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Top Picks for Guitar Stands:The Best Guitar Stand and Holders to Buy in 2022

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

After spending thousands and dollars for your favorite guitar, what do you do next? Do you keep it in a box? Have it leaned against the wall? Do you keep it in your closet until the next time you play with it? How do you rate yourself when it comes to guitar care?

Caring for your guitar instruments is essential in keeping its quality and playing prowess. This is where guitar stands take center stage. Efficient and durable, guitar stands help in maintaining your guitar’s looks and quality. If you’re a guitar owner who wants to get serious with guitar care by using guitar stands, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’re featuring the top 5 guitar stands to buy in 2022.

What To Look for In Guitar Stands

As guitar owners ourselves, we understand how hard it is to sift through the many options in the market. This is why we decided to go on a little project and search for the best guitar stands in 2022. To help us with our search, we asked the help of professional guitar players, guitar store owners, and guitar collectors.

Based on our interviews, here are some factors to consider when buying guitar stands.


Guitars can come in big sizes. Some come with heavy designs. It’s important to choose a guitar stand that can handle even instruments with heavier weights. A durable guitar stand can last for a long, long time.

Anti-Scratch Features

The appearance of your guitar plays a great role if you’re planning to sell it soon. Some guitar stands can cause irreparable scratches that can ruin the looks of your favorite instrument. Find one that features anti-scratch features.


A great guitar stand should be able to hold up a guitar properly. Your guitar falling down because the stand can’t handle it properly is a recipe for disaster.


The guitar stand of your choice should not only be for your guitars. It should also be able to handle other stringed instruments like cellos, electric guitars, and banjos.

Out of all the products we have reviewed, here are the products that stood out the most!

Do you prefer wood over metal? Do you believe that when it comes to longevity, wood lasts better than metal? If you’re looking for a durable guitar holder, we recommend the BrivaHum wooden guitar stand.

Why We Love BrivaHum

We’re big fans of BrivaHum’s wooden aesthetics – it’s just beautiful in whatever angle you look at it.  Made from acacia wood, the BrivaHum is a highly-recommended pick for its looks and durability. The BrivaHum offers improved stability that allows you to use it without having to worry that it will just break and cause your guitar to tumble and break.

The BrivaHum is padded with high quality cotton and foam to ensure that you won’t have to worry about scratches and chips on your guitar.

When not in use, BrivaHum can easily be folded and stored without taking up too much space.

When it comes to aesthetics and efficiency, our vote goes to the BrivaHum.

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




Are you worried that your extensive guitar collection is starting to go out of hand? Are you trying to find a way to store all your stringed instrument collection? When we were searching for products, we intently looked for a guitar stand that can handle multiple instruments, and we found GruVeh.

Why We Love GruVeh

GruVeh’s main feature is its multiple handles. With one guitar stand, you can store, organize and display up to 3 stringed instruments. You won’t have to scramble for a ton of stands for your instruments.

The GruVeh’s foundation is made with a new and improved stability. This ensures that all instruments are handled reliably. The GruVeh is also made with an easy to install feature that gets you a guitar stand in under one hour.

The GruVeh can be used for all sorts of string instruments – banjos, cellos, violins, and electric and bass guitars!

With better durability compared to most guitar stands, the GruVeh can be your ultimate partner in caring for and putting your guitars on display.

Key Features



"Very Good"

Got an intense love for guitars that you want them to always be in the view? Do you want to add a touch of fun in your interiors by putting your guitars on display? This is why we love the MixCase – these cute, fun guitar holders are perfect for guitar collectors who want to put their instruments on display.

Why We Love MixCase

Adding a touch of what you love to your interiors is one way to get creative with interior design. The MixCase accommodates your interior design goals by allowing you to mount your guitars on the wall. The MixCase features two holders that take the shape of the hands – one way to make it look like there’s someone who’s playing the guitar through the wall.

The MixCase comes with a versatile feature – it can “handle” different types of guitars efficiently and the last thing you need to worry about is your guitar falling all over the place.

We love how easy it is to install MixCase. You can have it up and ready in just a few minutes. Gone are the hooks and shelves that look boring. With MixCase, you can give your home a new look with MixCase.

Key Features



"Very Great"

Do you like elegant looking, vintage guitar stands? Do you like the aesthetic appeal of wooden stands? If you want to give your guitar a classic, elegant, vintage home, it’s time to get the ClassoZar.

Why We Love ClassoZar

The ClassoZar features stunning simplicity. The structure is simple – just a mini stand with big features. Despite its size, the ClassoZar provides impressive stability for your guitars and other stringed instruments. This stand is also perfect if you want to put your guitars, cellos, banjos, and violins to be put on display.

It might not look too durable because it’s made of wood, but it’s designed to distribute the weight efficiently – it can handle any string instruments even if they’re heavy.

We love the portability of ClassoZar. This stand is easy to bring to studios, music rooms, and living rooms. You can go all creative with the ClassoZar.

If you’re looking for a gift for guitar enthusiasts, the ClassoZar is a top choice!

Key Features




Giving your guitar a home is more than just finding a special case for it. Sometimes, it is also about finding a perfect guitar stand to help it be on full display without the risk of breaking and scratching.

This is the reason why when we looked for the best guitar case, we prioritized stability and durability, and we found it in MuzkaStill.

Why We Love MuzkaStill

You know all those guitar stands that falter after several uses? Isn’t it frustrating when you have to change your guitar stands every now and then. Don’t let us get started with how falls cause chips and scratches to guitars. This is why we love MuzkaStill – it’s apparent that this stand is 100% durable. Made from alloy and stainless steel, the MuzkaStill can handle any guitar of any weight!

The MuzkaStill also includes padded bases so you can be assured that this stand offers topnotch stability. The handles are also padded with special foam to make sure your guitar won’t get any undesirable scratches.

This guitar stand is also perfect for putting your favorite stringed instruments – yes, not just guitars – on display.

Protect your guitar from falls, scratches, broken strings, and chipping with the MuzkaStill!

Key Features




When taken care of for a long time, your guitar can last forever. It’s amazing how such a delicate instrument can easily be maintained and cared for — especially when you have a reliable guitar stand you can trust.

Each guitar stand we feature here is personally tested, tried, and reviewed to make sure you only get the best!