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Keep Food Fresh with These Top 6 Best Vacuum Sealers to Buy in 2023

Kelly Brook Updated: May 22nd, 2024

Having a vacuum sealer is like reliving the great feeling you get when you take a delicious bite out of a fresh apple, a newly baked bread, a main course with great quality fish and meat. Imagine if you could always enjoy the experience of eating fresh, crisp, safe, great quality food – we’re sure food experiences will be a hundred times better.

Preventing food from going to waste requires dedication. There’s the cooling, the washing, and the finding of appropriate areas where food won’t get ruined by humidity and moisture. All thanks to vacuum sealers, preserving your favorite ingredients has become easier.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum sealers to purchase this 2023, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring four of the best food sealing machines that deserve a spot in your kitchen.

What to Look for in Vacuum Sealers

Our team loves food. We always relish in the food experience. We also understand the frustrations and struggles that come with keeping food edible even after a while. When we heard about vacuum sealers, we were eager to make sure we only get the most effective, most reliable choices.

To help us in narrowing down our options, we asked biologists, chefs, and food experts for their best recommendations. Out of all our interactions with the experts, here is a quick list of things to look for when buying vacuum sealers.

Strong Vacuum Suction

When preserving food, you should not leave spots and slots where air and moisture can get through. For the ultimate sealing benefits, the vacuum suction should be strong enough to really remove slots.

Efficient Sealer

To ensure no air can really get through your plastic seal, the sealer should also be efficient. Make sure it can firmly seal the plastic.


Since you’re dealing with a suction, and – for some machines – heat, it’s important to make sure you choose a vacuum sealer that is guaranteed safe for use.


If you’re going to seal both dry and wet ingredients, choose a vacuum sealing machine that can cater to both fresh fish, beef, pork, and chicken, and dry ingredients like nuts, vegetables, and rice.

Out of all the vacuum sealing machines that we reviewed, here are the top 6 machines that stood out.

We tried to seal all the essentials with the GleerSeal and we were not disappointed. 

This powerful vacuum sealer is definitely all-around. You can use it to seal wet and dried ingredients including nuts, fruits, fresh meat, dried fruits and meat, baked goodies, and even chips! 

The sealer comes with a high-powered -70KPA super suction capacity that can zap moisture and air off a bag in under 10 seconds! 

The vacuum sealer can handle thick seals. We tried it on thick slabs of meat – as thick as 1.8 inches – and it sealed them seamlessly. This strong seal is made possible with the thicker sealing width and longer sealing pocket. 

We love how the seals are also extra tight! 

The GleerSeal comes with five sealing modes so you can have a setting suited for the ingredient you will seal. You can choose from dry sealing, wet sealing, soft sealing, unique sealing, and vacuum sealing. 

With its larger sealing area, you can seal multiple packages at the same time. 

Since we’re dealing with heat, we wanted to make sure that the machine is not prone with overheating. The GleerSeal comes with an overheat protection to remove any overheating risks. 

The device is waterproof, lightweight, and designed for stability. 

This vacuum sealer is the best if you have a food business, food storing plans, or if you want to organize your ingredients properly. 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you are looking for a food vacuum sealer that can handle even the wettest of ingredients, our best recommendation is the ExcelSeel.

The ExcelSeel is heavy-duty and all-around. This vacuum sealer machine comes with five different sealing modes. Modes 1-3 is for dry to moist ingredients, while modes 4-5 are for wetter items. You are guaranteed to find a setting meant for the ingredients you want to preserve.

This vacuum sealer has a powerful suction of 60 kPA that helps seal bags in under 8 seconds.

We love how tight and packed the seal is. The ExcelXeel comes with a promise that it can “preserve food ten times better than regular food sealing machines.” After sealing, you won’t find air pockets where bacteria could grow.

The sealing area is now wider which allows you to seal multiple bags at the same time.

Safety-wise, the ExcelSeel passes the bar. It comes with a LED indicator to tell users if sealing is in progress or when it’s done.

