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2022 Top 3 Best Bidets for Bathrooms and Comfort Rooms.

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

If you’ve witnessed the great tissue panic of 2020, you can probably tell by now that relying on tissue paper can be a bad idea. After all, if we want to feel totally clean and fresh, we should rely on good old water to do the job. The good news is that more and more people are finally discovering the wonders of good bidets. These powerful bathroom tools are redefining hygiene!

A bidet is an attachment to lavatories. Bidets make our bathroom business easier – it makes cleaning our butts easier and faster. We should not forget to mention it gives you a total clean feeling, too!

Bidets offer what tissues papers can’t – it doesn’t run out of cleaning power. As long as there is water, you won’t have to battle it out in the grocery for an extra tissue paper roll.

Ready to be converted into the bidet life? Here are our top picks for bidets that homeowners should have.

This MaxaSpray bidet is downright elegant. It’s in the affordable price range but it can transform the look of your bathrooms. It comes with a stylish design that adds an accent to your comfort and toilet rooms. This bidet does not require plumbing services – simply use your existing water system and you’re good to go.

The MaxaSpray fits most toilet seats. It comes with a temperature and water pressure control. It’s cost effective and environment friendly. The bidet is made with rust-proof and corrosion-proof materials – you can be ensured it’s going to last for a long, long time.

This MaxaSpray home bidet is great for new moms, kids, and the elderly.

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If you’re in the hunt for a bidet but aren’t too invested in hauling your entire bathroom, we’ve got something for you – the LuxaSwish manual, easy-to-install bidet. This bidet is low-maintenance, easy to install, and not heavy on the pocket. It comes with two spray nozzles, and includes a temperature and water pressure control. You can do your bathroom business without compromising hygiene – that’s the LuxaSwish promise.

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WipProx is both simple and sophisticated. The bidet comes with settings for pressure and temperature – because you’re the boss. Made from high quality parts, the WipProx can clean the butt and feminine area. If you’re big on cleanliness, you’d be glad to know that the bidet’s nozzle comes protected. It’s easy to use – no need to install! It works without the need for electricity or batteries.

Using the WipProx is like entering into a spa like experience. With each bathroom use, you can be ensured that you’re thoroughly cleaned. Did we mention that using this bidet is safe for the environment, too?

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Bidets give another meaning to bathroom hygiene. Bidets deliver cleanliness that no other toilet paper can. If you want to switch to cleaner, better options, the bidet is the answer.

You don’t have to go for bidets that will require major plumbing work and lots of bucks. The home bidets we feature here are all automatic – no plumbing or heavy work will be involved. They’re simple, but they provide that clean feel you would always want to get once you step out of the bathroom.