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The Top 3 Best Electric Heated Blankets to Buy in 2023 for Those Warm Snuggles

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Jan 20th, 2023

The cold is coming, and you’re eager to stack up on electric blankets and heated blankets that can combat the ever worsening cold. You know staying warm during the winter is major business, so you want to make sure you spend bucks on an electric blanket that does the job well. If you’re looking for heated blankets to keep you warmed up during the harsh winter days, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this review, we’re featuring the top 3 best heated blankets to buy in 2023. 

How We Decided

Going through pages and pages of shopping stores just to find a heated blanket can be tough. We want to cut the search for you. We asked the help of tech geeks, safety experts, and actual consumers to help us review the top heated blankets. For two weeks, we asked each of them to review more than 20 heated blankets and thoroughly check for the following: 

Heating Capacity

We wanted to make sure each product that goes into this list is capable of really providing the warmth needed for the winter days. 


What’s better than warmth? Comfort. We want you to feel comfortable while you are enjoying the warmth of the heated blanket. This is why we consider material a major factor. 

Safety Features

The product should be safe for use since it involves heat and electricity. 

Multipurpose Use

The blanket should not just be a blanket. We want to add the most multipurpose options here on the list so you will truly get the bang for your buck. 

Out of all the products we reviewed, these are the top 5 heated blankets and electric blankets that stood out. 

Do you hate heated blankets that feel like you’re using a carpet? Do you want an electric blanket that can envelope you in this heavenly softness, you simply want to sleep when you use it? For the heated blanket with the best material, we recommend the NippyWubby. 

The NippyWubby comes with topnotch, quality materials that make warming up feel comfortable. The NippyWubby comes with fleece on one side, and soft berber fleece on the other. One of our reviewers said that they can easily relax while they are using the NippyWubby. 

The heated blanket is flexible – none of those rigid-blanket feels common with heated blankets. The NippyWubby’s temperature can be adjusted to suit your warmth preference depending on the day. 

Note that the NippyWubby is not machine-wash compatible. It is recommended that you use the spot-washing technique to keep the blanket clean. 

If you’re on the market to look for the softest, most comfortable heated blankets, NippyWubby tops our list 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you looking for a heated blanket that you can both use on the bed while you sleep, and on the couch while you catch up on your favorite shows? We recommend AmoroCoze. 

The AmoroCoze looks like a traditional soft flannel blanket, but it’s absolutely more than that. Within the blanket is a powerful yet super safe heating controller that can add heat to the blanket for up to 107-degree Fahrenheit. Using a handy remote, you can change the levels of heat inside your blanket. There are three temperature options for the AmoroCoze. 

The heated throw blanket has a 50×60 dimension. The size is ideal to use for sleeping, and also for hanging out on the couch while you read, eat, or watch your favorite tv segments. The blanket’s design effectively distributes heat in an even manner. 

The AmoroCoze is also 100% safe – the blanket has an overheating protection like shutting down after 4 hours. 

Another plus about the AmoroCoze is its elegant appeal. The flannel is very expensive looking and you can use it as decor at home. People won’t even think you’re actually using a heated throw blanket!

If you love flannel blankets with an extra heating feature, you will love the AmoroCoze heated throw blanket. 

Key Features



"Very Good"

One of the most common comments of our reviewers is that most throw blankets can feel a little too hot just after an hour. This is why during our review, we looked for a heated blanket that has a regulating feature. We found it in MushySaddle. 

The MushySaddle comes with a thermostat. After using the blanket for 1.5 hours, the regulator will immediately balance the heat inside the blanket. 

This heated throw blanket has a temperature range of 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The MushySaddle is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and 100% machine washable. 

Key Features



"Very Good"


Heated blankets and electric blankets – needless to say – are must-have winter essentials. They also prove to us that you don’t have to bundle up – in a truly uncomfortable way – inside ten blankets. That is why we made sure each pick here is guaranteed – not just by us, but by a team of professional reviewers – worth the money.