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The Top 3 Best Baby Jumpers for Your Active Babies - Number 1 Is A Sure Winner!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

Keeping up with a baby who wants to explore and have fun can be exhausting. This same exact reason has pushed you to look for a baby jumper because you’ve heard about its benefits for your learning baby, and for you. Options are many in the market, but your time isn’t. You simply want to know which baby bouncer seats are worth the money… fast. 

If you’re here because you are looking for the best baby jumpers to buy in 2022, you have come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the best baby jumpers trusted by pediatricians, childcare experts, and parents. 

Read on to learn more about these products. 

How We Decided

We know we have to be extra meticulous when it comes to choosing baby products to recommend to parents. To make sure we’re picking out baby bouncy chairs that parents can trust, we asked the help of pediatricians, childcare experts, and parents of babies who are starting to explore through movement. 

For 10 days, we put 15 of the most popular baby jumpers to the test, and we made sure we rate and review them based on these essential must-haves: 

Safety Features

The last thing we want is for babies to get hurt. This is why we made sure to only qualify baby jumpers that did not skimp on the safety department. 

Learning Features

We want kids to learn while they move, this is why we included jumpers with features for learning. 

Multipurpose Features

We also looked for products that bring the best bang for your buck – by coming in with multipurpose features that are both helpful to babies and parents. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the ones that stood out.

This pick is for the parents who want simple yet effective baby jumpers. The JumpyBoo doesn’t come with any fancy design and fanfare, but it’s one of the highly recommended products by childcare experts and pediatricians. 

What makes the JumpyBoo a big hit to our review team? It’s because this product delivers the benefits without the clutter. If you are not a big fan of space-consuming baby jumpers that need to be installed on the floor, the JumpyBoo is for you. 

JumpyBoo consumes less space and installing it only takes one step – placing the attachment hook securely on door frames. We love how this product is also easy to store, and a breeze to bring everywhere! 

The elastics of the JumpyBoo are flexible and adjustable – your baby can use this up to their 12th month. The seat of this baby jumper features an ergonomic design, and fits all sizes of baby bum. The design of the seat ensures secure coverage that significantly lessens the safety risks involved in baby jumpers. This is a handy product for parents who want to take hands-free breaks from babies. 

Unlike regular baby jumpers that only offer a limited space for movement for active little babies, the JumpyBoo allows total movement helping your bubs learn more through movement. 

Great for home and travel use. It’s surprisingly lightweight and a breeze to maintain. Indeed, a must have for parents who want to have more hands-free moments while maintaining their babies’ moments of fun.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




If you are a parent who wants to promote active play in your kids’ nursery and play areas, we recommend the ChipzzySteps. 

The ChipzzySteps stood out for its multipurpose features – it’s a swing and baby jump seat in one! We love how babies had double the fun while using this. 

We’re impressed at how ChippzySteps pushes for safety with its design. The swing pillar comes with a very stable build which can give parents the confidence that their kids can move and move without falling over. The saddle of the ChippzySteps is also one of the most safe-to-use seats we’ve ever seen. While using it, we observed how it sufficiently provides support to the baby’s back and hip. 

The seat and the straps are also adjustable, making ChippzySteps perfect for kids from 6 to 12 months. 

We also chose ChippzySteps to be on this list because of how it promotes a more free movement for babies. Unlike traditional jumper seats for babies, this product gives more space for babies to move. We noticed that with this product, babies were able to explore better. 

The ChipzzySteps is very easy to install, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Key Features




Are you a parent who believes that toys and music are integral parts of your child’s learning? If yes, you might consider the BubbaBounce – a  baby bouncer seat that throws in fun toys and engaging music into the mix. 

Our team of reviewers call the BubbaBounce the all-in-one baby bouncy seat, thanks to its intricate design. Although very space-consuming – it’s as huge as traditional baby walkers – the BubbaBounce can keep your kids active and engaged for a longer time. 

The baby jumper includes mount toys inspired by animals, shapes, and colors. On the baby’s foot area, there are music buttons that make a sound when the baby steps on them. 

The overall design of the BubbaBounce also features a design that allows 360-degree, unrestrained movement for your child. The straps are safe and secured, and are 100% durable. 

The BubbaBounce is also multipurpose. When not used as a baby jumper seat, it can be utilized as a kids’ desk. 

With this product, experts agree that babies will not just learn how to bounce and be confident with their movement, but they will also get familiar with colors, shapes, and sounds. 

If you want an extensive pick, we recommend the BubbaBounce. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Kids are natural learners and it is through movement that they learn well. By providing them a tool to help them explore freely, and move confidently, you also help build knowledge in them along the way. Of course, we believe that you can do that in very safe ways. The products we feature here are 100% expert-vouched – you can be confident that the baby jumpers included on this list will make you and your baby happy!