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The Top 3 Fabric Shavers To Remove Pilling From Your Clothes This 2022!

Kelly Brook, Contributor Updated: Feb 6th, 2022

Fashion has seen an explosion over the past few years, as it’s gotten a lot easier to look good and feel good with so many great designs you can purchase from off the runway or online. However, it seems as though caring for the actual garments that we buy has taken a backseat, as it’s easy to give away or dispose of the clothes we’ve loved once we see that they’re not as pristine as from when we bought them. Luckily, there’s also plenty of garment care solutions you could try if you want to prolong the beauty and quality of your wardrobe: one of them is the ingenious fabric shaver or lint remover, which is designed to get rid of pilling, or the natural wear and tear of fibers which results in those small fuzzy balls we tend to remove especially from our sweaters. There’s several kinds depending on your needs, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of experts to help you choose which fabric shaver or lint remover you should get this 2022, so you can finally focus on wearing your clothes for longer. Check them out below!

How We Came Up With Our List

First, the versatility of each fabric shaver. Better to get a fabric shaver that can handle all kinds of garments, whether it’s a cashmere sweater, wool blanket, or linen pillow case – this can be determined by the quality of the blades inside.

Next, the precision of the blades and steel mesh. Fabric shavers that come with thinner blades at a higher quantity tend to remove pilling more precisely, as well as those with finer meshes.

Finally, the design of the disposal bin. A well-designed disposal bin can prevent clogging from your fabric shaver.

Of course, most of us know what it’s like to deal with having a furbaby at home: and it’s not just the cuddles you get everyday, but also the pet hair you get when they sit on your lap or invite them over for a snuggle. Now, pet lovers can rejoice at the DefuzzMAX Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover, as it’s designed to keep your clothes looking cleaner and newer than ever with its dual-purpose technology. Not only can it remove the unsightly pilling and fuzzing just like other fabric shavers, but it also specializes in removing hair, dandruff, and other elements from your clothes. 

Just use its handle at the bottom, and witness its superior static-stick innovation at work. Say goodbye to lint rolling manually, and say hello to easier lint removal. Of course, for peskier elements like hairballs, you can also use the built-in fabric shaver on top too, alongside the usual residue you need to remove.

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Love to shop for designer items? Always on the lookout for rare streetwear finds? After you’ve added these beautiful pieces to your online cart, you should also keep in mind that these fashionable frocks won’t care for themselves, especially when the day comes that they show signs of fuzzing or pilling. When it comes to a fabric shaver that can actually handle your more prized pieces, you’ll find the ClothingCompanion Portable Fabric Shaver to be our best option overall. Whether you’ve got a hefty collection in your walk-in closet, or just want to care for your existing wardrobe the best way you can, you can rest easy with this fabric shaver’s versatile yet gentle design. It can take on most kinds of fabrics such as expensive cashmeres and silks, and is also equipped with a powerful 5-blade mechanism so even the smallest signs of wear and tear can be removed from your favorite clothes. It’s also got a powerful battery, letting it run for up to 90 minutes of continuous use so you can resolve one fashion emergency after another: the ClothingCompanion Portable Fabric Shaver gets it, those things just happen, so you won’t have to worry anymore when they do!

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When you’ve got a wardrobe full of beloved items that you’ve had for quite a while, and it’s starting to show, then you might want to call on the power of technology to put them back into their best condition. That’s why we’ve chosen the TextileTECH Fabric Shaver, for we just love its innovative yet safe blade technology that can remove the fussiest of fuzz from your clothes. Simply put, if you’ve got some stubborn pilling you want to remove from your jacket, you can count on this fabric shaver’s mighty engineering, with six stainless steel blades that run at 9000RPM. 

In no time, you can transform any item of clothing (or even home furnishings such as bedsheets and curtains for that matter) to look and feel good as new. It’s remarkably safe too, as it’s equipped with an IC safe chip to avoid overheating when in use. Plus, it also turns off automatically when you remove its protective head. No need to worry about any accidents here, as with its sleek engineering, the TextileTECH Fabric Shaver is designed to do the trick.

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Whether you’re looking to flex those fashions on social media for longer, or simply want a handy partner to help you maintain your prized pieces and make them feel good as new, a fabric shaver / lint remover can be your best bet in elegantly getting rid of the fuzz, pilling, or other residue that are natural signs of wear and tear. In 2022 and in the long run, these quality fabric shavers will also enable you to reduce your reliance on fast fashion, and save up for higher quality items too.