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3 Best Video Doorbell for 2022 : Reviewing Only The Best Video Doorbell Cameras

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Truth be told. You need a video doorbell more than ever to bump up your home security this 2022. With theft, porch poachers, and unwanted solicitors increasing as the day goes by, you need an extra set of security to guarantee everyone’s and everything’s safety. 

Video doorbells are your first line of defense against illegal activities at your home. Just having the ability to know and speak who’s at the door gives you a higher chance of preventing trouble from happening. And in instances when you’re not at home, video doorbells can record footage of anyone who approached your doorstep, allowing you to have an extra set of eyes to surveillance your home even if you’re away.

With video doorbells becoming more innovative today, it is now easier to maintain your home’s security all the time. However, this also comes with a tad bit of an issue: picking the right one. That said, we have prepared 3 of our top picks for Best Video Doorbell to invest in this 2022 to help you make the easiest decision. Read along.

Here’s a brilliant video doorbell that gets almost everything right. The OgleMan sports a 2-way video communication, an adjustable motion sensor, and an auto-switch night vision that gives you clear, HD video surveillance 24/7. Like most high-end video doorbell cameras, it also features a 1080p camera and real-time notifications once it detects someone within the 10-meter range. 

What’s great about the OgleMan is its PIR Detection Sensitivity that detects even the slightest of movements. It’s also adjustable from high to low, depending on your location and security needs. The OgleMan also has a built-in microphone with noise cancellation located at the device’s front side for its audio features for better communication. And to top it all off, the OgleMan has weatherproofing that ensures the device will last for a long time and serves its purpose regardless of the weather conditions.

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When it comes to viewing angles, nothing is better than the SB1Vix. This device offers a whopping 166-degrees vertical wide-angle lens that covers almost the entire front view of your doorstep. With such support, you’ll never miss anyone or anything that’s approaching your home. 

The SB1Vix also comes with excellent features that make home security better for all homeowners. It allows you to see, talk, and hear all your visitors anytime, anywhere with its 2-way video communication, 720p camera, and noise-canceling feature. A PIR motion sensor also sends real-time notifications once it detects any movement to your smartphone. And all of these fantastic features are easy to set up. Just install the device close to your home’s entrance, connect via WiFi, download the App, and enjoy all your welcoming needs on your smartphone.

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This video doorbell is designed to provide that much-needed “all-around-the-clock surveillance” that you and other family members will appreciate. It features a 1080p, 2-way video camera with intercom and night vision so that you can answer anyone at the door anytime. 

What’s great about the WilyView is its cloud storage that stores and secures all video footage. With just a 7-day recurring fee, you’ll get unlimited space for all video surveillance without the need for a memory card. But that’s not all. 

The WilyView is also built with a 2.4 GHz WiFi network to enable easy pairing and better connectivity. It also supports motion detection and noise cancellation for real-time notifications and quality conversations with visitors.

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Video doorbells are an excellent addition to your home security system. These devices can eliminate the possibility of theft in your home. In choosing the right video doorbell, there are three factors you need to consider: the quality of the camera, motion detection, and audio quality and functionality. That’s because these 3 factors separate the great from the so-so, and at the same time, guarantee that you get a video doorbell security system that works in keeping illegal activities like theft, porch poaching, and unwanted solicitation away. The products we highlighted in this review were tested and evaluated to ensure you receive only the best to secure your home.