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Waffle Craze : The Top 3 Best Waffle and Corndog Makers to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

“So, is there anything new for breakfast?” Perhaps you have encountered this question – one that made you scramble for easy but special breakfast ideas. At this point, you might be seriously considering waffle and corn dog makers as they help you whip up delicious and unique breakfast treats that won’t take too much time and effort. With waffle making machines, you bring the taste and comfort of popular breakfast treats into your own home.

If you are looking for the best waffle makers in the market, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we are featuring the top 3 waffle making machines that deserve a spot in your kitchen.

What to Look for in Waffle Making Machines

From cute waffle makers, to machines that promise speed, it’s safe to say that all types of waffle making machines are now available in the market. With all the options all over the online markets, it’s easy to feel confused as to what to choose.

As big foodies ourselves, we have run into disappointing and frustrating waffle making machines that couldn’t seem to give us what we need. This pushed us – a team of cooks, chefs, foodies, and moms – to search high and low for the best waffle making machines to recommend to those who share the same challenges with us.

To ensure that we only feature the best picks, we asked chefs, bakers, and food experts for their best recommendations.

Out of all their suggestions, we were able to come up with a criteria on what to look for in a perfect waffle making machine.

Quality of Output

Opening a waffle making machine is like facing a moment of truth – you could get an undercooked batch, a burnt waffle, or a treat that’s just perfectly cooked. Choose a waffle maker that can guarantee that each waffle and corn dog it makes come out in the perfect golden brown quality.


Waffle makers are often used in the morning, when everyone is in a rush. To prevent people from missing breakfast, find a machine that is fast enough to cater to all the waffles you need to make.

Ease of Use

Choose a waffle maker that doesn’t come with complicated instructions. Waffle making should come with no stress.


Since you’re dealing with heat, make sure you opt for a waffle and corn dog machine that has increased safety features.

Out of all the waffle makers we have reviewed, here are the 3 options that stood out.

Main Feature: Kid-friendly waffle making machine.

Do your kids adore waffles? Do you feel like it is high time for them to join the waffle making process? If you’re looking for a kid-friendly waffle maker that’s perfect for little hands and fingers, you definitely should get the FluffBites.

The mini waffles are a big bonus. The FluffBites can make soft, cloud-like, delicious toasty waffles in under 3 minutes. The cuteness of the waffles will surely make your kids rush to the table for breakfast.

Apart from its ability to make gourmet waffles that kids will not get enough of, we also love its additional feature – it’s small, compact size that can make waffle-making less intimidating for your little bakers. The FluffBites come with really easy functions. The size is just enough for the kids to cover with batter. The product is also surrounded with safety features that will prevent the machine from burning your kids’ fingers.

If you’ve struggled with making your kids help you with breakfast preparations, you will find the perfect bait with the FluffBites. Like, who can resist making tasty, sweet waffles?

We love how FluffBites allow you to get creative. Its slots are deep enough to cater to your waffle recipes – you can put all kinds of fillings and add-ins to your waffles!

Key Features

Editor's Pick




Main Feature: Its multifunctionality – also best for paninis, grilled cheese, grilled sandwiches.

Yes, you’re probably on the hunt for a great waffle maker, but maybe you’re also wondering “But what if my family immediately gets bored of waffles? What if I get bored of waffles?” If you want your breakfast treats to include waffles AND other gourmet breakfast creations, our best recommendation is the DoWaffle.

Right off the bat,  the DoWaffle impresses with its waffle-making features. It can make waffles that are bigger and thicker. You can create filled waffles using the DoWaffle, too. But the biggest advantage of the DoWaffle is the fact that it’s more than just a waffle maker.

The DoWaffle is perfect for paninis, pressed sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, grilled cold cuts, and toasted jam biscuits! You won’t be leaving a room for people to say “Our breakfast is boring.” We are confident that with the DoWaffle, you can go super creative with the breakfast treats you serve.

This machine features an advanced heating technology which ensures the temperature inside the waffle maker is evenly distributed so your treats are always warm and toasty.

Getting burns won’t be a problem with the DoWaffle. Despite its excellent heating technology, the creators of this device added the most impressive safety features to prevent you from getting blisters and burns while you whip up a breakfast for the family.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Main Feature: Designed to make multiple corn dogs in one go.

Do you have multiple people waiting for you to whip up your magic for breakfast? Are you looking for a tool that can help you create top notch breakfast every day without causing you to feel all over the place? For those in charge of making big breakfasts, our recommendation is the DeliWaffy corn dog and waffle maker.

What we love the most about the DeliWaffy is its multiple slots for corn dogs. With the help of the machine, you can create 3 delicious corn dogs in under 4 minutes! No more running back and forth, and no more endless refilling.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to elevate your corn dogs, well, Deliwaffy has got you covered. It has deep slots that allow you to add in fun ingredients like nuts, chocolates, and dried fruit. Each bite your family takes will come with a surprise.

If broken, crumbling corn dogs have made you scream in frustration in the past, the DeliWaffy is for you. The device comes with an advanced heating technology that ensures your waffles are toasty and crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. With its non-stick features, you only need to slide down the corn dogs to remove them off the machine.

Safe, fast, and really easy to use, the DeliWaffy is perfect for people who have big families to feed, and who consider breakfast a serious business!

Key Features





Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and isn’t it just appropriate to serve the most beautiful, most delicious treats? If you’ve always wanted to create waffles for breakfast, getting a waffle maker can make the task so much easier. With our recommendations above, you just don’t get machines that make waffles – you can find waffle makers that can elevate your waffle experience.