their spices, condiments, sugar, and salt in bottles. You no longer have to worry about bottles tumbling over and making a mess.

Second, the KitchenoMix makes convenience a priority. This rack comes with a rotatable base which makes it easy for you to find the spice that you need. No more scouring multiple cabinets for paprika!

We also love how elegant KitchenoMix looks and how it can easily double as a lux kitchen accent. With a portable, compact design – and a total weight of 1kg – the KitchenoMix is easy to transfer from one spot to another!

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




StowMe will impress you with its versatility – it’s just one of those ultimate kitchen organizers that can cater to everything.

The StowMe is a perfect organizer for bottles, mini spice containers, kitchen tools, and cooking ingredients. It comes with multiple slots for powdered ingredients, sugar, and salt.

It has extra slots for knives, ladles, and big spoons.

Although this organizer is multipurpose, not everyone will like its white plastic look. However, if you value an organizer that’s compact, easy to use, and does not come with extensive designs, you will love StowMe.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Alright, this product has the most memorable name but it has the perfect name that absolutely stands for its purpose – like a mom, the MommySue can accommodate everything.

If your kitchen is home to big bottles and castor jars, you might be frequently dealing with a loss of space. If you want to free up space, but don’t want to give up your beloved jars, MommySue is for you.

MommySue can fit up to 20 big bottles and jars on its racks. This kitchen rack comes with three-tiers. Each tier can fit up to 8 bottles for condiments, beans, and other ingredients. This kitchen counter organizer is also stackable.

The impressive design of MommySue makes it a perfect rack for organizing everything – condiments, ingredients, and kitchen tools. It comes with side bars and extra slots where you can place other kitchen essentials.

It’s easy-to-assemble and very durable. The MommySue is made from ultra-durable materials which can hold up weight reliably.

Key Features



"Very Great"

When it comes to organizing the kitchen, having an organizing tool that doesn’t hoard up so much space is essential. The UpHome caught our attention – and the approval of design fans – because of its impressive design.

The UpHome features multiple racks spread alternatively. This organizer has a total of four racks which can cater to up to 8 bottles, or 2 kilograms of items. The UpHome is perfect for spice bottles, condiment cans, sauce bottles, and even plants – all this in just a half a meter of space.

The UpHome comes with a rotatable design making it easy for you to find and get the spice and items you need. The best thing about this organizer – it has an adjustable height so you can customize your rack according to your space.

With the UpHome, you can have a space for every spice you need!

Key Features




Every person who stays in the kitchen frequently can understand the struggle of not being able to find items easily. You topple over other bottles. You get frustrated because you spend more time searching spices than in actual cooking. If you’re lucky, you will be left with a really messy kitchen. If you’re not, you will be dealing with bland or burnt food.

Keep your most important spices and ingredients within reach with the EzRacks spice rack.

When you’re paying for the EzRack, you’re paying for both portability and convenience. The EzRack is compact but very flexible. It’s a versatile spice organizer that can accommodate up to 20 mini spice bottles.

One of the main features of EZRack is its design. With the EZRack, you don’t have to spend long, frustrating, and messy minutes looking for essential spices. All you need to do is to slide and rotate the rack so you can easily find the spice you’re looking for.

This spice rack is ideal for other bottles like ketchup containers, and herb bottles.

Key Features




Having an organized kitchen can make you feel more excited to work in the kitchen. If you want to achieve a Pinterest-worthy kitchen, the best place to start is in organizing. Having a great spice rack and ingredients organizer can clear your space, make your place look more classy, and prevent you from cramming during cooking sessions.

The spice racks mentioned above are some of the most trusted – and highly rated – in the market. Created for different needs, these space racks and kitchen organizers will never let you down.