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The Best Shower Seats in 2022 - Number 1 Will Impress You!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

You are worried about bathroom safety, and there’s a good reason for it. Annually, almost 60% of emergency room trips are due to bathroom slips and falls. Everyone is susceptible to bathroom falls but those who are advanced in age, folks who have a hard time with balance and mobility, and those who need special assistance moving around are at a higher risk.

You know that one of the best products for bathroom safety is a shower seat, but you aren’t sure which one to get. Since a bath seat is hugely used to increase safety and reduce dangerous, life-threatening bathroom falls, you’re all about finding the right one. If you’re here because you want to make sure you get the most reliable shower seats, you have come to the right place. 

In this review, we are featuring the top 3, expert-reviewed and expert-vouched shower seats that went through thorough testing to ensure their quality is topnotch. 

Read on to learn more about these best shower seats to buy in 2022 for you and your loved ones. 

We understand that the fall of a risk is just about everywhere – even while you’re in a seat. This is why we specifically looked for a bathroom seat that is designed to handle every fall risk. We found our best bet – the StabloSeat adjustable shower chair. 

Stability is written all over the StabloSeat. The materials used for it are high quality – from alloy material, eco-friendly backrest and seat, waterproof rubbers and surfaces, anti-corrosion foundations, this seat can make you feel really well protected from sudden slips and falls. 

The anti-slip features also extend to the StabloSeat’s rubber foundation, seats, and handrails. The rubber grips are strong, and can support movement. The railings also prevent you from slipping out of the seat. We love how StabloSeat makes movement way easier – you can confidently move while you’re taking a shower. 

The design of the seat is also ergonomic. The backrest provides overall support to the back so that sitting down while showering won’t be a pain in the backside. The seat comes with drain holes too – a handy feature if you hate water pooling around your legs. 

Experts noted that the StabloSeat qualifies as a hospital grade seat. The adjustable shower chair can also cater to various people with different needs – pregnant women, kids, and the elderly included. This heavy-duty shower seat can carry up to 300 lbs of weight. 

When not used as a shower chair, you can use the StabloSeat as a classic chair for regular use. Truly, this shower seat gives the bang for your buck.

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At first glance, you would say that the BathPanion does not qualify for this list. Besides, great seats come with reliable railings. But there’s something about BathPanion that other seats don’t have – the ergonomic, anti-stumble design. 

The seat may lack handrails, but you can still safely seat here without worrying about falling over thanks to the curved design of the seat. This design is crafted by experts to help people move freely while taking a bath even in the absence of a handrail. The curved seat helps you get more control on your movement and stability. 

This hospital-grade seat features 6 adjustable levels for different heights. Kids, the elderly, and pregnant women can use this. The shower seat also comes with a high PL backrest for moments you want to relax. The backrest is removable – perfect for anyone who wants to have a customizable shower chair.

The BathPanion is also compatible with most bathtubs, even the ones that are small and narrow. 

When it comes to installing and disassembling, the BathPanion is 100% a breeze to handle. It’s also very versatile. When not in use as a bath shower, it can be used as a regular seat for home and office. The lightweight design makes this seat easy to transport anywhere.

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This shower chair is for people who are looking for bath seats that offer more room for movement. The SlipStop is 30% wider than regular shower seats – a great pick for anyone worried that they might accidentally slip off a bathroom chair. 

If you’re all about adjustable features and flexibility, we highly recommend that you check SlipStop. This adjustable shower chair has 10 levels you can choose from – a feature that makes it cater easily to kids, the elderly, pregnant women, and even those who have mobility issues. 

The stability of the SlipStop comes from its anti-slip rubber capsules on the fit. Each rubber provides a tight grip suction on the floor that prevents the chair from sliding while you’re moving. 

The chair features high quality anti-skid rubber, and non-rusting metals which slash fall risks by 70%! 

This seat is vouched for and certified by the FDA. 

We love how this chair is easy to install and disassemble. Its lightweight feature allows you to move it from one spot to another with ease. The chair also comes with a capacity to handle weight up to 300lbs. 

With its versatility and extra durability, you can have peace of mind that everyone in the family can now be safe inside the bathroom. 

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Bathroom safety is one to never miss. The risk is high, but having a reliable shower seat can minimize the risks that can hurt you and your loved ones. But don’t just get any seat – trust the ones trusted by experts. In this list, we assure you that you can find the best shower chairs that are worth the money, and worthy of your trust.