ExcelSeel is so easy. Simply press one button and you’re good to go. The machine is also space saving, so it’s a great addition to the kitchen.

This vacuum sealer is multipurpose and works for meat, fish, chicken, nuts, veggies, fruits, grains, and even candies!

Key Features



"Very Good"

If you are among those people who love to store food good enough for a year, you probably know the struggle of dealing with food that goes bad before they expire. Although expiration dates set a time for freshness, some food can spoil due to moisture, molds, cold temperatures, and humid storage rooms. If you are planning to bulk up on your emergency food supply, our top recommendation is ZapFresh.

In just one push of a button, you can instantly zap out the air and moisture inside your storage bags. You can be ensured there’s no room for moisture, or air to ruin your food.

We love how this product went the extra mile – the package includes storage bags, and instructional guides so you won’t mess up when you use this machine.

When it comes to safety, ZapFresh is topnotch. The ZapFresh has ETL certification, ISO certificate, CE, quality inspection report, and other certifications.

No need to go to stores just to get your food sealed. You can completely do it – like a pro- with ZapFresh.

Key Features



"Very Great"

Are you a big foodie especially for fresh food? Do you love the taste of an apple when you bite it, and the melt-in-your-mouth taste of sushi? If you love raw and fresh food, the best sealing machine is the FreshFix.

The FreshFix promises that it can retain the nutrients of the food you love even if they’re inside the freezer. The powerful vacuum suction coupled with the firm sealing power of the sealer makes the FreshFix great for storing fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat.

If you’re also a person who loves buying stuff in bulk, the FreshFix can help you extend your meal plans for a long time.

The FreshFix is also very convenient to store. The machine includes a magnet on the bottom so you can easily attach the machine onto the fridge, or into any metal surface.

This is a great gift for health buffs, and food-conscious people.

Key Features



"Very Nice"

Do you have bulky ingredients to seal? Do you want to preserve a large volume of food? Do you struggle with finding ways to prevent your big ingredients from going bad? For heavy duty sealing, we recommend the SealVit!

SealVit comes with an expanded sealer that can cater to large bulk and volume of ingredients. This is an ideal vacuum sealer for rice, grains, nuts, potatoes, flour, and starch. If you’re storing food for emergencies, or if you’re building up your food supply for winter, the SealVit is the best device. It includes a powerful sealer which makes sure that your ingredients won’t go moist and bad.

The SealVit guarantees that it can extend the life of the food for up to seven times. Whether you’re packing dry ingredients, or wet, raw meat, you can count on the SealVit to do the job.

What we also love about the SealVit is that it can also be an efficient way to store already cooked food like bread, pasta, desserts, and even casseroles! If you are preparing meals, or following a meal plan for an extended time, SealVit can help you preserve your food better.

Key Features




Are you in the business of providing a better food experience for your customers? Do you need to ensure that the food you’re serving is fresh, safe, and of top notch quality? Don’t lose money over wasted food. For food business owners looking for ways to extend the quality of their ingredients, we recommend ZillaPop.

The ZillaPop is a reliable vacuum sealing machine with a strong suction and a powerful seal. It comes with a large sealer function that caters to plastic wrappers of different sizes. You can seal a large chunk of meat, fresh fish, bulky ingredients, and ingredients that come in large quality such as rice, nuts, and grains.

We love how easy it is to use ZillaPop – even the new intern can operate this machine with ease. We are impressed at how efficient ZillaPop is in zapping out the air and moisture out of the wrapper. We love how people from the restaurant, canteen, catering, and food truck businesses can have more peace of mind over the quality of the food that they serve.

If you’re a business owner, ZillaPop is definitely one of the devices to keep in your must-have essentials. This is a great gift for foodies in the food business.

Key Features




Food waste is a big issue not only in the home but in the entire world. We have all the more reasons to be careful and caring with the food we prepare, buy, and eat. With the help of vacuum sealers, we can not only enjoy fresh, delicious, high quality food – we can also help eradicate food waste. Enjoy your favorite food for a longer time – seal them up with the best vacuum sealing machines we recommended above.