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3 Best Toilet Plunger to Buy for 2022: Clear Clogs and Build-ups With These Standout Products

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 29th, 2022

No matter how well you’re doing in life, you’ll still come across a clogged toilet at some point. Although a plunger isn’t the most exciting thing to shop online, it’s a necessity, especially if you want to avoid those hefty professional plumbing fees for something that you can do on your own. So to make your shopping experience a little bit fun and enlightening, we’ve reviewed some of the latest and futuristic toilet plungers to make your unclogging job less of a hassle. And yes, these are not your typical egg-shaped, rubber-made plungers—they are professionally engineered devices to eliminate clogs and build-ups quickly and easily.

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Tired of those old-fashioned plungers that take too much time and effort in unclogging your toilet? If so, then you’ll love the convenience the JamGun Toilet Plunger offers. This device utilizes the power of compressed air to blast away all the nasties that are stuck in your toilet. That means no more exhausting push and pull motion or using harsh chemicals that can create noxious fumes that are dangerous to your health.

What’s also impressive with this device is its ergonomic design that makes unclogging easy peasy. The pump loads air effortlessly and the handle secures a nice grip so that you can conveniently navigate the plunger. It also comes with 4 detachable suction cups to efficiently remove any blockage in any fixture.

In terms of effectiveness, the JamGun outperforms other plungers in its categories. Out of the other products we’ve tested that have similar structure and features, the JamGun delivered the best results.

“Great product! I’ve used the old wood and rubber plungers before, but this product just made jammed toilets less of a struggle. The best thing, no awkward smell or nasty particles is floating around after the toilet’s been unclogged. That’s probably because the device effectively drained everything stuck inside. I’m impressed.”

Jordan W., Verified Purchase

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Here’s a toilet plunger that we’re 100% confident you’ll like. The EaseRod is a futuristic take on conventional plungers by using powerful suction and air compression technology to blast off clogs and build-ups in just a matter of seconds. Instead of the old push and pull practice, the EaseRod comes with a bendable nozzle to precisely aim for the drain and fire air pressure to remove blockages efficiently.

What’s impressive about this device is you don’t have to use harsh chemicals or exhaustively press down the plunger to unclog. All it takes is just one press of a button, and you’re all set to enjoy your toilet in its best condition.

Of course, the EaseRod also comes with add-on features that make every dollar spent totally worth it. First, it’s a 4-in-1 plunger, meaning it can be used for multiple purposes—such as for your sink, basin, tub, and so on. It also comes with interchangeable heads to ensure top-notch efficiency. And lastly, a pressure gauge for safe observation.

Overall, EaseRod makes professional plumbing accessible to you—without the hefty service price, of course. It’s easy to use, 100% efficient, and guarantees 10x better results than a standard toilet plunger. 

“If you want to be wise with your spending, and want to avoid those unwanted plumbing expenditures, this is the best product to buy!”

Harrison Kurb., Verified Purchase

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Here’s an old but gold toilet plunger that can get the job done quickly and effectively. The Clog-Gi-Gone comes in a piston-type or accordion plunger design, which is known to be the superior version of a flange plunger. What makes this a better option than standard plungers is its rubber flaps that act as air pockets to drain clogs and clean build-ups all in one go.

Combined with Clog-Gi-Gone’s innovative design, this plunger does not only cleans and dredges effectively but is also convenient and durable to use. So if you’re looking for a plunger that’s more on the delicate side to ensure it won’t mess up the drain pumps or any fragile fixture—this is the best product to buy.

It’s durable (made of stainless steel and ABS plastic) and straightforward to use, giving you a quick and effective solution whenever you encounter a jam.

“The Clog-Gi-Gone is simple yet very effective. Those flaps really do the magic when it comes to unclogging and cleaning the drain. At first, I thought it’s the same with the typical plungers that you have to push and pull multiple times, but no. It only takes you one swift push to unclog your toilet. I highly recommend this.”

Josh G., Verified Purchase

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Getting yourself a good-quality toilet plunger can help cut down your expenses by skipping the need to call for a professional service whenever you’re in a jam. But in choosing the best toilet plunger, go with products with proven records, especially with all the options available online. The products we highlighted in this review have passed our criteria. We’re 100% confident that they’ll be worth the money you spent and deliver the best service possible.