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Review: The Top 6 Solar String Lights - Number 1 Will Wow You!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 16th, 2022

Solar string lights never fail when it comes to adding variety, and making seemingly simple aesthetics pop. You are 100% invested in getting string lights for outdoor and indoor decorations. There’s just one little thing getting in the way – out of all the best-selling solar string lights in the market, you are still unsure on what you should get. 

To help aesthetic-loving people like you find the best choice of LED decoration lights, we rounded up a team of designers, interior decorators, and event organizers to help us make the most trustworthy, expert-vouched picks. 

If you want to learn more about which solar string lights are worth the bucks, read on. 

How We Decided

To make sure we have made the best picks, we put the most popular solar string lights to the test. We gathered up to 20 string lights and rated them one by one based on the following criteria: 

LED Light Quality

These lights are solar powered, but it shouldn’t mean that they should shine any less. We made sure the solar lights we put in here are efficient enough to shine brightly. 


We want solar string lights that can stand the test of time – thus the reason why we’re big on choosing products that are durable, waterproof, and made to work even on bleak seasons. 

Multipurpose Use

The solar string lights that qualified on this list can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Nothing beats the aesthetic appeal of great lighting. You can be assured that the solar string lights in this list do not skimp in the aesthetic department! 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these top 6 LED string lights got the seal of approval from our team of experts. 

There are lights that you use once a year, and there are string lights you can put up all year long. The PixieLytes is the latter! The multipurpose solar string lights from the PixieLytes got our thumbs up for its versatility, durability, and astounding light quality. 

The first thing that caught our attention was PixieLytes’ LED light quality. It shines so bright – considering it is solar powered. The bulbs don’t also come with the traditional pointy lights – each bulb is designed in the most dainty way. We love how the lights add a romantic, gentle touch of magic to every spot we installed it in. 

When it comes to length, we also noticed that the PixieLytes tops the list. At 72 feet, the PixieLytes has the ideal length for both indoor and outdoor use. The entire length features up to 200 LED bulbs that twinkle brightly at night.

The reason why you can use PixieLytes for all types of events is that the string lights come with 8 lighting modes. We love how PixieLytes allow you to choose lighting modes that match your decorations. 

The lights are also powered completely by the sun – no need for electricity, or batteries. The PixieLytes can work even in bleak conditions as they are designed to be 100% waterproof. 

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, but highly aesthetic solar string lights, we highly recommend the PixieLytes! 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Firework-inspired solar string lights, anyone? Our experts were all in during the review process. 

What captivated our attention was the FyreGlowz’ unique design – it’s like having actual fireworks in your room and outdoor property. We feel that this is a great pick if you want to spruce up the vibe for your celebrations! 

The FyreGlowz is made of brass material which makes it easy to form it into shapes and forms that will fit your overall design inspiration. We also love how the FyreGlowz come in warm light – it automatically adds a classy vibe to any space. 

The FyreGlowz comes with 8 lighting modes which you can easily control using a remote control. The string lights boast a total of 200 LED lights of the highest quality. This product is an ideal pick if you want to put your lighting decorations on center stage. 

You can use the FyreGlowz both outdoors and indoors. If you are going to use solar string lights more outdoors, the FyreGlowz is a terrific choice. The wirings and the waterproof design make this product work even during rain and snow! 

These LED string lights are solar-powered. Recharging them 4 hours using the sun’s rays is enough to power them for 8 hours. 

If you want to unleash your creativity without breaking the bank (and getting the best lighting effects) we recommend the FyreGlowz. 

Key Features



"Very Great"

This product is for the people who live for beautiful lighting during the holiday celebrations. 

Festivity balls have become a classic in the holiday decorations. If you’re planning to elevate your decor game without straying away from the classic touches, we recommend the MakoBrights. We love how these string lights upgraded the traditional Christmas balls. 

The lights mimic Christmas balls, and each bulb features fun, intricately-designed bulbs. The string features 20 multicolor bulbs that you can customize according to your design options. 

We love despite its Christmas feel, the MakoBrights are also very versatile. You can use it for weddings, birthday celebrations, romantic settings, or even just for redecorating your favorite rooms. 

The entire string is 16-feet. We feel like it’s one of the most cost-effective options for anyone who wants to dive into decorating without having to break the budget. 

The MakoBrights is 100% safe. It is designed to not heat up easily. It’s safe to use even for bedrooms or for the nursery. 

Powered 100% by solar light, you can also save energy and not worry about electricity bills connected to aesthetic lights anymore.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Glamorous and versatile, you’ll certainly be all set for a great time after putting up the Urban Luxury Solar and USB Patio Lights. We just love how it’s easy to charge via solar panel or USB (and take note that these also use LED bulbs), so you know that it’s both safe and energy efficient. Plus, no matter the event, whether you’re organizing a backyard barbecue or opening your own restaurant, these patio lights show off a fabulous warm glow that can turn any plain venue into a luxurious environment.

Key Features



"Very Nice"

If you’re in search of patio lights that can add a touch of European glamour for your event, then the Contessa’s Court Hanging Patio Lights might just be the little detail that elevates your gathering to new heights. Make your event a touch more memorable thanks to its Italian-inspired lighting, that emulates the ambience of piazzas and streetside cafes from Milan to Sicily. There’s just something about these lights that can make our evenings more delightful. Moreover, it’s super easy to install: just hang it on your eaves, windows, or trees for that wonderful bistro-like effect. And, like other patio lights, these are also made to be safe and energy-efficient, giving you the best of both worlds – the traditional incandescent effect, and the heightened quality standards of modern patio lighting (AKA its weatherproof and waterproof design).

Key Features




Looking to fully brighten up your backyard or roof deck? Then the YardView LED Garden Patio Lights would be a perfect match, keeping your parties, weddings, and other social functions fully illuminated thanks to its 60 bright yellow-white bulbs. The result? A cozy ambience that our home experts just love, and we’re sure you and your guests will too. What’s also great about the YardView LED Garden Patio Lights is that you can toggle between different modes, making it a versatile lighting fixture for all kinds of occasions.

Key Features





Lights do an impressive way of turning the most simple-looking spaces into jaw-dropping spots. What’s fun about lights is that with just them alone, you can already complete the decoration touches that bring in the right vibe – no need to spend tons on other trinkets and decorations anymore. With these six solar string lights, you can get your aesthetic goals easily!