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Mop it Clean:The Top 4 Best Spin Mops to Buy in 2022 for Faster, Better Cleaning

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

2020 has changed the way we view cleaning. What used to be a menial, routinary task now becomes one of the most important things we should do in our house and commercial spaces the whole day. It’s also time to put the good old rug to the side – at this point, we need a cleaning tool that’s faster and more efficient. Enter in the spin mops.

You’re probably here because you’ve heard and seen the power of spin mops – they’re champions in the cleaning scene. They can clean faster, wider, and better. But perhaps you’re also confused as to what spin mop to buy among the vast options available in the market. You’re in the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the best spin mops to buy in 2022.

How We Decided

As home and business owners, our team is also big on cleanliness. We want to keep kids and employees safe – so we were also on the hunt for the best spin mops in the market.

In our efforts of finding the best spin mops, we asked cleaning companies, and businesses offering cleaning services to recommend their favorite mops ever. Here’s a quick criteria we gleaned from our interviews.


Some dirt can be tough – you have to exert your whole effort just to remove them. Now, imagine if your mop breaks in the middle of cleaning. Pretty frustrating, right? This is why durability should be a big factor in choosing mops. The mops you choose should be able to handle the pressure of cleaning.

Mop Handles

Most cleaning experts suggest going for an ergonomic, adjustable mop handle to prevent straining the back and arms. Going for this feature can prevent exhaustion from getting in the way of your cleaning goals.


Check for the material on the mop. Different surfaces require different materials. Some react well to fiber, while some don’t.

Added Features

This is an extra factor, but definitely worth checking. If the mop offers added features that will make cleaning easier, grab it.

Out of all the mops we have reviewed, here are the top 4 mops that stood out.

Have you ever looked at your mop and thought “Oh wow, it seems like we’re wasting water and products here!” We have…and it has left us quite frustrated for a long time. When we reviewed the Germex, we had a Eureka! moment.

Germex features a microfiber mop. The microfiber material is known to be efficient in making use of water and chemicals efficiently. You won’t have to worry about water and chemicals just dripping on the floor.

Convenience is evident in the design of Germex. The package includes a pull-me design which makes using it in different areas easier. The mop handles include a soap slot, and a slot to dry the mop. You won’t have to hold the dry, dirty mop anymore. Simply place the mop on the drying slot, push the mop down and the automatic rotation will whisk the water and chemicals away from the mop.

The mop is also designed to have ABS material, corrosion resistance handles, and materials that are resistant to high temperature.

If you’re looking for an effective and efficient spin mop for home and business use, this is one of the best choices out there.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you frustrated when you have a large space to clean but your mop does not cooperate? Do you want to have a high-level mop that can deal with dirt fast? We recommend ArtiGerm.

The ArtiGerm is a mop that can deliver high-coverage cleaning. Unlike regular rug mops, the ArtiGem is made with compact microfibers held into a wide, flexible mop head. You can clean up to 3 feet in just one move!

This mop’s head is also flexible – it can bend to accommodate any nook and cranny. You don’t have to bend over and back just to clean hard-to-reach areas. It is also made with centrifugal dehydration with a double ball configuration which is proven to make the mop more compact and faster, more labor-saving, easier to vacuum, and convenient.

The microfiber of the ArtiGerm is made to be dirt-resistant so you won’t have to worry about dirt sticking into the fiber for so long.

Cleaning is also easy with ArtiGerm. Simply place the ArtiGerm onto the drying slot, then rotate 360 degrees. The water and dirt will automatically fall off.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Most people in our team of reviewers are frustrated at how sometimes, we need to use our hands to keep mops dry. The idea of holding the mop can be icky because all the germs are in there. Fortunately, we found the solution in MatDry!

MatDry is a uniquely designed spin mop that can help you clean without needing to touch the mop at all.

The MatDry is made with this design – there’s a slot for soap and water, and a slot for the dirty gunk in the mop. All you need to do is to let the end of the mop “pass through” the filtering slot. Drying it up is also easy, thanks to its ability to be set vertically.

It comes with a microfiber cloth that instantly seeps in water or other liquid. It comes with a wide scope – you can clean up to 3 feet in one go.

This is a great cleaning mop for home and offices!

Key Features



"Very Great"

Are you always having a hard time with the handles of your mop because they put strain on your arms? Not anymore with the MicroClean spin mop.

MicroClean features adjustable, durable handles that make it easy for you to achieve an optimum posture while you’re cleaning. The handles are made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the handles while you’re cleaning.

The MicroClean’s mop is also made from microfiber, a material known for its absorption and quick-drying features. The entire package comes with a slot for draining water, and a bucket for water, soap, and chemicals.

You can confidently use the MicroClean in all surfaces – it is sure to perform well.

This spin mop is ideal for big areas that need to be cleaned like schools, clinics, hospitals, offices, and libraries.

Key Features




Spin mops make cleaning easier. You can be ensured that your family, loved ones, and employees thrive in a sanitized area – all thanks to spin mops. If you are looking for ultra-effective spin mops, you can check out our top recommendations here. Each product is personally reviewed and rated to ensure you get the best product choices available in the market.